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  1. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    Come on someone must have had this fault
  2. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    Anyone any ideas? It's driving me nuts this fault.
  3. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    Yes everything was off. I have looked at the circuit diagram and there is a microprocessor on the instrument cluster. All the things (waring lights, imobiliser) associated with this microprocessor do not work. It is such an expense buying a new instrument cluster only to find that that was not the fault, and I might even have to have everything re-programed. I just wondered if any Ford engineer had had this problem.
  4. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta Finesse, 1.3, 8 valve Duratec. I parked it up at 10pm, returned at 10.45pm and car would not start. Turing ignition on I get seat belt light, door open light and oil light and thats all. No engine management, brake or anything else. I noticed at the time that the rev counter needle was flickering and the petrol gauge and speedo were also flickering, with ignition key out. Tried spare key, same. tried new battery, same. Had to call RAC they couldn't find anything and suggested it could be ECU. I don't think it is though. Has anyone any ideas?