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  1. So do ELMconfig done same thing? And where GEM location is (Father has a LHD car) Where I can download FFN?
  2. Gem Module Help!

    Hi it's old topic, but is there difference between engine type on GEM modules? My father bought 2007 1.3liters Fiesta, and he already talk about remote control so it would be easier to handle.
  3. Focus Door Mirror Puddle Lights

    Old topic, but does anyone work this out? Topic popped out when im finding led solution to my tail lights :)
  4. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Here's foto back in pack :) looks imo cooler with black xenon bezel
  5. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Little tease, from lamp modding :)
  6. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Finally projectors arrived, start changing at christmasholiday. Tested those already, and have admit, those are far better than Visteon original projector. Highly recommed for all to buy those and mod lamps :)
  7. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Hello again, finally i've get some time and money together :D to order those projectors, few weeks and starting install. I'd palnned to do somekind of instructions at project. Should i do it straight to PDF or just posting here any ideas?
  8. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Made some winter installement, I add pair of full beam. here's a pic. Xenons has now on garage shelf, waiting projector funds and time :D Had to change halogens back. put only lamps not wiring.
  9. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Little reflection burnet out of my xenons.
  10. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Little update, I've bought retrofit brackets for Hella gen 3 projectors, founded on ebay. Why? because Hella's projectors won't fit directly to Visteon mountings. More soon ;)
  11. Focus Titanum 1,6 Tdci 2008 Eberspacher Heater

    And if you use ford original exhaust it won't carrie smoke inside of car, or well yes if heater won't start correctly and have fault on fuel filter inside of heater. Fuel filter is quite cheap 29€ for local Eberspacher repair. (or online ordered from eeperi.com 19€) :)
  12. Focus Titanum 1,6 Tdci 2008 Eberspacher Heater

    Have to take part to this discuss. Today morning, ive go to start my car and outside temperature was +8, (that's focus said on dash display). And turn Aux Heater on at Setup choice from control display, it fired up, drive to work and it shut down itself when engine reached +75. And Carl0s just turn recirculation on, when you use your Eber ;) ps. Ei se niin vaikee oo ;)
  13. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Searched some internet wonderful world and found maybe cheaper solution to upgrade light performance. Search some ebay and there will sell Hella E55 bixenon projectors less 100€/pair. Little modification or so, that's tuning :), its far better way, buy new headlamps with same plastic reflectors as now has.
  14. Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    I have to deside order new pair of headlamps, those what i bought on salvage are too weared, reflector in optics has too dimmed even theres a new pair of bulbs. This based on what nazsky786 was shown of his lamps.