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  1. Sony Stereo Not Recognising Usb Stick

    is there a max size limit? Couldn't see anything listed in the user manual stating limitations so i'll try that. edit, the 64gb stick has about 50gig of music on it.
  2. Sony Stereo Not Recognising Usb Stick

    wee update, when I plug it in now and switch the stereo off and then on again it says the USB device is not supported which doesn't make sense when it played fine the first time. How hard can it be to make something that reads a USB stick!
  3. hi there, I have recently bought a 2013 grand cmax with the sony head unit (non sat nav one). I liked the fact that it could read files from a USB stick. I went out and got a Kingston 64GB usb memory stick (£19 from amazon) and copied my files into the format of Artist-Album-Song Title. I also formatted the USB stick to FAT 32 as I had read on a few forums. When I first put the memory stick in it worked fine, spent a few seconds initialising and then a few minutes indexing the tracks. Then I could search through all the files and play what I wanted. However the next day when I went in the car wouldn't play anything and said that there was no USB present even when I was plugging / unplugging trying to get a response. Occasionally it will say it has found the stick but it is not recognised and other times just denies it exists!! I have no idea why it is doing this, it worked fine the first time but then just had a hissy fit. There seems to be no advice or set up recommendations on the ford website either so I've come here to see if anyone knows what to do! Its been a few days now and I'm stumped. thanks martin
  4. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    hello darren I echo your comments about listing actual mpg's achievable rather than lab condition ones!! Car has done 5300 miles so I dont know if it has anymore capacity to loosen up, would be nice to think it can only get better.
  5. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    thanks for the replies everyone. Would love to know how which managed to get 47.1mpg, i havent bettered 32.5 yet and ive been using cruise control when appropriate and not slowing down / speeding up when not required. Maybe i'm just used to my old diesel 1.9 turbo golf which would average 55 no problem and 62 if you made a deliberate effort to be efficient with the driving. Darren, I too have noticed that at 70mph the car seems to almost struggle to cruise and uses loads of fuel to maintain that speed, and if it encounters an incline i'm doomed! I'm just a bit peeved that ford can claim mpgs that are blatantly not possible in real driving conditions and if you are lucky you'll get 60% of their figure, shouldnt be allowed really.
  6. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    hi there, was out again today and was just keeping the guage on instantaneous readings to see what type of mpg I was getting. Even on the flat a slight press of the accelerator to just keep a steady pace resulted in 12 mpg, there was no hard acceleration here and as a result the average mpg barely crept above 30mpg with careful driving trying to keep away from using the turbo too much. Not impressed right now and wishing id gone diesel.
  7. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    hello folks, first post on here because I became a ford owner today. Just picked up a 2013 ford direct grand c max titaniux x. Car is fantastic inside, showroom condition, great stereo, DAB which ive never had before in a car and I can stick a 64GB USB stick in with all my music on, great. Bought it from Evans Halshaw who were fairly good except my £20 of fuel was not included (well, I'm assuming it wasnt as the fuel light went on after 5 miles)......which brings me to my point. I got the 1.6 ecoboost (182ps) engine after looking at the mpg figures of 45 ish and thinking if I got 35-40 i'd be happy. On the way home though, mainly dual carriage with some country roads the mpg was only about 24mpg. When I put the screen to display instantaneous mpg it was 6mpg going up a hill, but not a massive hill by any description. Is this the kind of mpg I can expect in "real" driving conditions. If it is I'm not enormously impressed which is a shame because the car itself is nice to drive and is well put together inside. Anyone else with this engine getting better mpg or are the Ford listed stats just pie in the sky? thanks martin