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    Bluetooth On Ka Mk2

    Hi does anyone know if you can add the Bluetooth as i have a blank button under the hazard button where i have seen the Bluetooth installed there on other KA models?? mine is the mk2 2010 plate i have aux but not usb can u add the usb as well??? hope someone can help me :)
  2. nicholaa92

    Ka Mk2 2010 Plate

    has anyone put hid kit on there ford ka and does it not come up with an error?? need help as want to buy but dont want they to keep showing as an error
  3. nicholaa92

    Re Mapping

    Hi has anyone on here remapped there ford ka I have the new shape 2010 in the 1.3 tdci will it make a lot of difference if I get it done need opions and if people have already dine it ???
  4. nicholaa92

    Hid's And Radio

    hi need some help i have a ford ka 2010 plate has anyone on here fitted hid's as i am thinking of fitting them. anyone had any problems errors ect?? also im looking at changing the radio out of my car as it is the standard one still has anyone had any problems in doing this either?? or recommend a good one to fit in preferable one with Bluetooth so can use phone, have been looking at the ones that the screens come out are these decent?
  5. nicholaa92

    Hi :)

    Hi im nichola i own a for ka mk2 2010 plate :)
  6. nicholaa92

    Hi :)

    oh really :) any good tips and things to do to it??
  7. nicholaa92

    My ka :)

  8. nicholaa92

    292753 10150242800216116 860353 N

    From the album: My ka :)

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    525284 10151337433753907 321161375 N

    From the album: My ka :)

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    9038 10151128379378907 1862756874 N

    From the album: My ka :)

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    46290 10151103381383907 114057709 N

    From the album: My ka :)

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    309524 10151228446733907 648447895 N

    From the album: My ka :)

  13. nicholaa92

    Hi :)

    Thank you lenny, should i have front footwell lighting as i dont atm and i have brought bulbs for there?? :)
  14. nicholaa92

    Hi :)

    thank you :D hopefully i can get a few things done to it with a bit of help :)