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  1. That sounds good,car not used so don't use a lot of data. I know a lot thinks a tracker is a waste of time which i do agree in a lot of ways but it has helped me out when in a garage and stuff but when the online subscription runs out it will go.
  2. That's a good idea with a old cheap phone and it also don't look out of place,I have a hardwire all set up as my car don't have permanent live off the cigi lighter. See I have data plan with Vodafone on PAYG but if you don't standard is£1 per day as many do this now. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. I was wondering that,how do they work with no sim. All i know is how GPS one's works but don't gain me a thing really but would like to know.
  4. It's a pain now,looks like its out soon as a complete waste of time,had it for 18 months but because there newer ones this is playing up. Sent command and won't go to std.by so on 24/7 on hardwire which I don't want and also might be only pence in data but why have it on as its sitting for a few 2 or 3 days using data and car battery power.
  5. Yes mate your right you can do that with text demands and setting which i could do when you Live online runs out like ring it off the App i have and you get location and Map link. Just seeing if anyone has the cheaper ones where there is no Live online option just ring or text as i paid about £40 a few years ago but there £7 now for a Mini one A7 but basic.
  6. I have had a cheap TK-102 Tracker from Rewire Security for 2 years but to be honest it will be coming out as no use to me it was just a toy when the Live online runs out in 8 months. Its GPS on 2G and cost pence in data over a 12 month period with Lyca Mobile. The question is does anyone have a cheap one even if its one of the China ones for £7 just to see where the car is not live tracking with history just you ring it and gives you location etc.
  7. I agree with this and the MPG seems around spot on as i get around 30 to 34 on my 1.6 for local driving so if i drive it right under 2k change etc.and on a run i get around 45 to 50 if the same driven right......65 to 70 on a eco don't seem right as we all wish it was but around 60 or just under seems more realistic figure. I also go on tank fill or half tank in my case but not spot on when half tank as the bottom half goes quicker but i get a close figure. Been some MPG stuff on here so you with find a nice bit of info on a search mate.....
  8. Mate do your own test and then match what some people say and don't just take it off the in car MPG/TANK go online. Stupid MPG or TANK per fill just don't add up in my eyes and i have a normal 1.6 fiesta and driven right i can come close to my mates Focus 125 eco on local drive.
  9. I have the ELM327 from tunnel electronics and its spot on and also just for the fault light say a sensor and stuff i have this cheap £6 thing that works great and does the light. Just seeing this on Ebay and just put the link on here as its for OBD II but don't know if it would support ford as the setting has 1...audi/vw then 2..OBD II thinking its for our system as it does air bag lights and stuff.
  10. Is there a good scanner out there which is under £50 that does all cars and also Airbags and stuff the whole lot. As VW/Audi use a different system to the ford and vauxhall, i do have the Tunnel one for my p.c and a cheap one just for codes for engine light,found this one below. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vgate-VS450-Airbag-OBDII-ODB2-Code-Reader-Diagnostic-Auto-Car-Scanner-Tool-Bus/153016708296?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  11. Lol yes another thing I don't like........Auto correct through this Firefox add-on, i do miss loads then send and look back and just laugh, thanks for Edit. I do need it with my spelling.🤣
  12. My Lyca App...........pain...........its in my tracker only a cheap tracker but its for the data so need access to put credit on,got app on my phone and to activate it sends pin code to the Lyca sim which is in the tracker which i can't get at so can't use App only online top-up through Lyca site,the app was good and wish there was another way to activate this app.
  13. My Google account.went on there a few weeks ago to view the activity and seen a 0ne plus/one plus 5 on the log in and don't have one and all others are correct. Changed password and just checked and there again, its not active and not been active since 1 august but the thing is i check the i.p address and it's mine. I changed the password the same day so either i changed it after 5.30 on the night or it's been logged in again,weird.
  14. All i have to work out now is how to convert my HDD into MBR as on GPT so then when i boot up i have the choice of 2 operating systems. Though Disc manager won't let me do it as MBR is there but blanked in grey.
  15. Solved it and thanks a lot for the advice. Changed to MBR through the manager then into Bios and changed to Legacy and boot from USB hard disc then usb drive in on boot and windows is installing. All I have to sort now is when all updated is to set my boot option on start up so I can pick HDD or SSD and transfer some stuff when on SSD windows,activated through Bios as it did on my other. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk