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  1. Try going in to sync settings and do a system reset 

  2. Mk7 fiesta usb

    Hi guys quick question. My fiesta's usb has stopped working wont recognise any usb drives. It Will charge phones but wont play. And suggestion on a fix. Cheers. Chris
  3. How to buy obd scan tool?

    I bought one of eBay for like 15 pound and I can clear errors evens gives a real time display on my phone for what is going on. Eg temp mpg intake temp loads
  4. Happy Birthday morganfes!

  5. Spoiler Help

    I get what your both saying but people are askin stupid prices and for pick up only and there like 3 hrs drive away. Theres a red one an hr away for 70 quid then I hav to pay 50 to spray
  6. Spoiler Help

    hey guy does anyone know where i can find a cheap st spoiler in black that will deliver. i can find red.blue,white ones all day long but i cant find a black one that will deliver. cheers guys
  7. hey everyone i was hoping someone could help me here, im trying to find the side strips that go on the bottom of the door. i can find the ones that say zetec s or just ford but i cant seem to find the ones that just say zetec. i've looked on eBay and around Google but no luck. ino there somewhere because i've sin them on a car as i've been driving around. cheers guy.
  8. Morning all. Two weeks ago I got a really bad smell of petrol inside my car so went and got it looked at and the guy couldnt find any leaks anywhhere under the car. Its only when I turn the fans on that I can smell it. But its only yhere for a few mins then gos. The guy said it could be the breather unit on the tank. What do u guys thing.
  9. What Mk Is My Car

    It did hav a crappy 1.2 box standard engine. So ive fitted a 1.4 zetec s. With a duratec sports manifold. Just a little project car. I wanted to know the mk because I ordered some parts for a mk 5 and they didnt fit they must of sent the wrong ones.
  10. What Mk Is My Car

    Same as this
  11. What Mk Is My Car

    Sames as this
  12. Hi all stupid question. I hav a 02 plate fiesta what mk car isit. I thought it was a mk five am I wrong
  13. Tapping Noise From Engine.

    Yer coming from engine bay. Can only hear it when engine is cold after its warmed up noise stops.
  14. Morning everyone. Ino might sound silly. I hav a mk 5 ford fiesta 02 plate. Ment to hav a 1.25 engine but has had a 1.4 zetec fitted. I have noisey tappets so I want to flush the engine out to see if will make any difference. Whats the best stuff to use and what is the process of flushin a engine. And do I need a sump key like I did on my saxo vtr. Cheers guys
  15. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec.

    Anything I can do to help it. Chris