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  1. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    2nd day now,was on for 10mins then off again and its the area as mate rang me and next door. This is getting dam right stupid.
  2. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    When the phones don't work (virgin media) all day yes from 2 in the morning until now 5.30. What is the point of having a emergency wrist band for a 90 year old. Good job i live here as i feel so sorry for them who relies on these a lot as they are like another person and 100% reassurance for them. Reassurance for me and my dad when i do have to pop out.
  3. jace1969

    Rear camera

    I did the same,Fakra went and RCA one in its place so i could buy a lot cheaper camera,mine had 4 in total. The video was a very small F plug like satellite type and a small black plug that had (ignition live/reverse live/earth) only connected reverse live/earth for my needs. Then again i never touched my LCD side i just added new camera so all done in the rear behind plastic panel. .....Robin........There is a few on here that has done things like your trying on here on a facelift as facelift/pre-facelift are not the same set up as i found out as well.
  4. jace1969

    Rear camera

    Yes i should say to work out the wires but i aint got a clue with the facelift as factory fitted on yours was as you said on a 4''1 screen which i think if im right the radio display screen/satnav and if you gone bigger it should still work off the camera you have just the camera might just show that bit smaller or stretch to fit,my was going the other was so didn't work,tried to fit a bigger camera output into a smaller display. I should aim for the wiring first see what you get.
  5. jace1969

    Rear camera

    Yes mate there are different ones 100% as this was the problem i had,i went through all the Fakra thing in the boot and ended up changing it to RCA as most camera are now but the issue i had was mine was factory fitted from new on the mirror (which i liked as you always look there anyway) but the Genuine camera packed in and was just under £200 from ford so i went and got a £11 from ebay and a few mods with wiring, but the picture it pushed out was 4'3 screen size and mine was 3'5 (mirror) so never worked as rolling picture and very bad flickering,read somewhere by mistake and said ''make sure you get right camera for screen'' there it was so found a place with 3'5. It was trying to compress a 4'3 picture from camera into a 3'5 LCD display,waited 5 weeks from japan at £11 each and had 4 and 100% fine now like Genuine one. You look on ebay as not a lot of 3'5 all 4'3 or larger,you should be ok being its on a larger screen but keep this in mind on the LCD screen size/camera output. When you say already on the car was it Genuine one and how big was the screen (corner to corner) that was working the camera before.
  6. jace1969

    Rear camera

    Hi there,so you trying to get the camera you have already on your car to work on your LCD/SAT NAV screen. Was it on the old screen before or on the mirror as i had a game getting right camera for the right screen size,they do a Fakra connection on places like ebay,just a small lead. There are a few on here that have had the same problem but mine was for a pre-face lift 2011 titanium and taken me ages to sort out. Good luck.
  7. Around 50mpg to 60 on mainly motorway and roads where you go around 60mph is around right i would say for the ecoboost. If on very local journeys like a few miles and its around 50mpg or above it just don't seem right,by the way i don't have a ecoboost but i know a few who have and reading topics on here and never get close to 50mpg on very local drives stop and start and that's slow driving. Auldreekie........You are right............Dashboard read out i never go on always online and Dashboard one and get a good answer.
  8. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    Dam eBay,when you order a item well 2 items and both don't match what the listing says. They are only socks and only £3 but weird that both times its a firm from the same area and don't reply if they do in the early hours. So much for from the u.k,think the label gives the game away being all in Japanese type writing LOL.
  9. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    Bet you got good odds on them,i had 20/1 on England but i see them messing it up,i do like Belgium as a team.
  10. jace1969

    Things I Don't Like

    When BBC iPlayer comes up with ''unknown error'' when in extra time when England played Sweden eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dam iplayer. At least we won and clean sheet,but bet still looking good.
  11. jace1969

    How long do you keep your car for.

    Jethro you are so right,never waste money as hard to get in the first place and we all like top things and new stuff that cost LOADS but no point on living a life in dept,my thing is if it works fine and looks nice no point.
  12. jace1969

    How long do you keep your car for.

    This is the longest i have kept a car for a long while,my 2011 titanium 1.6 only 28k and love it,very nippy and loads of toys. Had it when 3 and half years old and had it for just over 4 years,just had all Belts done so will be keeping it a few more.
  13. jace1969

    Why my titanium a bit difference?

    Optional extras from new,i have a 2011 Titanium and have a nice bit of stuff on it which i have not seen one like even looking on ebay,there is a name for the extra pack and then you add the extra yourself after,my pack was (i think) full elec windows/larger alloys (zetec S ones 17'') full leather/sony unit folding mirrors but i dont know what comes it the pack back in 2011 and what he added when he ordered it. The chap also added Reverse camera in center mirror which cost him a extra £500 but he didn't add keyless stuff which i aint a big fan of anyway. I had the same when i had mine didn't have a clue what was standard or a pack and then added stuff.
  14. jace1969

    DRL's in place of fog lights.

    Seems like a lot don't like them,they are bright on some cars.
  15. jace1969

    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    Enjoy mate as a great bit of kit there.