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  1. Gearbox Backlash on 2007 Fiesta

    fords are great cars
  2. mk5 fiesta 1.25

    great nice one guys 1300 is a very good price its just the insurance price which is going to kill me its about 2k since im 17 feels like im just putng money down the drain
  3. Rear windscreen washer problem

    yh this is a comon fault this happend on ma dads and you hear of it alot
  4. hi could be a crankshaft sensor or like you say fuel pump
  5. thats about right id say dont forget people yes the pads are like 15 quid but every garage wil charge you alot to fit brake pads even tho its a easy job cv boot yh its about right good job you changed it because what happens is the grease comes out and goes on the disk causing you to have no brakes so id say good investment. danny ps garage charge a hour extra for fiting a disk each side so thats how come there pricey
  6. Ka, accident damage

    they wont replace a chassis for that :) they will get a panel beater and get it perfect and you wont be able to no its been repaird my advise get it done

    starter motor sticking ?
  8. Mondeo 2.0 litre misfire

    try double checking if there the right plugs also make sure the ht leads are pushed down becuase on them zetecs they go far down and people never push them down all the way hope this helps :)
  9. CO emissions high on MOT!

    i had a car in at my old garage with same prob and i put some cat clean in it and gave it a good run to get it nice and hot and it went straight thru the test give it a try its worth it only 8 quid for a bottle i think:)
  10. servicing

    you can changed the chains mate when they go the engine rattles they do snap but not as much as a cambelt does and plus i wouldnt buy parts from ford becuase they will charge you probz just as much for the parts as the service would cost you i would go to somwhere like gsf or your local parts dealer :). ps ive serived mondeo before and they are a joy to do nice and easy
  11. my stuffed escort

    heey my mate has a focus 1.6 same engine as yours and his did this and then it got very bad and it was the cat blocked up so he took the cat off and poked it all out and runs like a dream now

    you tryed puting a new set of plugs in it and leads? infact take the spark plugs out inspect them and let us no what colour they are my mates was coverd in water so he thought this was the head gasket but infact it was the cat does you car have a cat ? danny
  13. mk5 fiesta 1.25

    cheers thanks for ya help thats the price i had in my mind really between the 1.25 and the 1.3 which is the best i no the 1.25 is moden and 16 v and has 15 bhp more but is the 1.3 engine just as good plus it doesnt have cambelts does it so thats less work for me lol
  14. mk5 fiesta 1.25

    hi this is my first post so hi im hoping to get my first car soon a mk5 1.25 fiesta how much should i be paying for a decent car with about 60k on the clock on about a y plate and is there anything i should look out for with these cars a few of my mates say dont get a ford but i love fords my dads allways had them and i dont think i could live without one hahah lol cheers danny