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  1. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    That tractor is amazing,good way to start it.
  2. jace1969

    How long do you keep your car for.

    I think that's the main thing if you cant afford it or is it worth having done,coming to 4 years now on mine and still love it.
  3. jace1969

    Service history

    I mainly get my oil/filter done around 6 months but still keep up my service every 12 months. I don't go to Ford as bad prices and get less done so i go to a good clean Garage that puts good stuff in and save a lot of £££ and more done. Mine is at 28k. Just have a service in 5 months then your in your 12 months service time, i do very low miles so i just get oil/filter done in 6 months.
  4. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    I like........My car having a Full Dayco cambelt Kit/pump and also Aux belt at a dam good price. Receipt with all the stuff on and warranty...........Do me.
  5. I have a 2011 1.6 Ti-vct Titanium on 28k and cant get a 100% answer on the years of this cambelt change as getting mix results. When i had the car 4 years ago was told by ford 10 years/120k (i go on years as never get close to miles)but now ford tell me they changed it to 8 years/100k. Also 3 Garages told me read out of a book that the c-max is same engine and 10 years/120k and it goes down to my engine number,surely a 1.6 Ti-vct are the same times. And are these hard to do as being the Advanced timing system they say a special tool is used and im being messed about as keep saying ring back when less busy. Any help on this would be great and i have engine number off logbook.
  6. jace1969

    Several Fiesta Issues "Help Please"

    As i said om my message mate and also what MJnewton said at least 2 of them could be connected to the aircon as aircon on and fan is on but you say its off and fan still on. Mine don't go off as soon as i turn aircon off but its a weird noise like a motor/flap/squeal etc noise.
  7. jace1969

    Several Fiesta Issues "Help Please"

    I have the 2011 titanium and 1......mine does make a noise every now and then when car trued off and im 99% it the aircon resetting so yes could be a bit stuck. 2.....this does sound like the sensor to turn fan off and on,mine never played up so cant help to find it. 3.....If its juddery like you said and lumpy when moving is does sound like a sensor fault but if been checked and no lights on or been on or codes recorded its a bit of hit and miss like said above plugs/coil pack or a broke or loose plug lead.
  8. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    I do like getting the Oreo update for my S7 but a lot of the features i already have off Nova Launcher like changing app colors and shape/size and a lot of other stuff what Nova Launcher can do and more,glad i have the update for security stuff and small tweaks.
  9. Camera fitted and works so just a thing to bare in mind is if you buy a new camera make sure the Display its being shown on will take it. Say rear-view-mirror,measure the size of the picture corner to corner as most are 4.3'' so you need a camera to display this size. Mine was 3.5'' (genuine ford fitted) so i needed a camera to send a picture of 3.5'' NOT 4.3'' which i tried and rolling picture and don't work.
  10. jace1969

    Best daily foods with a lot of Iron.

    Spinach smoothie well i like spinach myself but i would have to have a lot of fruit in that,has a nice bit of green veg like this at the moment the person does now. And Guinness on the other hand,2 nice pints of that and see an elderly person who needs a frame jump up and have no frame lol. For me its a big yes.
  11. jace1969

    New Fiesta, Dual Dash Cam Installation?

    Not a bad camera as they hide away very well and neat as i have the same sort of wedge type which i always go for (A119)and as you say its a new car you don't really want it sticking out like a sore thumb. Wires should run ok as mine were very easy under the roof lining from camera to fuse box area and the same with the rear one as i have gone under my sill plastic and center console and i cant see a wire,i never use parking mode so cant comment on that as i would have to do same way as you a battery thing.
  12. jace1969

    MK6 1.25 water pump without cam belt?

    I have a 2011 titanium 1.6 fiesta and going to have my belt done soon and i will have kit and pump (Gates make) as its 8 years what they say. TomsFocus is right as the pump is not driven by the cam belt as to be honest i did think it was until the garage looked at mine to see the condition of the belt. I will have mine done just for the sake of it and your being a 2011 so its close as mine is.
  13. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    I do like buying a faulty dash camera and trying it and works fine,person said it keeps restarting and yes this does happen if you use the Data/u.s.b lead. Use the u.s.b power lead that came with it and when buying a longer one look out for the same problem,i have done it. £80 cam for £12 and all with hard wire kit and a working GPS module..............I like
  14. Its just for the sake of having all the wires in the back fitted Genuine and doing nothing as no camera so trying to solve it the best way. Behind the mirror i aint got a clue as i will add below 2 pictures and cant see a video lead unless its direct inside the mirror and wouldn't know where to start. The black and blue connectors in the picture are both power to either the mirror or the rain sensor and stuff and cant see a round video lead at all. I did buy a very cheap set up with 4.3'' display for £24 everything to try the cameras i have and all fine just its 4.3'' so wont work on 3.5'' mirror display. As for the petrol...........Could be a good option there lol...........just hate all the wires there doing nothing,tried another camera off ebay and its a 3.5''display for mirror. LOL as for the Link you put on here i have just ordered one of these cameras and had messages back saying its the same one they use on the mirror £11.