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  1. dalester

    Ford Focus Problems

    Hey all, You'll be getting sick of me now.....any problems with the Ford Focus at all? I see that MPG is starting to become a bit of a debate, is this a common problem?
  2. dalester

    20mpg on 1.6 focus zetec!

    Have you contacted the manufacturer yet?
  3. So come on then guys, what's the worst story that you have dealing with Ford?
  4. dalester

    Latest Fiesta

    or well thats what ford said anyway lol... so much for all their testing in all climates... but still a great car.. Ahh, so you contacted Ford customer services? Did they just advise that it was out of their control?
  5. dalester

    Latest Fiesta

    That's great! Any stories about experiences with the new Fiesta/stories of problems would be great. :)
  6. dalester

    Latest Fiesta

    Hey guys, What faults have you experienced with the latest Fiesta release? Cheers!
  7. dalester

    new fiesta 1.6 tdci

    Have you contacted the manufacturer at all?
  8. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research into Ford, and was wondering if you knew of any other active Ford forums, or indeed complaints forums that would cover Ford? Where would you go if you found an issue with Ford? Thanks! D