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  1. When it comes that i need to change i would mainly look for one i can get in and out a bit easier (higher up) back not the best. If a car i would look at the seat Ibiza sport, know a few who had them and still got and good reviews.
  2. Just want to see how good it is on the firestick.
  3. Hi all,bit of advice. I have just cancelled Netflix but have Amazon Prime as i have films and shopping also option to buy series if needed. As anyone tried or got Discovery Plus with the sports,its only £80 or just under per year and a lot of channels on there i use to watch stuff on and its through the Fire Stick (Amazon). Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. Im a volunteer for people with mental health problems and i mean any sort so i have seen with my own eyes what not wearing a helmet does, young people as well,i was just asking if some still don't. As for the tyres i will ask the person when the sealant was put in and what type. Thanks again.
  5. Like i said i aint got a clue what sort he used, he said he had it serviced not too long ago (sounds weird saying a bike service) also the chain looks ok as yet just wanted a bit of advice. I just could not turn it down the condition of it, it will be used mainly canal/footpath riding as i can get to where i work that way. Do any of you wear an helmet when say on the canal. And thanks to you all for the advice even if some say good/bad just good to hear them either way.
  6. Hi All. I have just brought off my friend a Carrera Hellcat for £100,it is like new (i will add picture below)just been serviced. I do know going back a few years these were a £400 plus bike,its the 19'' wheel and 18' frame and 24 gears (3 front and 8 back)on the cogs,also gel seat cover. First thing is what's the best thing to lubricate the chain or is it just normal oil as don't want it going everywhere when I'm on it,i do know its got this gel in the tyres something like it seals up the tyres if a puncture so is it just blow them up normal if needed. Also as for the Head gear,i have the helmet but does anyone put i think it is a balaclava on first then helmet as these cool feel ones looks good,there breathable ones. Thanks and sorry for may be some stupid questions as the last mountain bike had was a Hawk Cycle,it was steel and needed a crain to lift it,got to say had a go on it and amazing,gears spot on and so smooth.
  7. Does the older mk7 have this,i have 4x elec windows and would love this.
  8. I might just do it myself as i can and then i can put what oil in i want and filter. A normal service it mainly oil/filter and check/top up fluids as M.O.T check main things,i do know a few who dont trust a garage even more so a main dealer which i will never trust.
  9. Do you still take your car to a garage for a service when you have an older fiesta, it is a good £200 cost or do it yourself. Being doing very very local driving is it worth it as you would only not get a stamp but save loads,still do oil and filter and check fluids yourself. Do a lot do this now.
  10. So clear preserver is the way to go,just put that on and will maintain the wood from rot and keep the colour of the fresh wood. Looking at best ones now to get,so many makes these days. Thanks for the advice. Edit...........Just ordered some clear wood preserver and some clear yacht grade varnish,it states put preserver on leave dry and varnish.
  11. I have just had a new garden fence and would like to keep the ''new look '' colour. What would be the best clear varnish/preserver to use and would it keep the same new wood look.
  12. I have sent them another email with all my details but to be honest i aint got a clue. I think its mainly the address as the electoral roll is up to date. Its all for Age verification so wanted to see why and still not clear.
  13. Update off Experian, they check it through Electra roll and current address. If you have moved recently, they must have that as well,but there is a big problem. Say if you live in the house but passed on Tenancy (like me ) as i have lived here over 38 years and was passed to me but i have only been the tenace for 6 months as dad passed away 2 years ago and took over 12 months to get the tenancy into my name then i have no chance on the Age Verification,i don't need credit check.
  14. I will wait a year then but so far Amazing. Would be good to hear from people with bad ones as i have been waiting for them to pop off or something break. 👍😁
  15. Hi.i have the Emerald struts and had them for 3 months now and great. i heard and read horror stories about bent bracket etc but from me i have tried and tested and they are A1. So i don't agree with the stories about them (i have tried and tested and my opinion ) there amazing.
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