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  1. Hi I got the date wrong when its up, its up on the 16th Dec so when could I ring and on what number please as I will try other people before I ring AA.
  2. These days it's a big thing car insurance and yes very true post codes can make a massive difference but there is a site I tried and got it off here for the crime in your area and mine wasn't that bad if its up to date,I honestly didn't think I would be paying £600 area for the age I am 50 and ok it's a 1.6 but it's far from fast. I was looking around £450 but it's hard to get it under £600. As said above my friend who is 20mins walk would insure a ST 3 cheaper than me. Ring up AA in a week as up the 12th December. Thing is trying there own sites what are the main/good ones as so many and easier to do 1 search rather than putting details in 5 or more times. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. I'm with AA and been with for 3 years this being the 4th as there is only around £30 or less difference but I can as said save £150 if I ring them before I get the renewal which I always do. Been driving for years/no claims/age/1 car/no mods/licence for 32+ years and still around a £600 cost. Done a check yesterday on a site and some come up under £300. Thing is some companies I ain't heard of or know very little about. It's not even a sport car. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. My mate only lives 1 mile away and getting a quote on his post code always comes up a good £100 or a bit more cheaper than my post code. Looked at the area a few months ago on a site I forget now to see if there are a lot of problems but its not that bad. Its up in 4 weeks so trying some compare sites but I have always had this problem. Any on here got the same and also best compare site to look at, i have tried compare the market I think it was.
  5. First thing is I would never have a service at a ford dealer as this ford stamp means nothing to me, a good garage gives you better work and customer service/parts. I think it all depends on the price of the car and as said above it's a blob of ink in a book and an invoice on work is 100% better to me even a service invoice than a stamp. A person sees a Genuine stamp and think ''must be a good job'' not always the case, means to me a rush job per hour.
  6. I don't like my Mr Beams sensor light to sensor my car coming into the garage, I drive in and don't come on then open the door it comes on, may be the car is slow moving that's why. Had it for 12 months in another place but being darker I wanted it for the garage, the 2 LED one and batteries last for ages and dam bright.
  7. My nice Magic tree for the car, it's the Diffuser one with a cork top that you hang on your mirror as never tried one before as it's got liquid in,well it's no more. Well on mirror 1 day didn't like as i don't like stuff on mirror so stuck it onto the dash as only a small bottle in front of clock but so i could still see display,double-sided tape came off while driving went over and all over the plastic in front of the clock, magic tree took flying lessons out of window so £3.99 down the drain and a very scented car.
  8. It's a massive thing now,my brother is 68 and had it from a teen and taken them from a teen until 3 years ago to get deeper into it and now we never see him as he is not that local to us, he is in like a home where he can come and go when he wants as got his own room and got a restaurant/gardens and 24/7 help there if needed, its like a 100 room hotel sort of set up but not a hotel and run by the health people who need that bit of support and help,he was nasty with his at times in the past so i have seen and been through the big side of it. Mine is mainly to do with caring which i have done for over 15 years with mom and now dad going places like consultants/nurses (which we see every week) and other stuff and being i gave up a great 8 till 5 job years ago onto this 24/7,people can come back from work and relax and stuff but this is day and night and yet again there is nothing at all as been there 4 times now and that's my life, weekends are not weekends just another 2 days which are the same but that's life aint it and i know there are loads just on here who can relate to this. Hope you get sorted mate and all the best.
  9. Mate i hope you get there and sort it out but i 100% know what you mean as i get very,very down to the work i have been doing and are now and also it runs in my close family. Mental illness is a massive thing now and a lot of people down see this and again agree there is not a lot of help out there and been through and still are going through the system.
  10. I like how i had a go in a 66 plate Astra Design 1.4 turbo and still would rather have my little 1.6... 2011 titanium,is there any cars out there that holds the road as good as the ford seem to do because the corsa/astra is still like a jelly ride.
  11. Ill second that,might be very slightly lower being very local driving like 37 or so but yes i also have a 1.6 Ti-VCT. The ecoboost is better but not by a lot if the MPG is worked out right and not dreaming numbers,i know a few with the 125bhp eco and im not that far off.
  12. I have the Mobius as a spare one as im into small and with a good picture. I had the old V1 like years old in 1440p and the picture was amazing on that just that i wanted a newer one,mate they are spot on and hide away well. Cant stand the long ones like a brick just stuck there and also never pay £200 + for one as there are better ones like the A119 that are better and i don't speak for myself look at loads of reviews as i did (all the A119's against each other) and (A119v2 and v3 against the Thinkware and ones which are stupid money). A119 99% of the time comes top or very close and in some cases a good £100 to £150 cheaper,it speaks for itself, YouTube is where to look on 1440p setting, they downscale a bit on playback but even if it looks good then it can only be better.
  13. The new A119 v3 is amazing, if info needed rather than give a big review just feel free to contact as i have night and day footage and i have taken 3 days to set up. If you had the A119 before they are the best out there for price and video,i would always go with the 1440p ones and just read the reviews on YouTube, beats £250+ ones. And don't stick out when on the window like a brick.
  14. Lol good one mate [emoji16][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  15. Admin........You can remove this if you want as solved it.