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  1. Air Suction Sound Under Acceleration

    Sorry way ahead of myself i didn't read the whole thread. Sorry People.
  2. Air Suction Sound Under Acceleration

    I've had the same problem recently with my 1.8 tdci and i found that the inter cooler hose had a 2 inch split. Its literary a 2 min job to check, its a 90 degree hose top left of the engine bay. Not sure which is best to replace though... Anybody?
  3. Alternators !

    Hi all, finally got round to sorting the whooshing sound on my mk2 1.8 tdci. There was a 2 inch split in the turbo hose. (As predicted) now for the alternator but I'm not sure which alternator i need as ford said there is 2 different types? Does anybody no which one i need for my car? Battery drop tested and sits at 12.3 current alternator overcharging ? Still no head lights :( Please help. Thanks.
  4. Snap On Solus Ultra Predicts....

    Thanks for the response, regarding the sound it does sound like a Hoover when accelerating and in heavy acceleration engine system fault appears on the dash. Any solution or would this be the split hose Thanks
  5. Snap On Solus Ultra Predicts....

    a few was sensors, like air mass flow etc, tbh I jotted the codes down quickly but if need be I will plug my machine back in for the brief description. or maybe google them but might aswell use the machine lol
  6. Snap On Solus Ultra Predicts....

    No mechanics on here I take it?
  7. P010F, V0121, V0140, P010F, P0622, C1956, B1318, V261B, V1900 And.... V2199 quite a lot of codes anybody have any quick fixes, somebody has mentioned my turbo hose may be split? hence the really bad whooshing sound on acceleration coming from the screen vent? All help is really thankful, come on guys!! thanks.
  8. Is This Normal?

    when heavy accelerating the screen fan comes on? and when not accelerating it is not on? surely not normal? Amy advice is welcome and thanks.
  9. Focus Problems

    I drop tested the battery at work today and the voltage sits at 12.4, my colleague told me the alternator is (NOT GOOD) #%$€€# Do you think this will be my problem guys? thanks.
  10. Focus Problems

    Thanks, I will check it tomorrow when at work! I hope it is an easy fix
  11. Hi People

    Thanks guys I look forward to many discussions with you all
  12. Focus Problems

    I have cleaned the earth point on the inside of the n/s wing, I believe there is another from the battery to the alternator? correct me if I'm wrong.. what's your views on the earth strap from the body to the engine/gearbox? surely it won't be? thanks.
  13. Hi People

    Thanks! Im new to these forums so bare with me ha ha. I will learn
  14. Focus Problems

    Hi guys, A newbie with his first question... bare with me now ha ha I'm having a slight problem with my 57 reg focus and it's starting to really get to me now. when driving sometimes the engine will bog/cut out, when trying to start again there is no ignition lights? after a few turns of the keys the car starts again. it was not until last 'NIGHT' the same fault happened again... this time it blew my headlamps (main beam only) all indicators, sidelights and full beam work? I have replaced the main beam bulbs and yet again the same problem the main beam bulbs have blown again after cutting out. I have checked every single fuse about half an hour ago and all are fine... I'm really confused has anybody experienced this or no of a solution to resolve my problem?? thanks in advance of course. Raymond.
  15. this damn focus :(