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  1. When I unlock the 02 Mondeo with the key, it disarms the alarm. I can't do this on the 06 Mondeo without the alarm going off. I have to use the remote to open, not something I want to rely on. Is this standard for the later MK3's?
  2. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

    I fitted a new hose yesterday. Now I'm my wife's hero! Her Mondeo performs perfect. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

    Update. Just removed the inlet manifold. I couldn't believe the state it's in! I also found a very big split in the intake hose too, which is now on order. I will take the manifold into work tomorrow and have my apprentice clean it. Let you know how it all goes next week when I get the new hose. Cheers fellas for all your help. Vini
  4. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

    Good idea. Cheers Mick. I'm taking it off on Wednesday and taking into work. There I have access to plenty off waste petrol that I can drop the manifold into, then I'll hit wash it. Thanks
  5. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

    Perfect! Thanks for educating me on the vane thing. Lol. I need to give it all a good cleaning before I work on it. There's a lot of oil around the side of the engine I want to see where this is coming from too. Not use to these dirty engines. My hands are as clean as a surgeons for a technician. I'll start with the manifold and pipes to begin with and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  6. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

    Thanks. I don't mind removing the inlet manifold. What seals it, gaskets or seals? I will order whatever is needed and get onto it next week. What shall I use to clean it? We have a hot wash at work that runs at about 60c so should be okay on a plastic manifold, or do I clean it manualy? The intercooler, how do I clean it internally? The EGR is at the rear and has no MAF. I understand I have a fixed vain on this car. There is an actuator with a rod above the turbo. What does this do? I had the missus rev it yesterday whilst I was looking at it and it done nothing. Your advice is very much appreciated.
  7. Offside Front Wheel Squeaking At Low Speeds

    Your more than welcome. It shouldn't cost to much for a front wheel bearing. Cheep on fleabay. I have fitted them to my mondeo and had no problems. I'm a technician so done mine myself. Took me half hour a side, but I have a press at work to remove and install the bearings. Main dealers will charge you a fortune, go to your local back street garage and it will be less than half the price and I bet they won't mind you supplying your own part. Good luck.
  8. Offside Front Wheel Squeaking At Low Speeds

    Have your mechanic run your front wheels up on his lift. Hopefully, you'll hear the squeak. Then have him remove the pads and run it up again. Does it go? It's possible you have a wheel bearing in the early stages of failure.
  9. Rumble

    It wasn't the dual mass clutch because it had the conversion by the previous owner. I purchased the DMF clutch kit with slave cylinder. Upon replacement, I found the slave cylinder was the culprit. Anyway, as I will be towing a heavy trailer tent with this car, I think it's best I have the DMF. With the SMF, the clutch felt sloppy although, the clutch plate looked fine. Feels perfect now and a piece of mind knowing it has what's meant to be in it. Cheers.
  10. First of all I want to thank the members of this forum for all the info I needed to sort out the limp fault on my 2.2 TDCi. I didn't need to post my questions, just searched and found everything I needed to know. I purchased the Innotec turbo cleaning kit. Done the job today with ease. It's now fixed! So being a technician myself, but never worked on anything deisel, turbo or supercharger, I have had my 2.0 TDDi running with no poke for a couple of years. I just never got round to sorting it. I was told back then to slip a blanking plate into the EGR valve. Anyway, I have just done this yesterday and feel no difference whatsoever. I got some Wynns turbo cleaner earlier today and gave that a spray, again it's made no difference. Any ideas where I could go next before I loose interest? It's only the missus's car, but it would be nice to get it running good again. Cheers in advance
  11. Rumble

    Cheers Mick, I was hoping this wasn't the case. I better get it changed.
  12. Rumble

    Hi all, I have an 06 Mondeo TDCi 2.2 Has 150K When I have the windows down and in a built up area, I can here what sounds like a rumble or similar to an exhaust blow. When I dip the clutch it goes. When the car is stationary, the noise is not present, its only under-load, in all gears. I don't know if this is normal as only owned the car for a few weeks. I've never driven with the windows down. I know my 02 Mondeo TDi doesn't make this noise, but i heard another model the same as mine go past today, that sounded noisy too. Any one help me on this one?
  13. Hey!

    Hello Ford owners, I'm Vini and I should have joined this forum a long time ago. I have some questions on one of my Mondeo's which I will ask in the correct section. Cheers