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  1. Hi everyone, first post in this area of the OC forum. I'm waiting for the dealer-network to reopen and then I'm off to buy a used Ranger. I'm aiming for a 2017 model, most likely a 3.2 Wildtrak. But I'm having some difficulty tracking down information on the off road pack (locking rear diff and some underbody protection). I genuinely do use off road functionality as part of my work and the diff is a must (along with better tyres) - the ranger will be replacing a discovery. But, I'm struggling to find out if this was fitted as standard to the Wildtrak or if it was still an option (the latter makes it difficult to find used models with this fitted). Could anyone advise if it was fitted and if not if there is a quick way of checking remotely (eg a sticker or a vin code element)? Obviously, when I go to see the various contenders in person, I'll be crawling under so will be able to see. Thank you.
  2. Hello folks - its been a while. 3-years ago I got some great advice from this forum and, after a lifetime of classic cars, bought a (then) new MK7 ST. Was worried I was a bit old for it, but how wrong I was… its fantastic. Now its time to change (v.high miles in years 1 and 2), I have test-driven a few alternatives (135i, Golf R, GT86), but while some are faster, none 'feel' as good as the humble FWD fiesta. So, bugger-it, I'm having another. And going full-fat on this one, it will be a daily driver but may also see the (very) occasional track-day - happy to report back on this thread re: the new vehicle. As mine didn't really start to free-off until about 6K miles, I'm going to save a fair few grand by picking up one from 2015/2016 with 5-10k mileage and will be adding a few mods off the bat. I looked at the M-sport edition - but was put off by the flashy graphics (and having to pay for them). Mechanically, their standard model is an ST1 with a MP215 kit, OZ alloys and the Quaife diff. Additional options are a "Handling pack with Bilstein inverted mono tube struts and Eibach Pro springs" and "An optional brake upgrade featuring Alcon callipers, 332mm discs and Goodridge braided brake hoses". You can also add an exhaust and induction kit. Definite additions to my new one: Diff: For the last few years I've felt the ST really would benefit from an LSD/ATB (briefly had a MK1 Focus RS back in the day and loved it) - so the Quaife diff is definitely going on. MP215: no brainer - should have done it to the first one and carried it over. Live and learn. Rims: actually know of a set of 17" Superleggas - but would prefer to keep it looking stock so will probably keep the standard ones unless there's a massive weight difference. The above gives me M-Sport base-spec, just run-in with a 2 year warranty for approx £14-15k. Looked at a ST200 and would like the gear ratios, but there is little benefit over a 2015+ ST with the MP215. Beyond this (and this is where I need some advice), there's a few tempting bits that, if anyone has them fitted, I would welcome advice. Its bang for buck I'm looking for without ruining the little car's value-for money. I'm happy to throw in another £500-£600 if I can really give it an edge in driving fun - or just stick to the above. I'd prefer to stick to products proven by either M-Sport or Mountune (with no disrespect intended to any of the other tuning houses in the UK) M-Sport: Big Alcon brakes are out of the equation - I can't find any way of doing these for a reasonable price, even used. Suspension: I suspect these are Bilstein B12 dampers and Eibach springs - if someone could advise on these I can price-up, but suspect approx £600 (I'll be fitting myself but this would finish-off the budget). Mountune: Quite a few temptations here: Roll-Restrictor/rear engine mount - I've seen these from a few manufacturers - do these really stiffen things up as well as Mountune say? (£139) Sport Spring set: I've felt the ST could do with hunkering down a bit, bit already find the ride a bit harsh. Reports say that (bizarrely) these springs, on original dampers, actually offer a slightly better ride (£179). Be interested to see if these are just rebranded ones from Eibach or the like. Quickshift (£119), the gearbox in the Fiesta is great but I can imagine the feel could be improved somewhat. Brakes: Mountune brake pads and discs may be one for the future (when mine wear out - typically went through a set of pads in 30k miles on the current one), but not for now. The St200 with its power hike gives me reassurance that Ford didn't think the ST needed a brake upgrade to handle the MP215 (slight) power hike. So the temptation is to build a mini-special edition, with all the parts happening to come from Mountune: 2015+ ST (with the same suspension revisions as the ST200) MP215 kit (£649 - fitted without the M-tune box, or £799 if I get the box and do it myself) Quaife diff (£800+5hrs labour, not doing this myself) Roll restrictor (£139 - fit myself) Sport Spring (£179 - fit myself) Quickshift (£119 - fit myself) The diff and MP215 are the parts I think the car needs from 3-years of driving it, the other three I am hoping I could get some advice on whether these are good value for money (and there's a certain reassurance from getting the parts from a partially-approved supplier). Any feedback would be very welcome, thank you.
