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  1. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    Having though about it, I do see what you mean now about struggling to cruise... The one good thing about the old diesel was that, whatever you did, it just somehow crept up to 90 where it felt happiest. Even though there's enough go, the petrol feels much happier at 70. Never quite sure if that's because our old car had 16inch wheels, which made mway journeys much more comfy, whereas the 17s are fidgety by comparison at speed (I'd swap for the zetec 16s!)
  2. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    Think you've been spoiled by a good Golf diesel! If it helps, at 70, I find there's enough go in my 150bhp version - wouldn't say it struggles. I almost think 6th could be taller to save more fuel - the opposite of how I felt with the 1.6 diesel. But, I only get indicated 34ish at 70mph, dropping to about 28mpg at 85-90. Re Which tests, it says "We test fuel economy under strict lab conditions using realistic test cycles to reveal the facts behind the figures. Our figures rarely match manufacturer claims as, unlike the official mpg test, we mea- sure economy with both a hot and cold engine, and on the motorway." From the pics, I think they use a motorway to test motorway consumption, but a rolling road for the rest. Might explain why their figs are still better than you or I will ever see. Or maybe cos their test was in lighter, "normal" 5seat cmax, not a grand? Either way, wouldn't it be off-the-wall to have an official test that told you what you might actually get?! How many miles has yours done - engine still loosening up maybe?
  3. 2013 1.6 Ecoboost Mpg

    In my 2013 1.6 Ecoboost (150), I'm averaging just over 35mpg. On long a-road journeys, rises to about 37. Live on edge of London, so driving is stop-start urban, lots of short journeys, occasional motorway. Before this, we had the 1.6TDCi, which I hated... painfully slow in town, and felt like you had to phone ahead to order your power to pull away at the next junction. That said, the diesel was good on mway cruises, but so frustratingly slow below 50mph. On our short journeys, 1.6 diesel was just under 40 in winter months. When Which tested the (not grand) cmax 1.6 ecoboost, they got 36.7 urban, 47.1 extra urban, 32.6 motorway, 40.9 combined. Obv the normal cmax is lighter, but I found the mway one quite interesting - my economy also drops away really quickly above 70mph. Overall I love the car, and IMHO unless you're doing lots of mway, you made a great choice not going diesel! But I bet the 2.0 diesel is great though...