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  1. Radiator Cooling Fan

    Ps I'm JohnWw coincidence or wot essex boy I'm afraid
  2. 1.6 Tdci Cutting Out!

    Try putting in top grade fuel , most cheap fuel contains bio chemicals , these can interfere with the running and engine may be shutting down to prevent damage ,so far I have solved 3 cars this way
  3. Fusion Running Problems

    Ps this refers to a lot of different cars as well
  4. Fusion Running Problems

    If you have come across running troubles with the fusion management lights comming on p codes comming up with different codes , we have had a few of these , as daft as it seems a lot of this is caused by cheap deisel and petrol ! They contain bio additives which cause the injectors to wax up causing unbalanced running . I only use top grade fuel now and so far two other cars as we'll and it curried the problems . These code readers only go to the first link in a chain and can cost mega money.
  5. Radiator Cooling Fan

    Got it removed the weird cover broke a few stupid tabs wiggled the relay and back to normal Cheers dude
  6. Radiator Cooling Fan

    I have just completed a long journey and same thing happened ,nice Where aboutrs are these relays iby the engine