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  1. Galaxy Mk3 Fog Light Unit Change

    Having just replaced the fog light unit because of a smashed lens on my mark 3 Galaxy I found it relatively easy to do, without having to remove any under engine tray or bumper skirt as suggested elsewhere and did it all from the front. 1. Unscrewed the two 8mm bolts under the light unit, access them through the two purpose built holes in the underskirt. 2. Pressed a screwdriver into the gap above the light unit in the vicinity of the two plastic clips. It helped having the replacement unit to hand so I could accurately pin-point the area to prise. 3. Wiggled the unit a bit as I prised and it came straight out. 4. Unattached the parking light and fog light and removed the broken unit. Removed in literally 2 minutes. Fitting the new unit (£29.99 from ebay :) ) was even easier. Simply connected the bulbs, pushed the unit into the hole and screwed up the bolts from underneath! One tip though, before pushing the new unit into place, check the two metal clips are correctly seated on the chasis to receive the two bolts or you’ll not be able to properly secure the unit. One of mine fell down into the tray below and I couldn’t reach it, had to end up dropping the bottom tray off anyway. Oh well, looked upon it as an opportunity to clean out of the tray!!! Good luck. Paul