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  1. jace1969

    Fast Fiestas - Which is your favourite?

    Im very old school and my own opinion,i have the old Ti-vct 1.6 on mk7 2011 titanium and had it for over 4 years,not fast but nippy,fuel is ok but not the best but i have no turbo to worry about and i love it,Quiet with no rattles and runs smooth and does what i want and need as not used a lot 28k now so a few more years in the old girl yet. And yes i have driven a 1litre 125bhp ecoboost fiesta and focus.
  2. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    There was some weird ones,never knew they put different colour stickers on your screen some time stating the problem and a A4 piece of paper on the side back window with all the details,this was on today's a green sticker saying he has a bold rear tyre,he was on the motorway and second time he was pulled up in 24 hours,I like any program like this. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. jace1969

    Iphone.... viewing pics on p.c.

    ........Sorted........ Delete all and start again from scratch,i love Apple and i do mean the food one.😀
  4. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    Australian road rules,i watch the Traffic Cops on the morning at 10.30 area until around 12.30 to 1. Some good but most bad laws,you have to carry your license or its a offense....fine and points if not and there are a nice few more.
  5. jace1969

    Iphone.... viewing pics on p.c.

    Also now i am stuck so any help on this would be great. After uninstalling icloud from add/remove programs i cant get it back in,go to install icloud for windows and clicks download,bar goes across but no pop up install box. Disabled pop up blocker and tried 2 other browsers but still no pop up box to install it. Ok got it installed as deleted the old icloud but shows online but still not in the Downloads on the last picture,keep having a mess. Any advice would be great.............im so glad my main phone is my old S7
  6. jace1969

    Iphone.... viewing pics on p.c.

    I will put 3 pics on here and show what i mean,i confused myself. If i go through the first way......icloud.com there all there and upload fast........This is icloud below first picture. But if i go through the other was the second and 3rd picture through the pictures then i come to the screen (download/upload/share)its not there.
  7. How do you view them,this is my old 6S iphone that i have set up and all work fine through..icloud.com/photos then there they are but through windows app.....Windows bottom left on screen/scroll down to yellow folder icloud and open/photos/ not there and not all the same photos.
  8. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like how windows App (through start and apps on the left) give me different pictures than icloud when its the same link just photos are in its own place. Through icloud then photos its all fine and dated and downloads onto pc A1 but this App way it don't,want just the photo icon to press then pictures there dated.
  9. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    O.k i know its a big thing with Fake news on all social media and mainly Facebook but how do they stand with Fake videos on YouTube as there are loads. Don't these get filtered as some are very,very graphic detail like legs/arms ripped off and showing stuff after crashes and a lot more,sure these are fake.
  10. jace1969

    Hatchback struts bad,best ones to get.

    Looks like ebay being i can get a pair for £20 area new.
  11. My 2011 fiesta rear struts are on the way out,they don't fall down yet but i have to push the hatch right to the top to hold up. Is it best to get some off ebay and is there any stronger ones that lift up good (like undo hatch and it lifts right up when you push it) Did anyone ever sort out the Auto ones where you click you button and it flips open on its own.
  12. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    Lol it's fine mate,thought they changed the law fast [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    Didn't know there was a new law as Zero Alcohol,got to say being i have to be 100% as a carer i packed in drinking around 13 years ago. I always think (my opinion only as some might not agree) if you know your driving or have to be ready at any time to drive like me just don't drink,i don't now and loved it going out but things change in life so i had to change with it,or just get a taxi or a friend who don't drink.
  14. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    This is Great,a person i know had a accident last week,only a small one where a woman pulled out on him from a side road and hit the back door and wheel arch so in and had it done,the thing is the woman in the car had her mom in which works at the citizen advice so tried to turn it round to say he pulled out on her which is wrong. She also put in a claim for whiplash,i have got this from what she told her insurance and letter that was sent back saying this,thinking my friend was on his own but one problem is and makes me laugh that my mates car has a Dash Cam and got the whole footage as he was on the main road and she pulled out. She is in a bit of a mess as telling a complete lie and also trying to claim for whiplash and footage been sent to his insurance,i have seen the footage.
  15. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    Hard to get items made in the u.k,everything is china and a HELL of a lot cheaper as your buying from there and as said this does work nothing wrong with it. Only the button hard to press for it to come on just on the one light. People sell it from the u.k in most cases as the make on it mostly will say''made in china'' or somewhere like that its only comes down to waiting for it.😀👍