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  1. I use my electric mirrors all the time and both mirrors have worked fine up until today. I pressed the button down to open the mirrors and the drivers side would not go out. I pulled the mirror out manually which didnt work as it wouldnt click into its usual spot .. after about half an hour hoping the button would work it finally brought the mirror out and now im scared to use it incase I get the same problem again. Is this a common problem, and if so what is the problem would it be wiring or someone has kicked my mirror while it was tucked in. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers Matt Sent from my GT-I9100 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Mk3 Mondeo Ghia Heated Seats

    Mine does exactly the same but only the drivers side doesnt work and both seats look fairly new not worn at all .. when I first bought it I asked the garage about it and he said it was worn wires under the seat and would cost abit to fix and would rather give me my money back for the car than pay for it to be repaired and the seat releathered. Dont know if thats whats up with yours it could be a fuse if its both seats. Hopefully someone else has found a cure for this would be worth trying it on mine aswell.
  3. Mk 1 Focus 1.8 Lx

    Looks alot better debadged. I look forward to seeing how u get on with it.
  4. Y Reg Focus

    My grandad has a Y reg focus and said the passenger door won't unlock when he uses his key from his drivers side. I remember a similar thing with my fiesta and was wondering is there something you can do with the key in the lock to get to unlock both doors at once. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Mondeo

  6. Hi all, Just introducing myself. My names Matt and I own a beautiful red Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Ghia X. I haven't had the car long but I love driving it. Ill be posting some pics up of the car before I start modifying it. My list of jobs for the car at the moment are - Good clean and polish - Eibach lowering springs 40mm Front 30mm Rear (front suspension has snapped so managed to talk the missus into some lowering springs) - New Ford badges - New rear number plate - Stop the car blowing out clouds of black smoke - Respray alloy wheels. Thanks and I look forward to talking to you all. Matt