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  1. Focus Electric Windows

    This all started on Saturday 10/03/18 . I was driving on the motorway when the interior light come on for a couple of seconds and then off again . Didn't think too much of it until a while later and went to use the drivers window and it didn't work but made clicking noises , interior light came back on again ,dash lights flickered and i could here the central locking engaging . It was raining hard and i did go through some huge puddles so assumed water had got into the electrics . Didn't use the car again until Tuesday and by this time i had forgotten about the issues prior until i went to use the window again and it went down a few inches before all the clicking and flashing as before started again . Same happens when using both passenger and drivers window switches . I did manage to get the window back up but now wont move . Same again today . Car is driving fine and i would have thought it would have dried out by now as it hasn't rained since . Any ideas would be helpful