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  1. Happy Birthday craggy!

  2. useless recovery driver

    well here's an update on the car, it's been fixed and the problem found regarding the shaking, going to enjoy the car for a few days and relax, stress levels have been going through the roof, if you live in leeds or surrounding area i cannot recommend this garage enough, AUTOCARE CENTRE MORLEY LEEDS , they are excellent and very honest , won't rip you off, keep you well informed, i literally gave keith a blank cheque and he did not abuse it in anyway. here's his report. like the new site !!!
  3. useless recovery driver

    you sound like a man with a good heart chris :)
  4. Heated windscreen and seats

    i have read somewhere that some models do that, but i honestly can't be certain if its the mk3 0r mk4 models, only thing i can suggest is test driving another 55 st tdci model somewhere else and see if it's the same, not sure about the seat.
  5. useless recovery driver

    do you know what concerns me the most about garages like this , is they actually endanger peoples lives with the workmanship they do on cars, ive though "what if", if the clutch pedal had failed at high speed and my wife and kids had been in the car , if the spring coil had snapped at high speed, my wife would not have known what to do, and she would have panicked, what if it had happened on a motorway , thankfully it never happened, BUT because of them it could have done and that worried me more than anything, they really do not give a damn , so i will do my dammed hardest to shut them down, they crossed a line as far as im concerned.
  6. useless recovery driver

    thanks for the reply chris, to me it's gone beyond getting my money back and getting it just for the spring coil, the way they conned me over this flywheel and clutch and then tried to rip me off again with the clutch release bearing, and then obviously the damaged caused by that prat, its the effect it has on your personal life as well , getting to work, taking the kids to school, picking kids up, my wife does the shopping every week for her elderly grandparents who are both in their 90's, and her grandfather has got pancreas cancer, so our car is a life line for them too, plus having to visit them during the week, then the onus is on the consumer to prove that the garage ripped you off and the time and effort fitting all that in, and taking it to other garages to fix what they did wrong, all that on top off everyday life is stressful and not needed, i understand why fiesta lad is stiil angry about what happened to him, no mate , by the time ive finished with this garage he won't have any money left for me, i am going to destroy his reputation, he was struggling when he tried to rip me off on the release bearing, im just going to hammer the final nail in, and he deserves it, i always try not to take life too seriously cause its a fact their are people who go through alot worst things in life , but when somebody blatantly rips me off or tries to on 3 occasions then all bets are off. god i bet i sound like a vigilante
  7. useless recovery driver

    thats funny , best laugh ive had all week, fiesta lad i had to read that twice , that gut insticnt i wish i had followed , you just know something is amiss, lesson learned on both our parts , SAME S**T DIFFERENT DAY !, SOD IT IM OFF TO PLAY ON COD MW2 and do some killing , chirst im 46 , i really do need to grow up
  8. useless recovery driver

    hi vinnie, man i would love your job, just been checking the website of jdm, impressed by jap/jdm !Removed! topic , some nice cars on there, what sort of mods were done on the car to spend 70k on it ? i bet the care and attention that your cars get would look a hellava lot better than mine got. no reply from the garage or goodgarage scheme yet, says it all don't it, im not holding out much hope of getting my money back, ive got alot on in the coming months, once the better weather comes i will be getting down and dirty under the car and familiarizing myself with the car, so i will be asking alot of questions on here, i believe ive found a decent garage now, about 20 miles away from where i live, so any work i can't do myself , at least i know i won't get ripped off again, BUT i won't be letting up on crowtrees and their good garage scheme, i think i will move on to a different subject now , no point in boring everybody with this anymore, as monty python says," always look on the bright side of life ". :)
  9. useless recovery driver

    thanks fiesta lad, well ive informed the garage and "the goodgarage scheme" that they are famous on you tube, so how they want to continue is up to them, im actually hoping they take me to court, the wife won't let me put the scratcher on youtube, she said it will end up like world war 3 round here, and to consentrate on this garage and getting our money back, one thing at a time, and she is right. i would love to hear your story about what happened to you, some garages think they are a law unto themselves, if i won a few million on the lottery i would open my own garage and put the cowboys out of business , i wish!!!!
  10. useless recovery driver

    hi, thanks ive got cctv covering the house, some little !Removed! started scratching our cars ,so put cctv up, in the end caught one of my daughters friends doing it when she came to call for her, me , i was going to kick her !Removed! round brighouse, wife stopped me, she called the police, who didn't do nothing, it will probably be me who ends up with an ASBO , the cctv is always running and recording so that is how it got recorded, in fact you have just given me the idea of putting her scratching the car on you tube, would you like to see that too ? :D and im honoured to have 2 super mods replying :) :) , seriously, i do appreciate the time people have taken to reply and look at the recording, when i decide the best course of action i will keep you informed. thanks craig.
  11. useless recovery driver

    well here's the update , no more visible damage , they couldn't really check for the vibration at 70mph due to the weather , there is still some vibration but not as excessive as it was before , but i can live with that for now , i'll try the wheel balance to see it that could be the cause, £87.00 to fit the new coil spring which im happy with, just undecided what to do about them knobs, pay the garage to look at the flywheel and clutch incurring more money or wait till i get a few more hits on you tube and then email them to look at it and hope it frightens them into giving me my money back for the coil spring and the flywheel or take me to court , i'd look forward to that :D ps, it made my day getting a reply off a super mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thanks to everybody.
  12. useless recovery driver

    hi, i will eventually, will see what tomorrow brings, the stress this has put us under really does mess you up, im so angry at this garage, anyway thanks to everybody who has taken the time to reply and watch the man at work on youtube, will let you know tomorrow how its gone, cheers guys :D
  13. useless recovery driver

    no, when it happened , he checked it over and said there was no damage, which now turns out to be untrue, getting a new spring fitted tomorrow and having it all checked to see if any more damage is apparent , i was getting stange noises when turnig at certain speeds and the steering shaking at certain speeds ,so i am hoping this is what might have been causing it, i know he has stiffed me for a new flywheel and clutch, and the problem is money , i have to pay for this coil and such , but i would also like to get the flywheel and clutch looked at again, so its frustrating, i really don't want anything more to do with this garage, they are blatant liars, so if i can stop anybody else getting stiffed by this place, good, if there is more damage than suspected when i take it in tomorrow, then this week i will be printing a few good leaflets and distributing them round brighouse about this place, and at the end of the day they will only have themselves to blame, they just think the customer will walk away with their tails between their legs, they should not rip people off, i confronted his mechanic one morning and said i don't believe you have fitted a new clutch and flywheel, and met with a stoney silence, so that says it all! sorry for ranking!!!!!!
  14. useless recovery driver

    i must off picked the worst garage in brighouse, i know they must have ripped somebody else off because the police were there the other day , they must have scratched some of the cars on the car lot, i don't condone car scratching, but on this occasion i will,my car is in on monday to get looked at, just worried they might have caused other damage which is not apparent yet, car drove great till these tossers got their hands on it.