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  1. Happy Birthday Grilled!

  2. Grilled

    RS Turbo seals gone

    Well the turbo seals have gone on my t3 garrett providing me witha lovely smokey exhaust so i can't pass my MOT. Wondering is it'd be easier to buy a new turbo for "???" pounds or get a kit for about £30 and try and rebuild it myself.. or if that's out of an amatuer's reach? On a quickie my back numberplate light has gone and it's not the bulb or the fuse seeing as i've checked and changed both, any insight on either of these would be great cheers :).
  3. Hey thanks, yeah after checking the bulbs i noticed the one in the brake slot wasn't the right one, so i fished around a spare set and found a correct bulb and it's all working fine now. Cheers.
  4. Recently I just noticed my front dims/sidelights come on when i break, and my break lights themselves may not light up brighter when pressed when my lights are on and it's really got me confused. I got a pair of lexus lights the other week and after fitting them and deciding that even when they're on my car I still hate lexus lights and put my standards back on. I'm going to have a quick tinker again as i think the brake lights may be because of the wrong bulb(s), if that should effect my front lights though.. not too sure. If anyone's got any idea's that'd be great ta :).
  5. I like my mk3's but i don't think i'd show off trying to !Removed! off people in newer models seeing as their 1.25's or whatever will most likely smoke my 17 year old 1.8. End of the day if you're going to !Removed! someone off just drive reaaaaallll slowly infront of them in single lanes :)
  6. At night I light to have my fogs on down country lanes just to see either side of the road a bit better. In all honestly I leave them on without noticing seeing as the button for them is usually hidden from my view by the steering wheel and there's not notification on the dash. The day I got my xr2i i got pulled for foglights on in the day, in that case I didn't even notice any of my lights were on!
  7. Grilled

    Road Trip - Fiesta Meet Anyone?

    leicester isn't that bad?
  8. Grilled

    Engine Mod scams?

    I always come across these things on ebay always offering extra performance and better fuel ecomnomy, but are any of them safe and actually work? I bought a resister for like £5, never used it, gave it to my mate who put it in his nova, and it worked, but made the engine management light come on. A lot of people say that those just tend to blow your engine up as well. Also I've noticed the small fan like object that go inside your air intake pipes that apparently increase performance and brake, but yet have no idea what to think of that. Currently I've came across 'power boost valves' that vary from £12-£30.. then what appears to be a 'real' one for £100. I'm wondering if there's much difference in these two products. Cheap ebay item Not as cheap ebay item Expensive car performance item Question I'm really asking, do these really do anything, and if they do are there consequences?
  9. Grilled

    horn stoped working

    I'm guessing your plug is your airflow meter. You may need a new one, as with it disconnected you'll probs get around 15mpg. Are there symbols on the back of the fuse box cover showing what they do? If not you can tediously remove each one and check. Horns are usually in the wings somewhere, get a friend to beep whilst you search around for it.
  10. Grilled

    engine management light

    Could be your lamba sensor?
  11. Grilled

    20 i sierra air flow meter wiring

    I've the same engine in the capri, if you still need help i'll go look it up for you, or result to my haynes manual.
  12. Grilled

    How much is a 1989 Mk3 Fiesta worth?

    Generally the only old cars that go for a lot are the sportier ones like the old carbed mk2 XR2's, even then I saw one of them sell for £310 on ebay with tax and mot. I recon you'd be lucky to get £300 for yours, but if you probs kept that for another 20 years, free of rust etc you'll have perhaps a few grands worth.
  13. Grilled

    pic of my capri

    she's amazing mate, mine's a sad sad story compared to yours lol.
  14. Grilled

    Top speed...

    Done 112 in my xr2i and still had some more to go by the looks of it, but had a fast approaching roundabout. But i remember a couple of years back in the 1.3 lx (5 door lol) i Managed to hit 118 down the A5... I think this was mainly because when I did this in the xr2i I was on a flat and my old 1.3 was going down a steep hill haha.
  15. Grilled

    How Do i?

    It's a blue wire coming off the headunit. I think it's the same loom as the pink one. I was changing my head units over today I should really know what else is on it haha.