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  1. Airbag de-activation switch

    Thank You very much, sounds like i have another weekend job now lol! :)
  2. Airbag de-activation switch

    Hi all, as usual im perplexed. This lovely photo "borrowed" from the web shows what im talkin about, i do not have this switch in my car. Is this a simple plug n play job if i got said switch for my car? Or does it need an additonal wiring loom and programin etc. I think u used to b able to go to a dealer for all this, but they no longer do so. Any insight greatly appreciated as always.
  3. Part numbers in relation to there illumination.

    Thank You ever so much! That is really helpful! :)
  4. Hi all, quite a random question i feel but does anyone know for sure. On the earlier model MK2 focus did the cabin illuminations that come in green have there part numbers start in 3M5? With the facelift MK2 with there orange illuminations 4M5? Or are the illuminations nothin to do with the difference in the start of these part numbers? Any help much appreciated. Cheers in advance people. [emoji106]
  5. Esp button/switch colour

    Commencal24 they were 12 quid on ebay, simple swap job.
  6. Esp button/switch colour

    That is brilliant JW1982 thank you very much, will have a look.
  7. Esp button/switch colour

    Hi all, this is a random question but why is the esp button i ordered for my mk2 focus come in green and not orange? Im told its for my make and model so very confused. Were these buttons done in other cars with green dash lights and not orange? Or do orange ones not exsist?
  8. Hi people, is there a thread going for people who are attending the ford summer festival and run? Only asking as im doing the last run (time slot that is) outta the golf course and was generally interested as to who around these boards was going?

  9. Direnza Hoses...

    Theres rust and then theres that! Im not sure if i should b shocked or impressed by it to b honest lol! I would let nature run its course on that...
  10. Direnza Hoses...

    Ha lol!! I agree with u, problem u have when u change things. Did excatly that to my old old escort (changed the water pump) filled it with water n blew the head gasket! End of the car that was... :(
  11. Direnza Hoses...

    40mpg is brilliant imo, but thats cause im stuck around 31 (lots of short trips dont help) but long blasts are better for cars anyway. Just keep pluggin it till the one u want comes along. Id happily have a titanium focus, but itd have to have the creature comforts i want lol. Not sayin i would say no to n ST if it were sat there neither... lol! :)
  12. Direnza Hoses...

    Id go for 200k! Just to say i did it, and it'd b a fittin end for the car before gettin sumit awesome (still a ford though!)
  13. Direnza Hoses...

    LOL fingers crossed!! Id say speed n weather damage on a motor with that many miles, to b honest at that price its been a bargin.
  14. Mot Tester Vs Bulbs

    That is what happened here, the tester failed it initially, but changed them (to work correctly) free of charge and re-tested aswell.
  15. Direnza Hoses...

    That doesnt sound healthy! Is there a leak that u can see or not? Worth takin note actually, cause if it does on mine, how would it do it on ur engine if it really is a kit for that?