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  1. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Hi guys, ford has offered me this service plan 3,4 or 5 years ranging from monthly payments of £18 for 5 years , £20 for 4 years and £22 for 3 years anyone gone for this is it good value?😳
  2. Mpg Question

    Hi, yes it's 4000 miles.
  3. Mpg Question

    Cheeky :)
  4. Focus 1.6 Tdci (Dpf) Oil

    I'm sure that's what I used to top up my 09 tdci dpf, I'm sure thats what it said in the manual :)
  5. Mpg Question

    Your all doing better than my 1.6 tdci 115bhp I'm getting 46! :(
  6. Advice Please

    As some of you are aware I booked my car in today to check oil levels and they've chipped the door corner edge they say they will spray the door but I’m concerned about colour matching, I want to suggest a sort chip repair, am I wrong in assuming paint matching is going to look patchy now days? the last thing i wanted is to have paint work done on a 2 months old car! I'm so angry I just want to cry!
  7. Advice Please

    I'm not tied to them I have no servicing plan I just took it in because I thought the proxy oil level was too high wish I hadn't bothered now! The chip is deep you can see metal it's right on the edge of the door, it's about 5 mm and position it's just below door handle height. :(
  8. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Hi, I was going to put money away each month but that didn't happen, so I'll just pay the cost when the time comes, a few work colleagues have similar schems and they're pleased it spreads the costs. Like you I like to have a full dealer service. :)
  9. New Ford Focus S

    Hi, I never put the money away in a bank :( so got the whole thing to pay when time comes. Since this post I've spoken to work colleagues and some have taken out similar schemes and yes it's a good way of spreading the costs over 3 years. Like you I will only take my car to Fords I want a full dealer service too. :)
  10. Poor Quality Paint?

    Red mist is that like the thing ford try and sell you paint shield except they want £399?
  11. Poor Quality Paint?

    Yes I noticed a !Removed! mark the size of half 10p on mine on the roof on my third wash, its only visible if you look at certain angles I've tried polish it and it's has slightly lighted it. Its a shame I didn't notice it on delivery day I couldn't return to fords after 3 weeks. :(
  12. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Hi Alfie, Hope you don't mind me asking but are your payment about the same as I was quoted ?
  13. Oil Level High?

    Hi ya all, I check my oil regularly, last month i had a 1500 mile ford check I've now checked my oil and it's over an inch above the max mark ford have over filled it! Should I be concerned or will it burn off?
  14. Oil Level High?

    Thanks for the replies it's booked in on Tuesday to be checked out they said an inch over that's not right!
  15. Oil Level High?

    I always check the oil when the car is on my drive and has been standing for a few hours, yes my drive is flat, lol! I checked it day after delivery it was just under max, at 500 miles it's was still just under max maybe little less and at 1000 it hadn't hardly move. The car went in at 1500 for Ford check up so I didn't bother and I didn't check it when I got it back from for Fords as I thought they'd sort all that. It's now done 2300 and it's over the max by an inch! Error in my original post I'd just got up and was on the way to work, my maths arent good lol it's 800 mile not 1300 :-)
  16. Oil Level High?

    It's peed me off I've done 1300 miles since they looked at it god knows what damage it's done! :-(
  17. Mk3 1.6Tdci - First 500+ Mile From Tank Of Fuel !!

    My 2009 1.6 tdci had a 53 ltr tank and so has the mk3 :)
  18. Mk3 1.6Tdci - First 500+ Mile From Tank Of Fuel !!

    Thanks for the info :-)
  19. Mk3 1.6Tdci - First 500+ Mile From Tank Of Fuel !!

    Mines says 47mpg on the average thingy, I'm getting 525 per tank 2100 mile on the clock, the miles left in tank is a bit crazy I noticed in the morning it will show say 330 I tavel 1 mile and it's dropped 5-10 miles is yours like that?
  20. Dpf Or Not?

    Sorry I know this subject has come up often but I was told by the salesman when buying my car it has a DPF, when I asked the service department was the DPF covered in the smart service plan they said my car hasn't got one? I've checked that ETIS thingy and there's no mention on there?
  21. Dpf Or Not?

    Hi Chris, I'm not worried it was just something i wanted to clear up thats all, when i bought the car i was told by the saleman it has a DPF and as i owned a car before with a DPF i knew what to expect with regular additive refills and replacement at 75K etc. Thanks for the info about the new type of DPF that's good news and yes I'm enjoying the car very much. Cheers Sara
  22. Dpf Or Not?

    That's great cheers, I knew it did 😊
  23. Ford Smart Service Plan

    I will check other garages, also them prices were given to me in comparison with the smart plan service and savings I can make, by the way Ford have tried contacting me 6 times today and left messages desperate or what to sell me this plan!
  24. Ford Smart Service Plan

    They said the services would cost me 195 standard and 295 major, by the way like the post Catch 😊
  25. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Lol they talk a good talk I had a job leaving they were trying hard bless 'em 😊