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  1. Ongoing Problems....please Help!

    I've managed to get a couple of screenshots from the scan software with the engine idling, still trying to work out how to record the data so I can go out for drive with it running. Annoyingly I couldn't get it to play up when starting, must have known it was being filmed! Did get a recording of the engine at idle and when blipping the throttle, please note this is a petrol (although it sounds like a tractor!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/sdtq7uefsf2nkx7/Engine1.m4a Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. Ongoing Problems....please Help!

    Thanks for the replies. It actually dies 9 out of 10 times. The revs go up just over the 1k mark and then drop, my crude solution at the moment is a boot full of throttle when starting the car. I have, however, noticed a bit of a gasping air noise when blipping the throttle so will make sure there are no leaks between air box and throttle body (the filter has already been replaced). The fuel filter hasn't been replaced, are these still under the car near the tank (replaced one before on a friends mk1 focus, was a PITA). I'm using an ELM cable and PCM Scan software to look at engine codes. It does give live reading of quite a few parameters, would a screen grab help? I don't, no. Have looked at getting one before but were told the cheapo ones are next to no use. Would it be worth getting this done at a local garage?
  3. Ongoing Problems....please Help!

    Hi all I'm having lots of ongoing problems with my Focus and am hoping for some advice, its a 2005 mk2 1.6LX (100ps Duratec). Problems are as follows: Starting issues. When starting the car it fires fine but then loses all revs, causing it to stall. This happens 9 times out of ten and does it regardless of whether the engine is hot or cold. Misfiring. Seems to have a misfire when held at contant revs between 2-3k and when holding speed/accelerating on the motorway.The car did originally have a leaking core plug which caused plugs 3 & 4 to be wet. I have replaced this and fitted new Ignition Coil, HT Leads and Spark Plugs. I have also plugged the car into an OBD reader and there are no error codes reported. Has anyone come across anything similar before? I'm thinking that it is possibly a faulty sensor somewhere but, being electrical, am reluctant to put it into a garage and spend lots on labour for nothing to be found. Annoyingly I bought the Focus as a supposedly more reliable replacement for an old MG ZS but it has turned out to have far more problems! Thanks in advance
  4. Roof Bar Question

    Hey all I'm currently on a hunt for a set of genuine Ford roof bars for a 5 door Mk2 hatch. Whilst looking for a reasonably priced set I came across some on eBay for a 2010 focus (Mk2.5 I believe), the part number shows them as being for a 2008-2010 model. Is there any reason why these wont fit my car? I understand that there was a bit of a facelift done but did they also completely change the roof mounting points too? Thanks
  5. Snapped Bolts....please Help

    Hi all I went to replace the core plugs at the weekend and three of the rocker cover bolts have sheared off due to being rusted in place (couldn't see this before removing otherwise they would have got a good soaking of Plus Gas first). I've ordered some impact stud extractors to get the studs out but have just spoken to my local dealer and apparently the bolts come with the rocker cover and can't be purchased separately. Not wanting to fork out £270 for a new cover can anyone tell me if there are any other options? A quick eBay search has turned up some second hand covers but I'm not sure how much I'd trust the bolts on these. The other results showed some after market stainless steel jobbies but these mention that they are for the metal rocker cover. Can anyone help?? Have managed to get hold of a car for this week but will need to fix this over the Easter weekend! Cheers
  6. Core Plugs

    Nice one, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Please Help

    Is the battery getting/holding charge? I had something very similar on my previous car (MG) and the alternator was giving up the ghost and not fully charging the battery.
  8. Core Plugs

    Hi all Still waiting for my Haynes manual to arrive but wanted to pick your collective brains about the core plugs on my 2005 1.6LX Can someone tell me if the core plugs that sit between the sparks plugs should be the push fit type or threaded jobbies. Have tried to take a look with the HT leads out but can't make them out. Cheers
  9. Ford Focus Vibration

    Is the vibration through the steering wheel or can you feel it through the seat? When you had the front wheels done did you get the rears checked for alignment/balance?
  10. Mk2 1.6 - Misfire At 2K

    Hi all I'm now a few weeks into being a Focus owner and think I have come across one of the apparently common problems, a misfire at around 2k revs when in second or third gear. Anyway, I grabbed 5 minutes yesterday and took a look at the HT leads and plugs to see if they were sitting in water. Plugs 1 & 2 were dry but had a coating of orange coloured dust on them, I assumed it was rust as could see signs of it around the plugs. Plugs 3 & 4 were both surrounded by gunky liquid (plug 4 had gunk on the thread too) and the ends of the HT leads were wet. I had a poke around with an old cloth and a long screwdriver and the gunk/liquid appears to be a terracotta colour and definitely not just rusty water. To my untrained eyes it looks more like coolant that has seeped into the area from near plugs 3 & 4. I am sure I read somewhere that the known problem with water leaking into that area can cause the core plugs to corrode, could this by the cause of the coolant leak? If so, is there a guide somewhere on how to fix this? I have a new ignition coil and leads but am hesitant to fit them until the problem is sorted, just in case the liquid causes damage and costs me another small fortune in parts! The other thing I noticed was that there were two holes in the rocker cover, one that is threaded and the other sits in between the access holes for plugs 2 & 3. Should these be covered/have something in them? The bigger holes had remnants of silicone around it so I'm not sure if there is meant to be a bung in there. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Olly
  11. A Quick Hello

    Hey all I have recently picked up a 2005 Focus (1.6 LX) as a cheap run-around to replace my failing MG ZS. The plan is to save a bit of cash to get an XR2 that I can prep and enter into the Classic Stock Hatch championship to satisfy the racing itch. I came across this forum whilst searching for help on a problem and have already received help from members so thought I'd stick a quick post here to say hi. Cheers Olly
  12. Problem With 6000Cd Stereo

    Just a quick update... Turned the car on yesterday and could hear static noise coming from the speakers but noticed that the head unit was constantly scanning for stations. Stuck a CD in and, hey presto, I had some tunes! Am hoping it is just a loose connection on the back of the head unit now, have ordered some removal keys and will see what's what when they arrive. In the mean time I am watching a few of the Sony units on eBay, are they a worthwhile upgrade over the 6000CD units?
  13. Problem With 6000Cd Stereo

    Thanks, will take a look tomorrow Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  14. Problem With 6000Cd Stereo

    Hi all I've recently purchased a 2005 mk2 Focus and am having a problem with the stereo. It turns on and all the functions seem to work but there is no sound. I've tried holding down the 3 and 6 buttons and get sound out of both front speakers and the right rear speaker but no sound in general use. A quick Google shows that this seems to be a common problem but I can't find a fix. Can anyone shed any light on a way of fixing the problem? Cheers Sent from my iPad using Ford OC