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  1. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    I like i have 12 months MOT well 13 months as taken in a month early and yet again not 1 advisory. Had this car 4 years in October and 3 years i had it MOT'd its passed,when i had the car (before i got it)they MOT'd it at ford and failed it on a brake pipe popped out of a clip and could foul back wheel so clipped it back in and passed it,MOT and retest in 10mins.........Fools...........Never ford again for MOT,clip it in and pass the dam thing.
  2. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like when you wait 3 weeks for a item that never arrives and have to start a Dispute through ebay to get my money back,was for purple rain wheel cleaner. So much for parcel force 48 which they said,3 weeks and just got refund,what a joke.
  3. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    I aint been on for ages i even deactivated i just hated it and still do but i have a few people on there i can only keep in touch with through it but its all over the place,wish my UBlock would block the Adds.
  4. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    First time on Facebook for a good 6 months to check my old account out i deactivated. Why is all my Recent not Recent,changed the URL address and Preferences to see first and no good,getting the times all over the place. First one may be minutes ago then hours then im back to hours then minutes after.........i did think minutes came before hours 5 hours is before 10mins.
  5. Yes mate true,I don't have the eco I have a 1.6 titanium fiesta 2011 and I never let mine go that low but mine is around 30mpg and around 130 to 150 half a tank with very, very local stop/ start driving so off that you could say around 300 a tank. This is rough and don't forget this is a non-turbo and no special feature to save fuel only the Advance timing thing.(Ti-vct.) Just looking at it my computer in the car says i have done 46miles and 240miles until refill so yes yours aint right if you do 220 a tank. Also on 29mpg. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. jace1969

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Just seen this,glad to see your ok mate and that's the main thing.
  7. I think its hard to go on MPG as a lot comes into it.....how you drive on a lot of stuff from speed/braking/gears/distance etc all combined so the average is up and down. I think local driving on a lot of cars will never show great MPG and same as the 1L 125 eco so then your tank will go down faster,i have looked into this a nice bit.
  8. jace1969

    Wheel upgrades

    No sorry not for me,just don't seem right.
  9. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    Its booked in to a garage on Monday as he went there before to clear some error codes that they said been there a while,i tried my error reader when he came round and no errors have come back,i aint got a clue on a Mondeo what buttons/stalks etc work stuff this is why i came on here as i think he is also new to all this stuff. All i know as from yesterday he messed with something on the one stalk and they went off but he did mention his High Beam would not stop on(blue light on dash) when they were on,i have seen them on as soon as he started the car and very sunny so we aint got a clue.
  10. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    Yes mate the DRL's/LED's are like a strip in the bumper just that he said i have a problem,when i jumped in the car the lights was always on and i aint even got them on. You could be onto something with this stalk,would they stop on all the while he drove say drive for 30 mins turn off engine and jump in again and on again until they reach the set time which can be long depending how long you move the stick for.
  11. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    Cheers for clearing that up,do you know if he is doing something wrong as he said he moved the stalk and the headlamps now don't stop on but he will see if they come on again in a few days,what goes on he starts the car and his lights are always on and he cant turn them off,is there some setting that he is missing like on the stalk.
  12. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    I do hope someone can see on this list if it should have them as the person and me now are confused on this.
  13. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    Its a Mondeo 2 litre Zetec Business Edition Diesel,my mistake as did think it was Titanium but still on the list below. I will copy the last section of the Etis page and you will see it says Automatic lights but i know 100%its not on the switch but has DRL's
  14. jace1969

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    I have spotted the DRL'S and i can see Auto lights to the bottom of the list but there is one very strange thing when i looked at the car. It does have the DRL's but there is no A on there for the auto lights like on my fiesta.
  15. jace1969

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    If a say ford dealer was selling a Eco-boost car and had its normal checks as they have when they have the car in and also when they sell it would this be looked at and brought up and fixed or could they sell it and ignore it as then don't your rights come into this being selling a unfit car with a known issue.