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  1. Hi everyone, My dad keeps complaining about his standard washers, as they keep moving and spray far too high or off to the side... Im wondering if anyone has changed to mist jet washers, and if any would fit from another model? ive had a search on eBay, but doesn’t seem to come up with much. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  2. Its not for power gain, just to stop dirty black crap going back into the cylinders
  3. That is weird haha! I'm glad you've resolved the problem :)
  4. Do these faults go away when you take the blanking plate out?
  5. Yeah, mines hammerite, one of those new colours :) thanks guys :)
  6. Ooh right, I might tell them when I get time then haha! Thanks!
  7. Thanks :) nice, are you going to use Hammerite?
  8. Hey guys, Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my brakes now ive painted them to see what you guys think! I've only managed to paint the fronts as I have limited time in my lunch hour. :( And I can't leave my car at work too often! No time on the weekends because the girlfriend demands all my attention hahaha! I've got some nice new black Alloys that should show the brakes off a lot more when they're fitted, I just have to find time to get tyres fitted and balanced! Dave.
  9. Hello, Thats quite strange. I have a mk2.5 2.0 tdci too and have also blanked my egr, but the only fault I get is "egr circuit high" constantly, which I ignore. Seems odd it would affect so much :S Dave.
  10. I've got a 2.0 TDCi and blanked my egr, I get EML after about 5 mins of driving, but it may have something to do with my heavy right foot, I dont know
  11. Is the airbag deactivation light just two wires? Cause I have one that goes into the left blank one as well as the two spare connectors Sent From Xperia Z1
  12. I like the sound of the heated seats! Mines a titanium too! Sent From Xperia Z1
  13. Aah, thank you! I guess I wont be doing anything withthem then! Its good to know though I suppose! :) Sent From Xperia Z1
  14. Hey, so this is my first post blah blah, my names dave, I own a beautiful mk2.5 Focus! Right, so I thought I'd have a look behind my stereo etc because why not? And I found these spare connectors and was wondering what theyre for. I assume one is for esp? Sent From Xperia Z1
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