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  1. Hi Everyone Well, I am back again to try and help my dear Mum. In short, her beloved Ford Granada Scorpio, 1994, was subject to a crash, earlier this year. I am pleased to report that it has now been fully restored, having needed a new front, etc. The only "parts" now missing, are the front headlight wipers and the two fog lights that sit in the lower front bumper. I attach a photo, which is not Mum's car, but the same car, with the same front. A rear boot spoiler is something Mum would also like!!! Mum is adamant the car has not been restored, to its former glory, without the above, wipers and light. These parts, really are the missing pieces in this jigsaw puzzle, and I can finally "move on" from "the Granny", and concentrate on my beloved Puma! If anyone in Essex has the above parts, please do get in touch. If you have the parts, and are able to post, please also get in touch. No time wasters, thanks, we have been through enough!
  2. Dear All I don't know if anyone, from Essex, may be able to help. My dear Mum, has just had her beloved Ford Granada Scorpio, 1994, restored, following an accident earlier on in the year. Unfortunately, due to the damage, she lost her rectangular fog lights, that are within the lower, front bumper of the car. Despite searching everywhere, and with the headlights now having been replaced, new, from Germany, she would really like to replace the fog lights. As well as the fog lights, the headlights used to have two small, what I can only describe as "windscreen wipers", on either side at the front. Sadly, one of these was damaged and they had to be removed for the car to pass its MOT! The car, thanks to a simply stunning job, from Tommy's Bodyshop, is "shiny and new" - just the missing the above. If anyone can help, please get in touch. With many thanks.
  3. Dear All I hope everyone well and had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year! I need some help and advice, on behalf of my dear Mum, if you don't mind?! My wonderful Mum has a Ford Granada Scorpio, 1994, and it is her pride and joy. To cut a long story short, just before Christmas, Mum had her beloved "Granny" re-sprayed. I think you can all guess what I am going to say next, and it is so sad! Yes, on Tuesday, a vehicle hit Mums car, after then claiming he had not seen her. Thankfully, Mum is "ok", but she is still in tears at the state of her car. On reporting it to the Insurers, as predicted, total loss! Mum has already made her mind up she wants to keep her beloved "Granny" and, hence, Dad and I are doing everything we can to source parts etc. Mum has an excellent garage, not too far from where she lives, who look after the car so well. I have advised Mum she needs to get a quote to determine how much it is going to cost to put the car as it was, before the crash! Needless to say, as the car is so old, finding and obtaining parts is proving very difficult and I just wondered whether any of you may be able to help. I am hopeful of attaching photos, to help! Any help, big or small, would be so very much appreciated. Mum had an exceptionally difficult 2015, and this, at the start of a New Year, has broken her heart. I am just trying to do everything I can to help her. Many thanks to you all.
  4. Ford Puma Mystery

    Clive Many thanks for a superfast reply. Many thanks
  5. Ford Puma Mystery

    Hi Everyone Can anyone help me try and solve the "mystery" with my Y Reg Puma? It has had a few problems, all now fixed, however there is one that is a mystery to both myself and a mechanic friend!!!! Turn the car on, fine, all lights on dashboard go out. On going over a speed bump, there is a loud rumbling noise, (sounds like someone hungry), it continues until foot pressure is applied to the brake pedal, then the rumbling gets louder and the brake pedal becomes tense and sharp and seems to spring upwards to tap the bottom of my foot! I then have to pump the brake pedal, the noise disappears and the pedal becomes "normal". This all happens when steering off a kerb, when the car is on full lock or when going over a speed bump. Of late, the same has happened when just driving in a straight line. With all of the above, the ABS light comes on on the dash, until the ignition is turned off and turned on again. This does not happen every time I drive the car but seems to be happening too many times for my comfort!! I have mentioned this "mystery" to a few people and they are all clueless as well! If anyone who likes puzzles has even a clue what is going on with my car, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks.
  6. Advice Needed! My Poor Puma!!!

    Stoney871 Many thanks for your kind help. Since posting, "poorly" puma now has a leak! There is fluid leaking from behind the passenger front wheel. I have been "unofficially" advised that it is the clutch! I am going to use my Mum's trusted Mechanic and try and get it to his garage tomorrow! One thing after another with this poor car at the moment. However, your kind help is very much appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Hi all, hope everyone well! I am looking for some advice & help to diagnose my "poorly" puma! Driving it the other day, it was extremely difficult to get it into gear! At the same time this problem was occurring, the car seemed, to me, to be sluggish!!! I did eventually get it into reverse, but there was a loud "crunching" noise, and the car seemed to jolt! It has been topped up with brake & clutch fluid and, up until yesterday, all was well with Puma!!!! It has been driven today, and although not as bad as previously mentioned, it is "not right"! I am going to get it booked in to a garage for a service but, at the moment, I am a bit scared to use it, but need to! If anyone can give me any help, reassurance etc, I and my "poorly" car, would be most grateful. Many thanks