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  1. I will look forward to your feedback , also forgot to mention that mine has already been back had a software update, but went in because I noticed that one of the twin tailpipes was really black and the other clean inside, the answer I got back was thats normal however I am not convinced and I wonder if its a mixture issue.. anyway I think I am going to take it in again and persist a bit more
  2. Thanks for your responses much appreciated, I think in hindsight I should of had more of a test drive than I gave myself, fell in love with the new shape first and foremost so heart ruling head, having had the Fiesta titatanium 1.00ltr eco before this I was spoilt , hand on heart best car I have ever driven or owned and gutted to of parted with it. The engine was as sweet as a nut and fast as Usain Bolt , well nearly.. anyway I wont be buying the focus again and now wish I had bought the Kia Ceed..
  3. Thanks , will see what I can do the next day or so, thanks
  4. I picked up a 1.0ltr eco boost Focus ST line in June, I am unsure if I should bother the service department with my question hence putting it out there on here, I am finding the sound of the engine from cold start pretty darn awful for a petrol engine it sounds like a diesel engine really rough, on a longer run as it warms up it starts to sound smoother but its still not as quiet as I was expecting and hopig for, it really does sound rough at time. Is this normal