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  1. Revving Problem On 05 Petrol Mondeo

    Have you checked the accelerator cable isnt loose or stretched? Maybe worth giving the throttle body a mini service i had the same issue with a 3 series and it fixed the problem.
  2. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Cant get the system to bleed dont think the pump engaging tried towing it aswell no joy. Had a professional diagnostics plugged in and no faults!! Would it say that the pump is faulty?
  3. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Urrrrr right i have worked bk from the tank and found that next to no fuel is coming out of the pump to the common rail on turn over - the cut out switch has been bypassed temporary so it aint that and there no fault codes! Chappin me !Removed!!!
  4. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    No lift pump
  5. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Righto. Removed the sender unit tested it seems fine but it isn't a pump?? Theres a fuel gauge sensor and a plastic cylinder with a formation of plastic inside. No motors of any sort. How can this be a pump?? Am i being numpty as its called a sender pump. Where is the fuel lift pump? I cant find it underneath the car??
  6. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Thanks Bof more than helpful! I will test the cut off although i did check the wires into the pump under the seat when turning over and theres a good current to it - surely of the cut off was functional then there would be no power to it? Jeysus I dont know bring back the old diesels none of these electrical pumps :)
  7. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Thanks again for the info - If the immobiliser was coming on would it still try to turn over? I also thought about the cut off switch but it doesn't say in the haynes what or where it cuts off? When i removed the cut off switch it seemed to be lose rather a solid 'on off' click? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Mondeo 51 Dura Toro Tdci Diesel

    Thanks for answers really appreciate it! I managed to get the car running with easy start which confirms its a fuel issue. After disconnecting the fuel filters intake i turned the engine over and no fuel was forthcoming from the pipe?? Checked the pump under the seat and power is getting to it. This means the pump is goosed or am I missing something? And how the holy !Removed! do I remove that pump? Thanks again people Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Hi, i have a mondeo estate that used to work fine but wont start anymore. It trys to turn over and some for 4-5 seconds it sometimes runs but very bad then cuts out. Think it maybe injectors but dont know. Is it as straight forward as changing injectors or should i be looking somewhere else? On turnover fuel is entering each injector i checked by loosing off each of the top bolts. I have also tried the injection cut off button but thats doesnt 'click' on or off just presses in. Need a run down if anyone knows! Thanks alot Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Vibration At Front Of Car

    I have same drama think its a wheel bearing Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Mondeo Oil Filter

    It needs a firm hand and it will go. Doesn't unscrew just done mine. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. The Vibration Is Here.....

    No !Removed! joy :( Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. The Vibration Is Here.....

    Superb thanks i shall look at the pipes near the rad in the morn get them lagged see if i get anywhere! When i said the left i meant when i was sat in the car - forgot to say that Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Hi ppl, i have a mondeo 2.0 tdci zetec 130 on an 04 and i have noticed a vibration on low revs while driving and it seems to get worse once you turn corner(seems to be coming from the front left hand side of the car). I have wrapped lagging around the turbo pipe underneath the car butt the noise is there. I was wondering if I had lagged in the right place? Where does the pipe normally vibrate? Top bottom at the start of the intake? The cars running fine other than this stupid vibration. Any ideas? Anyone had the same issue and found out it was something else? Thanks alot Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC