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  1. I see what you mean but as far as i know round here they're large but most smooth edges no big holes or corners and its on both back tyres so if so the hole/edges would have to be on the both sides but i do see what you say. Also, the fronts are A1 so i would have thought i would have had some on either one on the front. Ian 318.........you said you damaged yours the same so the inside,how did you do this as im just looking to see if i could of done it but it don't add up being same as front and as old/wear.
  2. You learn something new every day. Must look at this.
  3. I use ThunderBird for my 3 e-mail addresses but i have a big problem, people say they have sent me attachments but i don't get it but its there as if i go direct onto the Gmail server it's there to click and open but these can be very important stuff like contracts/accounts of stuff. I do hope someone can help on this.
  4. When i had the car around 7 years ago it had Bridgestone all round so i just kept on them and tried some cheap ones a bit ago. These were put on around 2 years ago but what's very strange is all 4 are the same type and front are fine and as for the date they were the newer ones when fitted but i can see what you mean by the date. Where would i find the date as the front ones would be from the same batch so can look at them.
  5. No i don't have the tyres as i took 4 pictures of them on the floor of the garage. I'm going to look at the receipt when the exact date i had them as i have rung the place i had them from and says i would have to deal with it being over 12 months which again if i had the tyres would have been more hassle.
  6. Never had this on any car and had this car close to 7 years and had Budget tyres on ages ago with no problems and never this, won't have Bridgestone again not paying stupid money each tyre to have this happen. Good Budget tyre from now on with decent rating as these i have now are close,wet and dry are close to the same and noise is lower just fuel which is up 1 level.
  7. Weird thing,got 4 new Bridgestone tyres on my fiesta 1.6 Tit 2 years ago at the same time and one of the best makes Bridgestone newish type. Do low miles like 2 to 3k in the 2 years but the inside of the 2 rear tires have 2 splits but front are fine still on, don't have any weight in the boot at all or done anything wrong. Changed and passed now in a few hours after it failed as went and got some average Budget tyres which have close rating to my Bridgestone and half the price of the Bridgestone. Don't forget when blown up it opens so much you can put a pen tip into it which he did and tyres were the correct pressure as service stated the same day, whats done this.
  8. Done the ceiling which i know its never going to be A1 as it needs a complete strip down but as long as its clean and fresh it's ok for me,one coat did it as it was white before and its got this polystyrene edging around it which will need a few coats,i got the Johnson's white paint in 5L tubs and very thick and aint dripped using roller on sealing. The walls are a 50/50 like a tint green and pinkish and tried a test and it will need a good few coats but going to do 2 big walls first. Large brush seems to leave brush marks so as i have 6 spare rollers ends i think i might use roller, paint around the edges the roller it in one complete roll top to bottom.
  9. Thanks mate it means a lot words like that,i just take every day at a time and try and set some stuff to do each day, the hardest job in my life looking after 2 parents single-handed 24/7 right up to the end and it does pay toll on your health in a massive way,14 years area i was a carer. Its like a mini project the 1 bedroom and just do bits a day.
  10. Cheers for that it's a great help,i was looking at white being the main coat just over paper as its only painted now so just paint over it. I have filled the holes and sanded them down ready to go so its just paint but every website i have read says white emulsion and if a little shine get silk one. As a few knows on here i lost my dad 7 weeks ago and was a carer for 14 years at home with mom and then dad. It's a council house so don't want to go to much on price just want to do 1 bedroom out so it's all empty and ready but i do want it nice and look fresh even if not 100%
  11. I'm in the middle of doing one bedroom out and want to paint it white but im a novice on house painting but i do want a bit of a shine. Doing walls and ceiling but want a nice thick paint so i don't have to do 3 or so coats but what is the best make even a budget one. Looking at Johnson silk emulsion and is this the right sort, to be honest ain't got a clue and even asda/wilko/etc.ones
  12. That aint that bad, of course someone like me with never had one for years would be a bit more. Got to say i was all the RD's the old classic bikes, not as fast etc,never had a new car only 3 years old which i always go for but in 1987 30+years ago i had a new bike which was the New style Yamaha 125LC YPVS...........i was into the old 2 strokes and so easy to work on, it's the only thing i can strip down and rebuild engine and stuff any 2 stroke.
  13. Mine is 9 years old and i would never sell that for £500,as you said 2k+ depends on miles and stuff. 2017 Titanium Eco would be my choice.
  14. My car is the old 1.6 Titanium 2011 with loads of toys added when i had it, it's on 30k but it's been fault less in 6 years i have had it. I had it 3 years old from ford and i would never buy a new car always as you said 3 to 5 years old. If can i would go with the 2017 and the spec you want and need as i don't use half my stuff just was on it when i had it i didn't pay for stuff.
  15. Good on you,im just 51 and now its just me now as dad passed away 6 weeks ago i was thinking of another. What is the insurance like on them these days and the mods on them say as you said adding a exhaust as i added a lot when i had my old RD 350 years ago and stupid amount of mods l did but thats going back a good 25 years ago.