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  1. I have a 2011 Titanium with sensors and 1 on the back all the paint came off it so i just painted it with a touch up pen,still works. Are these just pull off and replace.
  2. These rapid lateral flow tests are just a waste of time,i was given 3 boxes (7 in a box) one week and did some and wait 30mins now the New ones its only up your nose and don't wait 30mins. If that's the case that 1 in 3 have no symptoms of it, you could think you have a cold as a lot do this time of year have a test and all fine negative so you go out (as it won't read if you have covid) and you could have it just mild or early stage. The old one sticking that swab to the back of your throat,makes you heave up.
  3. Can you update the old 2011 sony system sync as i have the usb slot and if so where do i get the update from and check the one i have on mine now. Cheers
  4. Whats the best F1 Forum to go on as im a massive F1 Fan together with Touring cars and the Moto GP,i like a lot of these sports but i keep forgetting when the Touring cars are on and the Moto GP but i have the F1 official App and would like to join a good F1 Forum if there are any.
  5. I go to a few boot sales and people are going mad after these Lego cars, if im not mistaken they're in small boxes and loads of different ones to collect.
  6. Second fill up with E10 from asda (didn't see E5) the pump i used just had the 2 E10 and diesel and that's on a massive shopping complex,pay by card at pump. Mine is the 1.6 engine and seem to run fine and MPG seems the same,well if less not a lot and that's mainly very local stop/start driving.
  7. As for advisories i had my 2011 Titanium from ford 3 years old when i had it, advisory was slight dent in rear alloy inside rim. 7 years down the line never been an advisory since then,there good to know what is not 100% . I paid just over 8k for mine but your going back a good 7 year plus but i would of thought 7 to 8k would of got a nice one a few years old. Places like ford or top garages will give you a good 12 months warranty as others its 1 to 3 months so it's best to have a dam good look round and pick stuff wrong as they want the sale more than you want to buy,you can always look other places and they know that,i went back to mine 3 times and picked stupid stuff which they did.
  8. Give us our cars back and scrap these electric ones,lots of money gone into electric ones so that will never happen. An Hybrid car with E10 there you go best of all as still have an engine and low pollution when still or going slow.
  9. Saying that i went to Morrisons last week and just pick up the pump and fill up (pay by card at pump) and im sure it was E10 on the pump label. Can you mix the 2 say they still have E5 and the Garage fills their tanks up can they put E10 in if there is a small amount of E5 in. And can we do it in our cars,top it up with E10 if your car ain't empty as i never leave mine run low.
  10. I aint that keen on the idea that when some cars turn the headlight goes off and indicator comes on. I might be wrong but does this do it at night as well as only seen them in the day which aint that bad then.
  11. Did the person state full service history or just service history,i would have thought if it's stated as full it should have the history of the ford services which states 100k or 10 years which would fall in the 10 year or do they just class service as service oil/filter and check stuff. Make sure you get everything in before the 3 months, good luck.
  12. Sorry to butt in..........Is there a very cheap tool to set the Airbag light like the Elm tool which i have with the switch on. I had this problem with the light when i fitted another seatbelt and cost me some money as i could not find how to do it on Forscan.
  13. I like your way of thinking,as long as i stop and passes MOT job done. As for the oil i think i have the spray on oil in a small can,my discs should be fine and might stop in a mile depending on speed🤣🤣 i hope
  14. Would you think there rotten on only about 8k in around or a bit longer, 3 years,i might do a bit more driving now but not over 3k a year. So say you give your car a good wash with jet wash do you give it a good run as i only go up the road and back not even a mile to dry them off.
  15. Still a nice car...had a good nose around it.
  16. When you put a car Reg into an info search and it comes up a complete different car,even tried putting the Reg direct into Google and it comes up the right car but when you open the search result it's a different car,the same car i always get.
  17. Yes your right i do very short journeys that is why the miles are so low and the car has only done 34k. As for running them in yes i did but what was put on i aint got a clue,it was done at one of those Chemix Autocentre so knowing them cheap.
  18. That's great jonro,yes i have a Laptop as that's my main pc and it's a top one MSi. So after set up your turning a Ethernet port into a wireless (wifi) port. Cheers never knew that,once this one arrives i will try and if no joy i will try that.
  19. As what the Topic said, when i brake i get s strange rough sound, i would not say metal to metal on the pads and it's off and on. Say you brake and keep your foot on the brake slight it's like off and on, It's hard to say but it's like you taking the brake off and on and off and on. Say a light switch you turn it off and on and keep doing that but on the brakes,in for a service in October but what is this,had new Discs and pads about 3 years ago and done about 8k on them, surely they ain't gone again and aint got a clue what discs and pads they put on. I don't know that when you wash your car then leave it the Discs go that bit rusty and it's done them in again.
  20. I don't have a cable going upstairs all Wi-Fi so the v6 box is working off Wi-Fi,i have got a new module to try as only cheap,i didn't know you can convert an Ethernet into a Wi-Fi signal on a tv,i have plugs behind tv a nice few spare so if this is the case and the Module part don't work then that could be a good idea, it's a dam good tv it's the old 3D model with smart tv i think it's the ue 6500 or something, 40'' but the early one when 3D not long been out but 3D was a big flop.
  21. Thanks for the advice cyberjamsam, yes i do see what you mean,i have a Sony 55'' about 2 years old downstairs and it's spot on with the picture and 4k is amazing. Like i said I'm waiting for this Wi-Fi module to arrive and if all ok it will do but being the tv has been through a lot and a good 7+years old and the part was only £25 it's worth a try but i don't have much hope. I will add a link just as an example off Amazon what it's like,i honestly no nothing about them at all.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Projector-Top-vision-projector-Compatible/dp/B08V8JG5YN/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1AZQ2RDAGMMHB&dchild=1&keywords=tv+projector+and+screen+package&qid=1629460275&sprefix=tv+pr%2Caps%2C210&sr=8-5
  22. Just been looking at very cheap t.v's like under £500 for upstairs as i have an old 40-inch Samsung which the Wi-Fi car just gone,i have ordered a new one very cheap but it might just be a broke t.v,did look at the LG 7100 (i think) for £479 4k and 55 inch. Come across these Projectors on Amazon for under £100 the whole kit and HDMI plug,top reviews and someone said they have just plugged there sky/virgin box into it and worked fine. I know nothing about them at all and never used one so is the picture good and bulb last a long time (what i read about) and will it work off the virgin box and what is the picture size or does it depend on the projector.
  23. Working away in the shed Glueing 2 items with this Gorilla Glue stuff and then thinking ''ill sort that out while im in here'' not thinking,the items was that oily/greasey stuff then going to clean my hands.....well try..... Some Glue left on my hands then oil/Grease stuck to it,white spirits did bits then scrub the hell out of them,nice red sore hands for a few days.
  24. I did work night shift a few years ago and its very hard to get use of,i worked from 10pm till 8am then day staff took over,it was a top health and fitness club with hotel on it and night cleaners so i did about 4 or so jobs,i did Monday till Friday so 50 hour week staff paid (year amount) which did have its own problems with the overtime side. The 2 things that hit me was getting sorted to start at 10 as i just wanted to relax and watch tv etc but when i got there i seem to wake up that bit more. Also sleeping when i got back as you felt awake still but a nice hot drink like oveltine and a nice shower then a nice dark room, alwayed helped me but i have to say it does give your body clock some problems but i did like it as being a health and fitness club and a top one i had loads of friends and seen a lot of well knowen people. All the best and hope he gets settled in.
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