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  1. Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

    yes, he said the fact I responded, let alone help fix it, made all the difference. I only replaced it cause of the kids and their phones. Mind you I have learnt to put the odd tune on my iphone now and plug it in lol
  2. Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

    Not to worry, he's accepted that it could have broke his end, doesn't want a refund and gave me a good feedback.
  3. Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

    So sorry, I feel awful now, I forgot to report back. He took it to be looked at, (at his expense) and the cd part had packed up. Could have happend at any time. Cost more to repair than replace. Appreciated all my efforts and put it down to bad luck. Thanks for all your suggestions, sorry again Maria
  4. Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

    Sounds good to me...thanx
  5. Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

    Thank you for your help...sent your post , replied as follows........ hi, 1st, thanks for your responce, i have checked all the wiring as like i said it was a straight like for like re-plug and fuses are all in order, prior to fitting the cd player i had the ford radio cassette. i have completley disconnected the unit and refitted and still all that comes up on the display is ( code ) but it does not allow you to enter the code, it appears like all the buttons and funcions are disabled, thats the part i find most strange as when i 1st put the unit in all the buttons were working as normal then the whole unit just seemed to shut down, it still has power going to it but thats it, ( nothing else ) any assistance you can ofer in this matter ie; speaking to your mechanic etc would be greatfuly appreciated. kind regards derek
  6. Hi I recently sold a Ford 6000NE cd/radio on ebay which when it left me as far as Im aware was working fine. The buy has a problem, to save time heres what he wrote: "hi there, on receipt of the cd unit, i put it in my car and as the plugs are like for like this was pretty straight forward, i entered the code you you gave me and the unit came on as i expected, there was already a cd in the unit ( foo-fighters ) i removed this, checkced the radio etc and all seemed to be in order, i then put in one of my own cd's, it started to play as normal and al seemed fine, THEN, just as my cd got to track 3 the unit asked for the code, i thought that to be a bit starange, however i tried to enter the code and the unit would NOT allow this, infact, THE UNIT WILL NOT ALLOW ANYTHING, it switches on and off and thats all, it wont even ecejt my cd, " As I said all worked when I took it out of my car. Can anyone give me any advice to advice him please on what to try and get it to work? Maria