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  1. Fitting Combined Day And Fog Lights

    Hi James Many Thanks So here are the Pictures FIRSTLY Myself or Fordownersclub will not take any responsability for any Damage or Cost caused my this guide, it is not a officail Ford Installation but only a guide and may not comply with every model type of Cmax. This Modification was carried out on a 2013 Cmax 1.6 ecoboost German spec Vehicle without Xeonon Lights or Bulb warning Module.If in Doubt please ask then do. Please remember to disconnect battery when working on electrics.(But not really necessary especially if you dont have the code yet for your Radio But at you risk). 1. First the new Replacement Lights they have the same mounting Fittings as the original lights (Pics 1 and 2) 2. Removing Foglight Cover Using Trim Tool only from this Point lift up gently till Comes loose then pull cover to front of car not to the side.Dont try from other end you will damage the Cover.(pics 3 and 4) (TIP use Masking tape to protect Body work) 3.Old Lights are Held with 2 screws each,unscrew remove plug that goes to back of light.(Pic 5) 4. Start with the light furthest away from battery,remove old light fit new light,feed cable through so it Comes up towards Radiator loosening Main headlight (Howto in user Handbook) to ease cable channeling. Blank off the old cable connector for foglight with Supplied blanking Plug. 5. Remove Grill two Pins at the Top Left and right,lift the middle pin out at the top with a small flat screwdriver then remove the rest of the plastic pin, Then pull the grill very gentley toward the front of the car, you may have to assist pushing the Tabs with a flat screw Driver at the bottom of the grill, Again Carefully as you can damage the grill if you use to much force. This is where i want to put the controll Module for the Lights, its a dry Place and is central so the cable from both the new lights will reach it.(pics 6 and 7) 6.Remove then the next fog light (nearest to Battery).Also Remove Headlight completly (how to is in user Handbook under changing Bulbs).This makes life easier for the final Connections and cable channeling. (pic 8 Sorry Bad pic) 7.Connect the old fog light cable from this Light,direct to the new Light module note there is a small pin that sticks up this goes with the grove on the male connector red cable to yellow, and green cable to Grey.I measured it with a Multimeter just to be on the safe side. and Grey is earth on the module.(you Only have to connect one old fog light cable to the new module). (Pic 9) 8.Channel the the New light cable allso towards grill,Then connect both sides to module, so now you should have both new Lights Connected and one of old fog light connections connected to the new module. 9. Now its time to make the rest of the Connections (MAKE SURE NO LIGHTS ARE ON AND IGNITION IS OFF)firstly the yellow Connection to the the Position lights on the headlight connector.(this is the connector socket of the Headlight you removed completly) On the headlight socket connector there are numbers the yellow connector should be connected to nr 12(check to been on the safe side with Multi meter side lights off no power side lights on power THEN TURN OFF LIGHTS).connect yellow cable from module to this cable using supplied cable connector (The red plastic connector). (pic 10 Sorry Bad pic Looks like 2 yellow cables but is only one) 10.channel the remaining cable White and black to wards fuse box under the bonnet remove lid of fuse box, (TIP)i fitted a spade connector on the end of the White cabe as Ford have supplied a Location in the fuse box not listed in the Handbook where you have ignition on Power, you just plug in the spade connector ie the White cable.(Pic 11) 11. Nearly finished now the Black Cable (Minus) this has a ring connector all ready fitted i just cut the ring a bit with wire cutters to make it open end loosened the bolt at the end of the fuse box this has a good earth and slide it under the bold head and tighted. (Pic 12) 12. Doublecheck every Thing and connectors that every Thing is correct and smarten up the cable channeling using cable grips etc.then fit the head light back in, not forgetting to connect the connector to headlight LOL:)).At this Point do not put the screws in fit fog light trim or grill. Connect Battery if you disconnected it, Now turn on ignition, the day lights should turn on, turn lights on the daylights should turn off,press front fog light Switch, fog light should turn on takes about a second for them to come on like Xeon lights).Turn lights off fog lights should turn off and daylights should come on. Yippee everything works. Now take the sticky backing off the light module off and stick it on the back wall behind grill.TIPP ( i also used very should brass Wood screws to make double sure it was secure).( Pic 13) 13.secure all cable reduceing Vibration noise and fitt all trim carfully not damaging paint work.when finished check lights should look like. (Pics 14,15,16) 14 Finished about 3 hours Taking it easy and careful. Regards Laurence
  2. Fitting Combined Day And Fog Lights

