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  1. I looked back at the old Amazon sale and states it should of had 128gb. I know I should of looked into it more when I had it and nothing comes up and 100% it's a normal HDD has taken pics of all the stuff,my fault for not paying attention to detail but I just trusted it being from Amazon and never thought about it,I will add 2 pics showing the slot where it should be inside and the standard HDD when I get round to it. When i went on a IT course you are going back a good 20 to 25 years it was just HDD and stripping them down and all the RAM/Processor and stuff but now its all changed,i know how they work and install stuff but a bit out of date on stuff so SSD was something i didnt know the true meaning of but its made me mad. Pics below,see where the SSD should be the arrow and slot and 1 screw to hold it and my normal Hdd. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. This has really made me mad but cant do a thing now being 3 years but never knew. 2016 may i had a MSI Laptop and cost me a bit which was listed that it had 128gb SSD and a 1 Tig HDD but never took any notice and didn't know to be honest what SSD was,im ok on p.c's and have taken them apart and do know a bit about stuff on them but never thought to look. Yes no SSD at all as stripped it down just and slot is there but nothing there and i have taken pictures of the inside of everything and also it was brought off Amazon by what i can see a firm that makes Gaming laptops so i was done big time,also noticed 2 screws missing under the laptop and 1 was floating about inside and was jammed b the HDD.
  3. I have had a look but can't see a thread on here saying damaging anything,I have a spare pair but cheers for the advice. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. Good job you aint got a Audi A4 like our next door (16 reg) its not a bulb its a circuit board say LED and quoted £250 to do at Audio,part was over £100 so did it himself. Very tricky job and good to see this is a bulb and straight forward to fit.
  5. I would 100% go with the 125bhp,i don't have one but i would never go under that if i did and been in a few even the Focus being a larger car is fine. As for 17 and power there very nippy but not over the top so should be fine.
  6. Well i had a good talk to a woman on there and gave part number and they have done a case to say i rang and said give it a good 2 weeks to bed in and free up so time will tell. Seem like there getting there but SGS are a dam good place and all good i have heard so going on that i will give them time. The spring to open it Auto is just me having a play about see what i can do and i know the problems i might have but looked into it a bit.
  7. Im going to try my own mod and if dont work its ony £6 i have lost,as i have a spare set of struts im going to try the auto open with some springs that i have ordered. Will let you know if it works as measured a lot of stuff and the compress lenth etc so we will see.
  8. Have all 4 electric but cant see them being one touch and as said before someone on here said a lot of stuff cant be done on Forscan mainly faults on the fiesta.
  9. When i was going to do it some people did say you can enable it on forscan but you cant as far as i can see and looked hard and on a topic on here i was told forscan and a fiesta it aint there,if im proved wrong i myself would like to hear how and also Globel window shutting which was another thing i wanted.
  10. Mate i do see your point in one way as i did look at this on my 2011 titanium then had a think and left it for a few reasons,its so easy as i do it just press the button on the dash then its your own choice if you want them locked and also they can be a dangerous thing if in a crash (what i read on forums )as all doors are locked. I do see you would like the option but i have just stuck to my hand hitting the red button if i want them locked.
  11. Ok after giving them a try and adjusted then by twisting them these are just useless and no way can be used. Lift the hatch and its like lifting up a ton of dead weight then it gets just above half way and slowley lifts so on the phone in a while as these are complete rubbish. 8 year old ford ones on from new are smoother and better. ...Update after ringigng ......leave them for 2 weeks if no better person will look into the problem....person set up a case saying i rang them.
  12. What i never knew that there is adjustment on the struts when fitted,you screw the strut to wind it in and out and seems a lot better so could be wearing in and adjustment. As for failed strut they are new like a few hours old and only fitted today.
  13. Just had some new Hatch struts from SGS engineering but they work the same as my old struts so i ask the question. Its a 2011 Titanium and if you lift your Hatch say half way or head high and loose the hatch does it lift as mine dont on the 2 sets,i push it just above head high and it lifts. So need advice on others on here if theres does the same as i read on one reply a few months on here that they shoot up when you lift the hatch,do these need wearing in or something.
  14. Not a lot of change if any,will ask on a topic.
  15. I like when i just ordered some new struts from.... SGS engineering.. as got good reviews on here and they are £5 cheaper as on offer with 2 years warranty.