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  1. I had a diagnostics test done on my car actually during a DPF regeneration process £195. The chap told me it was the inside off side which was faulty. I changed that, and nothing. I have now changed the one next to it to match the correct shiny black colour. Still nothing is working. It makes a long beep when the car goes in reverse, goes off then nothing at all. No idea where to go now?
  2. I have a mk4 Mondeo and the parking sensors have stopped working. When I put the car in reverse I get a loud long bleep, and that's it. The sensors are not working at all on the front and rear. Any clue as to what the issue is and how to rectify it, would be really appreciated. Regards Simon
  3. I have a remapped 61 plate mk 4 titanium 2.0 diesel. I travel back to home on a Friday night doing around 80 miles an hour for around 120 miles. My car averages on this journey 48 mpg. I have noticed a slight increase in mpg since I had the 163ps up to 190ps, and increased torque (30%), probably because of the responsiveness is far better and less throttle needed. My car is no where near as good on fuel as my old 138 remapped (155) mk 3, which would do around 52mpg on the same trip.
  4. Locking problem with the remote key fob or manual locking via central locking on 2.litre Focus Estate (2001, mk1) When I go and lock my wife's car, the car locks and unlocks within seconds. I have looked at the locking button on the passenger side and noticed it seems to be stuck. Her car has stood on the drive for a couple of days now (not good in South Wales), and has been unlocked the hole time. I have gone through the unlucky pleasure of taking the passenger door apart and disconnected the power from the bottom of the central locking motor. I can now lock all of the doors (including the boot), although the light on the dash shows that the passenger door of open. The front passenger door now has to opened manually from the inside, which is okay for now. At least now I can lock all the doors, as I couldn't before. Just hoping than I can fit another central locking motor when it arrives, and all is okay? Simon
  5. I have recently bought my girlfriend a MK1 Focus Estate (2.0 litre petrol), very pleased with the price, and condition of car. I have had the warning light on a few times and re-set the code (P0171- system too lean bank 1). I have cleaned the MAF sensor and seemed fine for about a week. I have heard that it could be a vacuum issue, or PCV valve issue. I have had a good look around the engine for split pipes etc and they all seem okay, maybe I should change the PCV next ? Any comments please
  6. Hi, I have changed the coolant thermostat and thanks to this forum I got the thicker seal from Ford (£4.50). I had it fitted, bled etc and it is better, but not like it should be ? I took the car out this morning and it took an age for the gauge to move off stone cold. I then went for a spin (10 miles, mostly fast dual carriageway) and put it under load, and the temperature finally got up to where it should be. It soon dropped however after slow driving at low revs. The garage incidently reckoned it was the sender unit. So I ran the engine in front of them for 20 minutes at between 1500-2000 rpm, and the temperature reached and stayed at half way, thus proving it was not as they assumed. My next course of action is to get the oil cooler thermostat changed and I reckon this will do the job.
  7. I left the engine running for a while at home yesterday to see if the temperature gauge reached half way, and it did. I then took the reservoir cap off. There was quite a lot of pressure released and the water was warm in the bottle. I then put the cap back after a while to see if maybe there was an air blockage in the system. I will take the car out for a run today and see if that has cured it, you never know ?
  8. Hi All, I have a 130ps mk3, and has done 145,000 miles now. I drove my car the other day for over 100 miles and the temperature gauge did not seen to move very high at all. Sometimes it goes up further (not quite half way) and drops down to nearly cold. I have noticed it does go slightly higher in stop / start traffic, but soon goes down again. I have been having this problem for some time and I am worried the car is not reaching correct efficiency levels. The reservoir after a good run was only slightly warm, and the top hose going into the radiator was the same. I did have a problem a while ago when the hose going into the radiator came off / unclipped, as I drove into a parking garage. No idea why this happened, but I clipped it back on, topped up the coolant / water and all was good after that. Maybe this could have been the start of my problems? Any idea's ?
  9. I have fitted another hose from the EGR valve to the intercooler and all is well now. I do however still get issues with the actuator, "limp mode". I now turn the engine off, open the bonnet, pull the clip off from the actuator arm, pull and push the turbo actuator lever and it all works fine after that. I'm sure there is a problem with the vanes clogging up and sticking the actuator ? Cleaning the turbo out, firing cleaner through it, does not seem to losen the vanes ? The motors on the actuators are not strong enough, hence the sticking ? Apparently there is a modification which you can do on the turbo vane hosing (drilling a hole and putting cleaning fluid in that way), then taping a thread and fitting a plug in the hole.
  10. I also found a slit in the rubber intercooler/egr valve hose. Was a horrible hub trying to fit the bottom of the hose onto the intercooler pipe, but got there in the end. Car runs really well now, but also smokes a bit when I give it some revs through the gears. Not really bothered me too much though as I'm just glad I finally got to the bottom of this ongoing problem. I reckon it is worth while giving it a good Grady from time to time, as this seems to give the turbo vanes a good dechoke.too much town driving causes these problems with the vanes. Even long journeys I don't think clear the vanes properly. A ggood frash I would say works.
  11. Hi All, Thanks for your help, as this was the only thing I had to sort out on the car now. Took the O/S panel off and yep the pipe had come away from the tee piece. Popped it back in and all sorted. Cheers again.
  12. Hi, I had a good look around the engine and noticed the turbo pipe from the intercooler to the EGR valve has a hole in it. This I assume will explain the lack of power. I have ordered another pipe which should be here today. I taped up the pipe with really strong tape and took the car for a spin, and it went really well, no loss of power at all. I can only assume this is the cause of the car going into "limp mode", as I have fitted another actuator. "Limp mode" only used to happen when the engine was hot and had stood for up to a couple of hours. After more than two hours when the engine had cooled down, it ran okay. Never had "limp mode while driving, it was only at start up. The service was all filters, engine flush and oil, and a general inspection. I will also blank the EGR valve again when I fit the pipe.
  13. I have received my old Actuator back, after having it reconditioned. The car is running without going into "Limp mode". It is however still lacking power and is misfiring slightly. Also only getting 37 mpg, probably because I have had to rev it more? I have put fuel cleaner in the tank, but I reckon I will have to change the fuel filter to make sure fuel will be okay going through the system. I will also blank the EGR off again, as I un-blanked it to see if this was causing me power loss. The car was serviced not too long ago, and has been running great until this actuator problem "Turbo boost issue". Maybe it's just a coincidence that now I have power loss, and mis-firing?
  14. I have had this problem for over a year now, since I've had the car. I have just ignored the fact that the rear washer doesn't work. I'm sure I would have smelt damp by now, but will have a look anyway. I'll let you know how I got on later. Cheers