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  1. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    I think your right there as we only get to know bits of what's going on. Then again are these special Range Rovers like one waiting or being done now for the spec like special glass/steel and stuff being who they are. So much for setting a good example,get a all electric one [emoji3][emoji106] or one off there [emoji605] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    Also when we all try to plodder on and some people can smash a £70k car up about a few hours later a yes £70k car is delivered New on your drive so like nothing has happened. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    We have a few of them round here. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    When our local shop at last re-opens as a NISA (which it was a few years ago) as i only mainly gets paper from there. But...He turns the Auto doors off so you have to slide them yourself because its cold so people walk upto it and they don't open so walk off.
  5. jace1969

    10 Year Challenge

    My car back 10 year and more,got to say it had 90k plus on the clock and a lot of toy being the vectra 2 litre CDX and was no problem and my Fiesta now and as you can see i like my toys being a Titanium with more stuff added.
  6. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    You know when you say search through it how do you look at the latest,is it just scroll up for the latest or press the home button or the" for you" as I will never save anything. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. You bet me to it,was going to edit and put Black as my car is dark blue (biro blue,,) I think ford calls it,anyway ordered me a pack of 3. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    im sick of seeing it on Facebook,All i know its a app on your phone when you can make upto 15seconds video clips of you or stuff like tricks/pranks/skills etc and add music,even sing to a song you add but its not for me just wanted to see whats its all about.........but what i can see there isn't a lot of protection for kids/young. You say your getting old im there lol......old. How do you just Browse new ones
  9. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    Ok sick of seeing this Tik Tok thing advertised everywhere so tried it,how does it work as i signed up. Like how do you browse new clips on there,do you just scroll up for the latest ones and the ''for you'' at the top is based off your saved ones and likes not new ones. Got to say its an accident waiting for happen for kids what i can see.
  10. Going to try that Sugru as it seems what i need,my be a stupid thing to ask but can you paint onto it like touch up pen,i guess not.
  11. jace1969

    Washing car with pole car brush/mop.

    I have got the 2 i put the link for on there,the Brush one is really soft and the ends of the bristles are like feathers,not tried yet. The second one is the best,it is just like a noodle glove which i use anyway to wash my car but on a pole and that's the main one.
  12. Cheers for the replies,will look on ebay for some stuff as i have only ever seen the large tubes.
  13. You could be onto something there,i bet you its a tube aint it on a gun as this is a very small area to get into so need it like a blue tack stuff,to be honest im using white tack now as it fits in tight'ish the camera does but i need to put a small amount of paint to cover it as i have done with this white tack stuff for the time.
  14. Had Genuine reverse camera on car from new,fitted after market one as Genuine one broke and need some putty/filler as new one is longer that i have cut but not as wide so i have a gap on the Hatch panel.....Need it to seal and waterproof/act on the same base as a Glue to hold it just that bit better but can be pulled off if needed to replace camera. Do they make such stuff at a decent price if they do,on the same principle as Gaffa tape as its waterproof and can just peel of but i need putty type to push into the Gap.
  15. jace1969

    Red Edition Fiesta MPG

    I will agree with all above,i have the old 1.6 titanium 2011 and my mate has the 2014 focus 125 Eco and we both do very local driving and i mean very stop and start and where i can get anything from 25 to 30 if driven right he gets 35 or around that,he beats me a bit more on a run say 45 to 50 for him and me its 40 or just over.