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  1. Do you have to fill all the details in now as you login then the next is all details like address/firm address/zip/postcode etc to get any further.
  2. Cheers,back to setting a new account now as a few options to choose now..Cheers.
  3. I have just tried to have a look with my Weird account and mail but the Legal side i read is weird,they will monitor the logins and stuff and is it worth it as how do you start now as a lot of options for new account.
  4. I had mine done 12 months ago,1.6 titanium 2011 so the Tivct engine and cost me £380 with water pump,its the Dayco kit which is if not one of the top ones and what ford use as i have asked ford garages,i know a few of our local ford garages so i pop round the back and have a word with them. Saved me a good £200 on labor not going to ford and still the same cover as long as you use a good garage with good reviews.
  5. I think its great as dad cant get out and we live upstairs he can see over the wall and down on the back yard and we have a big field,we have a few magpies but mainly pigeons but the good old crows soon get rid of them,i have a picture below of the 1 on the wall, we have a nice few birds,nice woodpecker as well.
  6. I love our brainy crows that come on our back yard,we live on end house with fields and large trees so a few birds come but the last 3 weeks i have put a tub of water on our shed as well as having a bird bath. 3 massive crows get there bread and dip it in the bath to make it soft,sometime leave it and come back then eat it and go onto shed as deeper tub (3'') and drink and wash. Will have to have a word with them as they are starting on junk food now,french fries and bits of a beefburger as someone dropped some just outside on the road,keeps the pigeons away which is a great thing.
  7. Well a few months ago i fitted some LED bulbs the pure white ones but on the one light i broke the clip where it clips into the plastic so its loose and also the bulbs i got aint the best,not bright. Is there a good place where anyone has brought a pair of these number plate lights the whole fitment and also good bulbs that will last and gives off a good light. Would like it original fitment so i can just twist the bulb holder off the old one and slot the new light on and insert the bulb,1 bulb is now flickering and other is very dim. For a 2011 titanium.
  8. I have only ever sat in a Merc and Audi but drove the old Beemer,the next door use to have a new top sport style car every 3 years so sat in some top ones. He always had to have the so called fast one from the M3's to Merc and his last one a few years ago was the New Audi sports and think is war the RS 3 sport or something like that and had something like a stupid 400bhp area,my god it was a rocket but the ride was amazing and road noise was amazing and the sound when he started it. He is a few years older now and 12 months ago went for more of a comfort side of the A4 which is a 2015 reg with lots of toys but he brought this one for keeps,i do like audi. But i think its right saying all these beemers/merc/audi are a lot of money new so as a lot say you get a good spec off the little fiesta or the bigger focus and lovely car to drive,i do think the drive has a lot to do with this as my fiesta is like on railway lines its great on bends which i do think is a selling point how good the chassis is.
  9. Never thought of the mobility side of it but as you said about there are a few out there,do most car dealers offer the Mobility option from new sales these days. Would be interesting as round here i see not a lot of focus/fiesta new or a few years old but a load of Audi A3 or A4 and few others,just that fiesta is always top and on a big scale like 5000+ sales more.
  10. Looking at the picture i think its the first link where it shows you 4 pictures it has a dip in the drive which mine don't its flat. I have sent a message with my picture of the other one as it only shows you 1 picture so cant see the back but this looks the most likely one so far,so hard to find the same drive.
  11. Cheers stoney,so these would slot right in as the plastic cover on mine which should be clipped its glued as the one clip broke on the front. Will have to pop mine out again and look at the back of it as i think it looks the same. The second one on your link is i think a no go,post is as much of the drive Lol.
  12. I would have to agree here,around here loads have gone for a Audi and mainly the A3 or A4 and either the new petrol ones (2 years old) as good on fuel or Diesel. Our next door travels a lot so does a good amount of miles and 12 months ago had a Audi A4 2015 reg..and i think its great and so,so comfy with very low road noise,i will look out Audi next about 2 or 3 years old.
  13. Well lets say that is the case,i have even asked MSi help off email and sent model number etc and even taken a picture of the drive and i cant find one for the MSi which i did think just get a cheap new one but its the connector in the back of it the problem as hard to find Its a
  14. How true is this list and if it is a genuine thing to look at and what makes the Fiesta always Top when there are so many great small cars out there these days. Is it the cheapness of the fiesta to what you get on it or other stuff,always wondered this. Got to say i love the Audi like the A3 or A1 (being smaller) and there are loads of Audi's round here and i mean loads but there are say 3 or 4 year old cars.
  15. I have tried Administrator and even tried safe mode. It aint a big deal in one way but if its there i would like it to work.