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  1. The ones i have on now which were new i had from i think it's called SGS which had very very good reviews but i will try that as yes these ones are very stiff as when you open the hatch you can tell there like tight and a bit hard to lift but the Ford ones i removed wasn't stiff there just lifted smooth just stuck like no power to lift so you could put them at any height and would just stop there. Thanks for the advice will try that but all i have is 3 in 1 oil or wd40.
  2. I also had a bit of worries that a little 3 pot 1 Litre car was getting pushed by a Turbo as a few said on here in places. I have the old Mk7 Titanium 2011 but going on the engine (if I'm not mistaken) the ST 1.6 as the same block as mine but the ST has a lot of more stuff on the engine. I would go for the 1.6 ST if it was me for one main reason it's been tried and tested over a lot of years. In 7 years i have not had 1 problem at all just serviced every 12 months and still only 31k.....Test drive/check etc and see what you like as we all have different opinions.
  3. Yes the gap on both sides seem the same and cant see anything on the floor or new rear bumper and stuff,i just cant seem to solver it at all.
  4. I never noticed it but then again i was so happy to have the car,i would of picked up on it then but it has got worse and been like it for a nice few years. I had the car from Ford dealer and person before had it from that dealer,i had it just over 3 years old as he had a new one. I had an E-mail from this firm above and said they don't stock or do them for the 2011 Titanium so i aint got a clue,i was thinking if there were other struts that would fit which have to lift a heavier Hatch like the focus.
  5. I could stick the feeling cold/flu type stuff for a day,i have heard a few round our area but only like 24 to 48 hours stuff. .....I had Man flu....😃
  6. Had my AZ one and 2 weeks ago but i was so cold and just felt like i had a very bad cold but in 24 hours i was back to normal. Awaiting 2nd one now sometime in May area.
  7. I have put 2 new hinges the ones with the 10mm nut on just to see if they were bent or something,got to say it is a pain as it just doesn't lift it just sticks.
  8. I have e-mailed them for some more info when they will be back into stock. Cheers for that as if these don't solve it there must be some problem somewhere but can't see how.
  9. Cheers for that,i will go on their site and see if i can send a email and get a price,i have tried 3 sets now and 1 set as i said came from a top place than a few on here told me to try but didn't do the trick. I want them strong so they open much more before half way as i can get as mine are over half way and just stick there.
  10. I have a 2011 Titanium 1.6 and the struts on the hatch i have never solved, if i lift it up it sticks up to and over half way and don't lift itself until over half way. I have tried some new ones from a firm that a few have used on here going back 6 months but were just the same and also got some second hand ones but the same. Are there stronger ones out there say for a larger Hatch like the Focus but will fit mine as im having no luck at all.
  11. My next door just had the new Cupra 21 plate,i love it and the stuff on it is amazing.
  12. This is what i didn't understand,i spent a good few hours with it on the jack and even taken the wheels off. Got to be under the front somewhere or middle as it went under the car when it came out,i did think it was like a bracket what snapped and something loose but all fine now.
  13. When you get a knocking noise for a few days and cant find anything wrong. Went up our local shop early morning 5min drive all fine, reverse back and heard a loud bang so went a small ride and when i went over bumps i could hear like something loose so checked all over and all fine even on the jack. Used it going slow for 2 days then all of a sudden i heard like a few bangs under the car and like a foot long thing flew out so must of been stuck under the front somewhere but all fine now,went back to try and find it but no luck. 2 days driving me mad and thinking my car is fallin
  14. Had my Fiesta 1.6 Titanium for close to 6 years, it's the old Ti-vct so no turbo and i love it,never let me down and still only 35k on the clock and loads of toys. I had it when it was just over 3 years old from ford and the other person had it new and had even more stuff put on it. Ok on petrol and very nippy,it grips the road great and not looking at selling any time soon as it drives like new and only 35k with not a lot of use. The 1 litre eco-boost 125hp i would go for but saying that i would like a change at a later date as i have had ford for a good 15 years.
  15. As for the mask been told they last more than 1 hour and when in the car put it in a protective packet and also washable ones washing lowers the protection also i don't take mine off and on to eat/drink which then even more bacteria. As for the jab im up G.P's again next week but i will have it as even if a small amount of protection is better than none but i do see where a lot of people come from saying problems they already have then taking the jab what is it going to do but that's life aint it we have to trust something in this world as we wouldn't even leave the house.
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