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  1. The retaining clip on air flow intake pipe has completely broken off (rubber moulding) and the pipe is therefore rattling at low revs. Here's a replacement (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-KA-MK2-AIR-FLOW-INTAKE-PIPE-51806858/232986127494?epid=502524130&hash=item363f0e2c86:g:Vt0AAOSwGYhb2FaG:rk:1:pf:1) A bit pricey for a second hand part and there's no guarantee I won't run into the same problem again. Are there any alternative mods (enhanced performance) that I could try as an alternative?
  2. Hi, Very loud noise coming from a hose that is slipping out of its housing - only noticeable at idle. The clip on the hose has worn down (somehow) and is now slipping under the notch and causing the rattle. I have attached a picture showing the problem: Anybody able to answer the questions that I've edited onto photo? 1. The part name of hose - incase I need to replace. 2. Could I put a plastic zip tie around the area marked in order to clasp the hose? Thanks Ian
  3. Many thanks to everyone for their comments especially Jake90087!
  4. Don't want to pay AA or RAC if I can help it (~£150) - not really worth it on a car as cheap as this. Just looking for some advice on pit falls of Fiesta of this age and mileage.
  5. Hi, I am looking at buying a 1.25 Zetec Fiesta for £695 out of my local paper. The advert reads as follows: 'FIESTA ZTEC 1999 65,000 miles, MOT Nov 14, Tax June 14' I have spoken to seller over the phone and she is the 3rd owner from new - however she has only had car since December last year. She says she is selling it because her beetle was written off but she's now replaced that with another beetle (this car was only a temporary measure). She also says her husband is a taxi driver who knows abit about cars and says Fiesta is a good one. Could anyone advise me what to look out for when looking the car over (ie. known problems)? Thanks