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  1. Yes 100% the A119 ones,i have the old A119 in front being 1440p and A119s in the back being better night vision as no head lights to help. Don't look out of place on your window and stick out,not a fan of the square type or the mad £300 ones as you can see better out there for £200 cheaper.
  2. I'm getting into these live streaming cameras on YouTube on my Android t.v being a better and larger screen and some are 4K and are amazing. The city's are one of the best as you can see day to day life on the other side of the world and some road rules make me put my hands over my eyes like japan and places.
  3. Is it a large HDD as if only a small one i would just get a cheap HDD like a 60GB or something and you know 100% your details are with you. As for clearing it i did it a few ways on my old Dell laptop,i put a windows disc in and booted it then it started to format it through the process to install or format/repair.
  4. Any help on this would be great,i have put a screen shot on here below,how would you fill it in as i have done my router name/i.p (or is this camera i.p) I put port 80 but aint got a clue and setting don't tell you this. What user name and password is it the camera one as what do you class as the camera user name the camera number as i do have a password. Camera is a Sricam sp017 or something like that.
  5. Zane611 that's great,i think its so caring when a person can see the time just to see a elderly person and it make there day if not week as they cant see a lot these days,good on you.
  6. Yes this is true families are strange things as I think all of us has some story about some person/people in all of them as just either nasty/don't care about anyone and makes it's worse if its there own mom or dad who went through trouble and worry when they were young and don't give a dam now,I care for my very elderly dad as mom pasted away a nice few years ago so just me and dad,I do have 1 older brother but that's all I'm saying me and dad,day by day with a lot of problems on the way but that life. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. Simple...............BREXIT.........Get on with it and don't make the u.k look like fools.
  8. I have 3 x IP cameras which are set up on my pc and phone and work amazing. I have a Sony 49'' smart Android TV and downloaded a App which should pick up the i.p camera but don't,its a SRICAM 720p Anybody done this.
  9. Cheers for clearing that up,as i said only used for 3 or so times and makes my life a lot easier and quicker,just seeing if the petrol is ok as came from normal BP.
  10. Only used 3 times Asda petrol the new card system,it stops pending for a good 3 days saying £-1 then comes up with normal amount no extra. Do a lot use this way the card and is this normal,asda is my local one for petrol and petrol seems ok.
  11. I don't know mate,I would go to the garage if you live close or ring if you can find number,hope you get it solved. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  12. That's dam bad for a Ford garage,I thought a basic and I mean basic is at least oil and filter. Saying that the sump plug as said on here will come of I should say with some grips,all the best mate. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. I might be a bit slow on this but you say the car has been serviced every 12 months as they state and not had a oil change for 5 years until now. So ford has had this car give or take around 4 times for a service (or other garages) and never touched the oil,aint that the first thing on a service oil/filter. Sorry if i read it wrong.
  14. Oh ok mate,hope you get it sorted.
  15. Mate i might be wrong as i did mine on a 2011 pre-facelift with a rear-view -mirror monitor screen,i already had a camera when i had the car but it packed in twice in 3 years so i got a cheap one off ebay but ok and works fine,genuine ford wanted £150+ and ebay chap thing £12 yes £12 so i went this way but this is the problem i had but might do nothing. I had black and white lines/flicker which looked similar to your pic you put on here but the screen could not take the picture the camera was pushing out,nothing to do with PAL and stuff just the image which the screen could not take being a 3'5 inch screen and camera was trying to push for a 4'3 so i found one to push 3'5 and worked A1 like Genuine,this might help or not.