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  1. Car losing power on motorway

    Took it to a garage today. The guy was trying to reproduce the problem and luckily it reoccured just as he was about to give up. The DTC showed up "CAN bus fault". Strangely, when he turned the car off and then on, the DTC didn't show up. He is convinced that there is something wrong with the CAN bus somewhere and his advice was "part-exchange it now as finding the problem will cost a lot". Is he right (this is a small local garage and they don't sell cars, just repairing it)?
  2. Car losing power on motorway

    Okay, ran the test you suggested. If I turn headlights on wile vehicle not started, the volage drops to about 10.5V and then recovers after 10 minuts or so to 12.3V. Connected the charger (el cheapo one, from Lidl). It analysed the battery, gave it "All OK" and started to charge it. During the charge the voltage went gradually (in a matter of hours) from 12.3V to about 14.5V and once the charge has been complete, it went back to about 13V. What can be concluded from this?
  3. Car losing power on motorway

    Thanks. CCs are known for electric gremlins and my car killed two batteries in 3 years (thanks god for RAC battery warranties). I can try recharging the battery using external charger and see what happens. I also thought of a blocked fuel filter? Do you think it can cause the issue?
  4. Car losing power on motorway

    The car has started to lose power on motorway when driving fast (say, 70mph). The symptoms are the same in each case and are like that: the car suddenly loses power, decelerates rapidly and if I press accelerator is slows down even more. If I put the car into neutral, the revs will drop to about 500 and stay there no matter what I do. Then, suddenly after 10 seconds or so the engine will spring back to life and the car wuld go as normal. I've ran Forscan check and there are no DTCs apart from door module A (it managed to jam during recent freeze, then became unstuck). This happened several times already and I am quite scared that this can put me into dangerous situation (what if someone is talgating me when I am overtaking and the car suddenly loses power?). Any ideas what can cause this? The car is Focus CC Mk 2 2.0 TDCI manual 2010.
  5. Just got my insurance renewal letter. I recently had an accident in which I (totally out of my stupidity) reversed in neigbourgh's car, which was stationary and unoccupied. In the renewal it says "partial blame"! How is this possible? Had a call with the insurer and they say that according to their Claims Department it is my fault (something I totally agree with) but their system defines it in some peculiar way so that customer service/renewals sees it as "partial blame" but claims team see it correctly as "at fault". According to CS rep, their renewal letter is 100% valid and the insurance won't be invalidated because this is information they transferred internally and not something I reported to them. Asked them to confirm this in writing so that my insurance won't be invalidated and expicitly asked if they are recording the call, to which they said "yes". Got CS rep name and ID too. Is this normal? I never came across something like this before.
  6. Air filters for Focus 2.0 TDCI

    I sure did! :)
  7. Air filters for Focus 2.0 TDCI

    Hmm.. looks like the only definitve answer is to open the filter housing and check it myself. :) for now I just ordered both filters from Eurocarparts - will fit the one that fits and the other one will go back to store.
  8. Being completely fed up with garages I've decided to do servicing of my Focus CC myself. Doesn't look too difficult except I don't quite understand which air filter I shall use? There are two types of the filters: one is flat square and another one is round. Any idea what shall I choose? The engine is 2.0 TDCI 136 and the car is roughly similar to Focus 2.5
  9. Engine warning light on 2.0 TDCI

    Finally an update: I've bought ELM327 off eBay and used it to force regeneration. The car obeyed but I've noticed that the pressure was exactly zero. Now, I can't imagine that even if DPF is fully clogged the pressure is going to be precisely zero. It just doesn't seem right. So I decided to concentrare on other causes: either pipes or sensor. Then I had a chat with various DPF "specialists" and they told me that there is no way sensor/pipes will cause this. So I decided to take the car to a Polish garage nearby and asked them to put the car on ramp (they only charged me a fiver for the privilege). Once the car was lifted it was evident that the pressure pipe going to DPF was a culprit as it was split in half. Ordered new set Febi 45777 (specification) and fitted it today at the same garage (another 20 quid). Checked the pressure and it seem OK. The car is happy (so far),
  10. Engine warning light on 2.0 TDCI

    Took it to the garage today and they say that DPF is clogged. They tried to force regeneration when the car was stationary but it refused to do so. How do I force DPF regeneration?
  11. Engine warning light on 2.0 TDCI

    It was an intermediate service, so they did whatever had to be done (I guess). Some filter was changed but I can't decypher from the receipt which one was it.
  12. On my way back from work the Engine warning light came on. Engine pulls fairly well all the way up to roughly 2500 rpm at which the car starts slowing down regardless of accelerator pedal position. Oil is OK, water temp is fine too, No other warning lights came on. The car has been serviced 1600 miles ago. I suspect EGR or DPF but as I don't have enough knowledge of the oily bits so I need some directions. :)
  13. Thinking of getting Mondeo

    Cool radio! Maybe I shall put something like this into my Focus CC :) As to Mondeo, I am afraid ain't getting one. Missus looked at it and said that it is too big and too wide so she won't be able to drive it. Think it is time to cross the line and go German (something from VAG stables, not necessarily VW). SEAT Altea seem to fit the bill and got all the right bells and whistles.
  14. Thinking of getting Mondeo

    The HU I am looking for is the one with sat nav. I guess it got camera input? The auto is Powershift DCT. Not sure if this is any good though as I am really scared of DCTs after experiencing DSG on Skoda.
  15. I am thinking of getting my third Ford. I have Focus CC right now and love it (not many people do :)) and previously I had 53-reg Mondeo petrol Auto, which drove greatly but I couldn't afford fuel bills (mpg was in a region of 23-25). My wife's car (Toyota Prius) is slowly dying so I am thinking replacing it with another Ford. I've set my heart on two year old Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Titanium X Auto hatch (old shape). Are there any specifics of this car I shall be aware of? Any known issues? Is there rear view camera and if not then how difficult will it be to fit it? How temperamental is satnav/radio? I've heard some horror stories about it. Does it have to be from main dealer or an ex-lease car from a local dealer CarStores UK should be fine too? In short, any advice is very appreciated :) Thanks!