  3. Just a quick one folks. Placed my order on the 28th March for a factory build and just had my registration number through and my delivery date confirmed as next Friday the 23rd May – 8 weeks for a factory order, 4 weeks faster than expected – absolutely delighted!
  4. Noticed that in the US, Ford are offering some new Fiesta ST owners a complimentary session at their "ST Octane Driving Experience Centre". I was a Land Rover driver for 15 years, I used them heavily off road for work and it wasn't until about 8 years ago that I finally had some training from Land Rover that I really learned how to drive them to their potential. Even the first simple half-day training session improved my technique enormously. Now switched to road cars and have just ordered a Fiesta ST and would be keen to get some similar training, albeit for performance hot-hatch driving. Does anyone have any recommendations for venues/schools? I'm not really interested in a quick experience day just for thrills - rather I'd like a short course that could help me to get the most out of the little pocket rocket. Many thanks indeed.
  5. Nope - just a basic ST. The only addition was metallic and that was only because it was included for free (I'd have been happy with the basic solid red paint). as ST-2 and -3 don't offer any mechanical improvements they would be wasted on me (I come from a classic car background where even carpets are a luxury - so to me even the basic car is fully loaded).
  6. Hi folks - OP here. Thanks again for the advice. Was a close call - both ZS and ST are superb cars in their own right but in the end, for my particular circumstances, the small additional outlay for the more powerful ST won out. As has been mentioned before this was largely thanks to the insurance premiums being the same for both cars. I placed my order yesterday and had the finance confirmed last night, delivery date is due to be confirmed on monday but is likely to be early june (about 11 weeks :( ). So I am soon to be the proud owner of a Fiesta ST in metallic Spirit Blue!!!!!! Am unbelievably excited.
  7. Thanks Matt. Your previous post was absolutely on the nose – my preference of the two would have been the ST but only if the numbers could add up. I had set myself a limit and if it went oveer that I would have stuck with the 1.0T (and would have been very happy with it). A few months ago I had a hire car from Enterprise and, never having heard of the Ecoboost range, when they gave me a “little 1-litre Fiesta” I’m ashamed to say I kicked up a fuss – until I drove it. It was a Zetec-S and it absolutely blew me away with its performance from such a small package. Having sold my other car, I’m ready for a change but am being extremely strict with myself re: budget. The Zetec-S is a truly fantastic car, but if I can run the (in my mind) ‘perfect ST’ for just £75 a month more then that’s the one I’ll go for. If it had been any more I would have stuck with the 1.0T. The insurance is a real oddity - its cheaper for me to insure an ST than just about any other car on the market (except for the 1.0T) - bizarrely its the same as insurance on an old Corsa D 1.2 I had as a runaround. I'm 30 but live in a high-risk postcode so I guess that there is such a heavy weighting on the postcode that the differene between a 123bhp car and a 178 one is neglegable. Am speaking to the agents today to start the order process – hopefully the waiting time won’t be too long! Thanks again for all your help.
  8. Thanks guys - now sorted. Some really helpful posts there really appreciate it. From the above posts and reading other threads I've taken 45mpg for the 1.0T Zetec S and 35mpg for the ST. This gives (for my particular circumstances) the following costs: 1.0T Zetec S: 3+36 PCP £176.34 a month Insurance £51.32 a month Fuel cost £86.38 a month (10k mpa, 45mpg, £1.29/litre) Total = £314.04 1.6T ST: 3+36 PCP £225.82 a month Insurance £53.27 a month Fuel cost £111 a month (10k mpa, 35mpg, £1.29/litre) Total = £390.15 (just £76.10 more than the 1.0T Zetec-S) I had promised myself that if I could run an ST for within £75 a month of the cost of running a 1.0T then I could justify it and lo-and-behold the ST has just about sneaked in under. Its the insurance that saved it as the difference between the two is minimal - I'm an old man but still live in an iffy postcode. So... its an ST for me! Ridiculously excited, gonna ring my lease broker tomorrow. Just need to check on delivery times for a bog standard solid-red ST with no extras.
