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  1. Drums to discs

    Am not bothered if t looks like every other ST out there tbh and tbh i can't recall seeing many black ST's and will still have its own unique bits and pieces lol. Already got tints like I will probs just decide as i go along how much / little I want to do in certain areas. The disc converstion on rear axle is a defos though. Its jsut trying to put the other stuff i want to do in some kind of order but hey its a good project what ever i do. Thanks for your opinions and advice, much appreciated.
  2. Drums to discs

    Finally someone who is comming from the same aspect as me lol Thats the thing i get a lot of fun out of doing me car up etc. I think i am going to paint my alloys white like love it! lol Got a few other mods on the way like, the ST bumpers and skirts are going to have to get done soon, also want a new sound system :P ha and then theres the bucket / racing seats and the monitors in the head rests. Also want to put a nice sounding air filter on but was considering getting a full exhaust system and that. Then needs to get lowered as well. Also want to get the split twin exhaust once i get the ST bumper and that sorted. So as you can see theres a lot on the list lol. You see for some people insurance and that isn't an issue but i need to save every penny a like a lot of people i want i nice sporty car but probs couldn't afford the insurance so this is the best way of going about it. Thanks for your comment mate, glad you like the ambition ;) should look good when all done! Catch ya l8a
  3. Squeaky clutch pedal on new fiesta.

    Hi I had this problem with mine (Fiesta Flame / ST mod) and didn't happen when i test drove it but then started to. It is to do with part of the clutch (one of the parts). The part used to be made out of aspestos (i think thats hwo you spell it lol) but for obvious reasons they can't make it with aspestos any more and what they replaced it with gives it better performance but eh only side effect is the squeak. I am not sure if there is any way of instantly stopping it however it does decrease and you may also notice the quicker you lift the clutch the more chance it has of squeaking. So you also get used to lifting your clutch with perfect timing to stop the squeaking but it should decrease. If there was anything else you were unsure on just let me know and al see if i can help you out! Hope that was some sort of help
  4. Drums to discs

    lol I can see what you mean but i think 1) it will look better with them anyways 2) I always have the option of dropping an ST engine in and completly converting it so would rather do it all
  5. Drums to discs

    Insurance mainly lol :( . and then also it will be more fun doing all the work to my car rather than just buying one much better havin a bit of a project. And once all of the work is done and i have enough money for my next car anyways i will be able to sell it one to a young new driver who wants an ST but can't afford the insurance. See there is a plan lmao ;)
  6. turning normal mk6 fiesta into a ST

    Thats what i need mate been looking every where you had any luck?
  7. Drums to discs

    Hi all, I am currently doing an ST mod from my Fiesta flame :P . In doing this I want to change the back drums into discs. Does anyone know how to do this, have a guide, or know where I can get one from. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers P.s If anyone can suggest a good source (website etc) where i can get ST bumpers and skirts from that would also be very helpful, thanks.