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  1. Looking to Buy

    aparntly coil packs are a problem all them probs you have listed i havnt had any of them as of yet touch wood abbie
  2. help girl getting very angry

    i will have alook thanks i have had to new oxygen sensors on it because engine anagiment kept coming on sayin it needed done and its back on!! i havnt had it plugd in to see what it ses yet
  3. new new new

    hi my names abbie and i drive a ford ka like all young ladies ha ha this is my first car and i have had some problems with it espsh with it eenso low millage but never mind i cudnt live with out it if you have an questions dont be afraid to ask hope to speak to alot of you soon and i have postd a problem in the ford ka forum hope you can help regards abbie
  4. my car is a 53 ka with 42000 i had to get head done a few months ago!! and it keeps cutting out wen im driving along i put my foot on accelirator and it just gives a lil burst of power then dies if i drop down the gear it will do the same i have to turn off my car and back on while im stil driving this is becoming quite dangerous now if any one could please help ill be most greatfull thanks regards abbie