  9. Ace - thanks Nathan. I'll go with high-40s for the Zetec-s. ...just need a similar figure from someone with a ST. Yep - happy to wait if the car I want is not in dealer-stock, I'm on a good deal in a hire car at the mo so could roll it over for a couple of months. [if its of any help to understand what I'm doing - II'm working out my budget in a simple spreadsheet comparing the two cars like-for like: Best monthly price I can find from speaking with lease brokers comparing the two cars I'm considering (Zetec S, Solid Red plus 17" alloys or ST - standard out of the box) - both choices with same £1000 deposit on a 36 month PCP. Insurance - paid outright, Fully Comp gained using all comparison sites and car mag brokers. Same Excess on each. Road tax where applicable. Servicing (estimated) Fuel. I know how many miles I do. I know how much fuel is. I just need to be able to calculate a weekly cost for the fuel I am likely to use. Adding up the above gives me my running cost. Yes I could afford either if needs be but I will draw the line somewhere - I like to work out how much something is going to cost me before I make a purchase. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks folks. Being able to afford the fuel is no problem - however I'd like to gauge a realistic figure for each to decide what impact the difference int he fuel costs would have on my weekly budget so I can decide whether (for my personal circumstances) the impact on my wallet is worth the added performance of the ST Would anyone like to hazard a guess at the fuel economy figures? 1.0T Zetec-S - does 45mpg sound accurate in the real world (figure from older posts on FOC forums) 1.6T ST - I've heard 37 sound accurate?
  11. Apologies guys - I really don't want to rehash old ground with ZTS VS ST. Not trying to compare the two cars or their benefits - I've driven both and am impressed by each in their own way. Specifically looking at the impact of motorway driving on MPG for the two choices. All other factors (performance, comfort, residuals, image, etc) have already been included. If I can get the fuel figures to add up - I'm going for the ST, if not I'd be happy with the Zetec-S. Many thanks.
  12. Hi folks. Newb here - about to buy my first ever new car and am massively excited. I've rented a car from enterprise for 28 days so need to order my new one fast (will post pics) After a long look at PCP deal, insurance quotes, etc - I've decided on a Fiesta and am torn between two models the ST and the 1.0T Zetec-S. Strangely for my particular circumstancses they are almost identical in cost to insure. There's less than £100 difference. So I've done the sums and the X-Factor is the fuel economy -this will tell me whether I buy a 1.0T Zetec-S or the heavenly ST. I'm in the lucky position that I could afford all other running costs for either. I appreciate that there are similar threads about individual fuel economy but I'm hoping to get as accurate comparisons as possible. I cover 9000 miles a year and of this, approximately 6000 is on the motorway travelling between the same two motorway junctions. Traffic in the morning is clear and in the evening is a little congested so there is some stop start. I drive quite sensibly - cruising at 80mph on the satnav and generally use the power to accellerate onto the motorway and for smooth overtaking (plus the occasional blast through the countryside). Would anyone be able to estimate the realistic fuel economy for the above circumstances for both the 123bhp 1.0T Ecoboost and the 178bhp ST? The book says 1.0T Zetec-S Average MPG 65.7 1.6T ST Average MPG 48 While I appreciate that these figures will be much lower in the real world - my gut feeling says that given the majority of my miles are on the motorwway that this would favour the more powerful ST - perhaps bringing the real-world figures closer together. Could anyone advise?
  13. Hi folks. After 3 months my old car has finally sold for the right price. I'm now using a hire car while I order my new one - a fiesta. Ridiculously excited - I'm about to start a new thread over in the fiesta area of the site helping me decide between 2 models based on fuel economy, I'd appreciate your input.