    Hi Sorry took so Long to Answer. So the Fitting went well i took photo,s of everything one Needs to Know. But i dont know how to upload them it wants a URL, Can someone explain how i can upload photo,s please. So that Others can see them. Regards Laurence
  3. Fitting Combined Day And Fog Lights

    Thanks Jeebowhite very much for the info i did what you said and it just popped out Cheers.
  4. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    Hi all Im amazed at the diffrences in mpg at 70mph, i do a lot of driving to Berlin in Germany and at 70mph (120kmh) and from hanover to Berlin i drive 300kms non stop. Cruise control in, It,s a newish motorway road Surface is Suberb, Tested it again yesterday 19 degrees outside still pulled in about 41.25 mpg, i have 17s BBS Alloys on but have pur Conti summer tires fitted low ressistence. so i think that proberly Plays a Major factor in mpg. the motorway Surface in the uk isnt as smooth as that in Germany. which proberly causes a lot of rolling ressistance. But like i said anything over 35mpg im happy, but dont think ill ever get to the magical 47mpg as advetised by Ford. But thanks for your info made intresting reading.
  5. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    Hello Martin What Kristtriple says is roughly correct. taking it too easy wont make things better, Being a Long distance HGV Driver ive been on upteen fuel saving Seminars. and it takes time,to get the best technique that works for you.three main things are to accelarate quick (not a formula one start) and get in to the next gear which the car can handle ie 1st to 3rd leave 2nd out. or start in second, think in advance can save alot of fuel, stay in the Highest gear as along as possible avoid stop starts when coming to traffic lights, it better to accerate from 5 mph as from 0mph this saves a lot of fuel. Reach a constant Speed and stay there The ecoboost engine works on the same principle as a desiel engine when decreasing Speed, in that as Long as the clutch is engaged and gear is in it starves the engine of fuel till it reaches the Computer programmed low revs, then lets fuel in the engine otherwise the engine would stall. you can see this in the display when you take foot of the accelerator it will go to 0mpg. using this techniqe alot will save fuel. Coasting with clutch in uses fuel as the engine is recieving fuel to Keep the engine going. Acelerating and then braking straight away wastes fuel, and on roads with a lot of hills turn the cruise control off and acelerate manually, Human sensors are a lot better then Computer. This takes alot of pratice, But after a while you will be doing it automatically and save a lot of fuel, and you wont be slower then the car that just shot past you and stands at the next traffic lights and you come up behind with out stopping and accelerate away when it goes green, as you know you will over take him again cause he has to fill up lol. If the figures don,t get better then i would speak with you dealer. Sorry if i am telling you to suck eggs but People don,t get taught this. The c-max is as of yet the best Petrol car ive owned for fuel consuption, for its size weight and engine. ive owned. The readout on the Display is only a rough guide and not what is really being used. regards Laurence
  6. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    Hello Martin Ive got the 1.6 ecoboost with 150 BHP im puliing in about 39 mpg with moderate driving mixed between town and out of town use. On German motorway with Cruise control set about 70mph not many hills run to Berlin actually got it to 42mpg. But then again thats one Boring straight Motorway. So anything between 35 and 40 is about realistic. Laurence
  7. Hello all Im new to this Forum. So would like to introduce myself. my Name is Laurence am 51Years old live in London and in Germany on and off. I have owned Fords since Rover went Bust and have been very pleased with the Cars. I own a 2011 Fiesta 1.2 which the wife drives around and my Car is a 2013 C-Max Titainium with 1.6 ecoboost engine, Both cars have been very realiable and am proud to be a Ford owner.I do all Sevices and repairs myself. aprt from the dangerous stuff ie cam belt. I Would like to ask you Gentlemen/Ladies has anyone ever changed a fog light on thier 2010+ C-max, and how do you remove the plastic cover in front of the fog light, is it screwed of just Held on with Clips, as i dont want to Experiment and damaging the front paintwork in the process. The reason is i have ordered a set of combined day and fog lights in one kit which replaces the original fog lights. Any Tipps or Advice would save me poking around and takeing Halve the front off for no reason. many Thanks