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  1. mine came from ploand and has worked wonders for the performance it was like driving a new car!
  2. Hi mate , ive looked on my obd reader and it doesnt come up with a code for the turbo pressure solenoid . i had the ecu remapped for a bit more boost and the fella that did it found out that it was mechanical not electrical.I googled the problem and it came up with this advice, and it was this unit. also on youtube it shows how it works and how it can fail over time, some say clean it out but my advice is to replace it and then hopefully the limp mode and p0299 code will disappear for good. the unit does pressure up the actuator via two pipes leading to the back of the engine from the actuator and theres a electrical plug on it too , but you have to lift the car up or go over a pit to get to it. good luck mate hope all goes well .
  3. hi mate , ive had the exact same problem previously. out of sheer desperation and complete madness i spent a fortune on a new turbo and pipes and a good clean out of all the feeds etc. this didnt help so i asked a mechanic and he said , have you tried the boost pressure regulator? i went to my local ford dealer and they wouldnt sell me one on its own without the turbo and kit which was nearly £800, i went on ebay and got one from poland for £40.00 ish and it cured all the problems straight away. im not saying this is the cure but for your problem it may be a start instead of loads of expence you dont need . to help you a bit more its located at the back of the engine near to the sump / block division. try looking it up in the haynes manual and it will give you a picture. good luck !
  4. cgriff40

    Focus tdci power loss

    I had the same problem with my mk2 , it turned out to be the turbo pressure solenoid that was clogged. I took off the old one cleaned it out but the filters inside had perished beyond repair, so I bought one from ebay and its runs just fine now . just as a suggestion but if your mk 1 has one of these try replacing that. good luck!
  5. Hello Marc, I had this problem myself for a while . On my obd reader I had a code p0299 appear indicating supercharger / turbo boost low pressure. I looked into this problem and found out it was the turbo pressure solenoid was faulty. I rang my local ford garage and asked for a price and they quoted me for a whole new turbo system, which you dont need. I got a new solenoid from ebay for around £40 i had it fitted during my cars service and it did the trick. No more limp mode and massively improved performance . Also may i suggest having the egr valve either cleaned or replaced as that can be part of the problem too. Hope this helps you , regards Chris.
  6. cgriff40

    Engine Malfunction Warning Message

    hi mate, ive had the same problem with my 1.6 tdci. i took mine to my local garage and they put on their snap-on code reader and it came up with a lambda sensor stuck rich. this means that the oxygen sensor ( lambda ) is probaly clogged up with soot deposits and may need to be replaced. im having mine done next month but i used a cleaner called cataclean, this stuff really works. if you google it , it will show what its about and how to use it. ive just put some in mine and i dont get the engine warning light on now and i use bp ultimate fuel along side it and it does clean through the whole system including the lambda sensor. on another note is your turbo working properly? the reason i ask is because if it isnt there could be a feed problem with it and any imbalance with the lambda sensor and the turbo will result in the engine warning light coming on and put you back into limp mode which means the engine wont rev over 3000rpm but it will allow you to drive to " get you home" or stop and reset the computer. other than these points ive mentioned i couldnt tell you any more but when you take it to another garage get them to check the data codes on a snap- on code reader and it should tell you the problem. the ones some garages use arnt up to the job and leaves you still guessing at what the problem may be. i hope this helps you and good luck. :)
  7. cgriff40

    How To Improve Fuel Economy And Power?

    i had the same problem with my old focus too. i took it to my local garage for a service and that worked but i got them to put castrol magnatec oil in to it and it improved well but if it is high mileage then it could be worn rings if the car has been " thrashed" for want of a better phrase and it is quite old now then i suggest a coil pack change and new plugs etc. hope this helps and good luck!
  8. cgriff40

    Ford Focus - Red Warning Light

    the cog symbol is to do with the gears, either the gearbox is low on oil or like you stated the sensor could be dirty and just may need to be cleaned, but take it to a local garage and get them to check the gearbox oil level and the sensor. hope this helps and good luck.:-)
  9. cgriff40

    Central Locking Problem. Thoughts Please

    hi cliff, i had a similar problem like yours with mine several times, i spoke to an auto locksmith about this and he mentioned that inside the locking mechanism for the door there is a very small spring that dislodges itself and causes the central locking to fail as you have mentioned. it may be worth taking the car to a garage to let them have a look and see what if anything that could be the cause. apparently this is a common problem with mk 1 focuses. best of luck and i hope this has helped.cgriff40.