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  1. It's just I need to know how to read part numbers?
  2. The problem is I was going to go for second hand ones but not sure where the part numbers or which part number I need for them?
  3. I have recently found out that I need two of my injectors replaced on my 05 mk3 Mondeo however I don't know where to start! I have noticed that a lot of people have a part number and was wondering which part of the injector has the correct part number on?
  4. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Just to let you know guys car is now all sorted had a feeling it was the alternator belt but changed the alternator and belt tensioner as well as the belt Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Right I don't have a proper voltage tester but got a one that checks the battery and alternator battery has came back as fine but alternator came as faulty so looks like the second rate alternator from eBay is no good I've ordered new one from a friend that works in a ford dealers so when I get it it'll be changed will keep you guys posted
  6. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Ok bud I'll be checking on Thursday fingers crossed
  7. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Can't check until Thursday but it is an aftermarket alternator now looking at a genuine ford alternator
  8. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Haven't checked yet mick85 will be checking today
  9. Battery Light Staying On Dashboard

    Nighthawk have you any idea where I could start cos I've been on 3 weeks now and it's doing my head in cheers
  10. Morning all!! I have just changed the alternator on my mondeo mk3 2005 diesel as the battery light came on and now that I have changed it it's still on anyone know why this is staying on?
  11. Car Won't Start

    Hi guys I have a 2.0 tdci 05 plate mondeo lx and I have just changed the alternator now the car won't start it turns over all the time and sometimes it starts but cuts out after 5 seconds could you tell me what could possibly be wrong?