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  1. Dash cam recommendations

    Here just one of many links off YouTube but bare in mind the prices,the night vision on the Pro seems black and white or very close to it. A person on here put a clip on when he put his Pro in but it still looked black and white on the night time. Mine is the older version of the bottom one A119 but i do have the A119s on rear for night as better view in low light or no light,my front is better than the S being 1440p but falls behind at the night so that's on the front being i have headlights to run off.
  2. Dash cam recommendations

    DG97 have a good look at some reviews on the F770 and the F800 pro as i did look at them and compare them to others as a lot of reviews put them side by side and i aint that keen on the night view even compared to my cheap wedge Viofo A119s or my olderA119 as there is a few they compare mine with and mine kills them. Dont forget £300+ against a £75 one,i was going to upgrade mine to the F800 pro this is why i looked into them a lot but the only plus is the WIFI side and stuff. Just saying shop about as a few on here has cheap ones and are amazing.
  3. Things I Don't Like

    These things in life come to test your strength in life and im only one in many out there to be a full time carer and do all house stuff etc.as well as my stuff which is in the house as good as 24/7. Well new day and always something different goes on so check front end on the car and get new part for washer. P.S ...............would not change a thing in the caring side as got to be one of the best things out looking back what you done/helped your parents.
  4. Dash cam recommendations

    Have a look at a few reviews on youtube and dont always rule out the cheap ones,there are a lot out there do a good job at around £100 or so rather than spend £300+.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Been doing it for around 15 years when mom passed on and i took over her role as dad was old and a lot of problems so i know more in the house than my car lol but nothing wrong with it as you say,you name it i have to do it. Dam washer and ice.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    Ok,went out this morning to get paper as 6 just up the road and still a bit dark,turned into our back road and sheet of ice and slid and up the gutter front and back wheel on the one side,a nice little mark but all seems ok but a nice bang when i hit it. Came back to get washing out of washer and soap draw didn't take the Detergent so pulled it off and ''SNAP'' pulled the front cover off and draw still in washer with a nice hole in the compartment so that's gone. By the way people thinking a male working a washer lol........i care for my elderly dad so i do all the house duties.
  7. Making the windows come down with the key

    Does anyone know if this works on the pre-faclift titanium 2011 or can it be done on it. Also would it state it on Etis that i have it.
  8. Yes I think your spot on,does the belt have to come back off to get to it as I ain't got a clue just know it isn't driven by the cam belt. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. Yes that's true its just knowing its done but knowing now that the belt don't drive the water pump that i did think it did so if it did go it wont take the belt just leak. Just was seeing what people have done and if they would as ok the belt yes being rubber and wears through the years/mileage.
  10. As on the Title,a few garages says they will look at the pump and if ok it don't need doing as the belt don't drive it and being on a car with 27k on the clock in most cases it will be fine and thats from a nice few garages. Its about another £60 around about with it but apart from the money is it worth is for a 27k car.
  11. How can i check recalls.

    This DVLA is the best one and says non,the first one is good as it gives you the Recalls which i think is good. Cheers for that,another one to add to my long favorite list.........Etis i dont give you as much details as the first link on here.
  12. How can i check recalls.

    Went on this site called Regit.cars and it says i have 4 outstanding Recalls. How do i find out what they are if there is any at all as this Regit don't tell you,is it just ring up Ford and ask or is there anything online i can look at.
  13. Things I Don't Like

    Been through some stuff in his life.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like all this stuff going on in the u.k with Russia. Are we getting closer to yet another War type problem as tension is so high and now U.S.A./EU and UN are all coming into it with us. Now i see there sending some of our people back,you could see that coming.
  15. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Is a dealer stamp and/or a service stamp at all put any major money on the resale of your car these days,as long as you have the receipt of the part you have from the shop say like brake shoes and jobs like this aint that fine,i mean these jobs not big jobs which you need experience to know how like cam blelt stuff etc. Go for it mate as i do a lot of times now.