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  1. i love them!, obviously they will be gloss black but thats the best pic of the wheels i could find , also had a mess about with my dads car and lowered it for him :) safe to say hes just orered some coilovers
  2. Strange Noise From Suspension/brakes?

    Really helpful forum this,
  3. Hi FIESTA MK7 METAL EDITION 2012 At the end of my street is a cobbled road, when im driving down it on the way home all i can hear is a "chinging" noise, its like someone is shaking a load of spare change!!!?? anyone?? the other noise is so annoying, its a squeaking when i hit a bump in the road, iv removed both front carriers, cleaned them, copper greased them up and the noises are still there, anyone help? cheers
  4. Will This Exhaust Fit.??

    Hi all, iv been in the market for a new exhaust system and have come across this one.http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-F...E-DEAL_709.jsp when i rang a few places they were saying that it wont fit my car becuase its the metal edition and this exhaust is made for a standard zetec s so it will sit too low as my bumper already has the cutout? i can understand where they are coming from, but how will i be able to resolve the problem, will i have to cut the hangars off my current exhaust and weld them to the miltek? or is there an easier way of doing it? (i want it to look nice and neat) This is what it will look like , vid below.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGm5yaujksA cheers Kieran
  5. Exhaust Help

    You dont need a loud exhaust, just get a miltek catback, bout 500 quid but well worth it. sound awesome
  6. Fiesta S1600

    I have the newer, metal edition, exact same just newer. got a j1 on it and 2.0 tdi audis, sciroccos, golf. cant keep up, there suprising mate
  7. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    Cant bring myself to sell my car, love it too much, id get more satisfaction out of building my own and enjoying it..
  8. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    Wow matt you really know your stuff lol!, cheers il email montune now and ask them, iv also emailed a few more to get a few prices to compare!!
  9. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    Gonna be turboing it think, but no clue where to start any help from anyone?
  10. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    Now obviously I don't want to be ruining my car by buying something that is rubbish, and I certainly don want to lose my lovely air con, so if I was to go down the turbo route, what will I need for the conversion? (obviously a turbo) but which one? And what other things? I'm not too up on turbo conversions and any help from anyone would be great, this car is going to be my little toy as I work away from home 3 weeks at a time and when i go home I want something that will put a smile on my face when I drive it, also would be good to put my mates vxr to shame lol, cheers Kieran
  11. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    cheers :)
  12. Supercharging My Zetec S.

    Hi all, i have decided to be a bit different i will be supercharging my fiesta, anyone got any advice on it? also where will i be able to buy the kit from, im pretty comfortable to do the conversion myself just looking to see if anyone has any advice/tips? cheers kieran
  13. My Fiesta Metal Edition.. Pics

    Put me ZSOC stickers on today, ordered some silvatec bulbs for indicators and some new numberplate leds as the ones i have are flickering. The car is going in for a custom exhaust on thursday so hopefully that will be worth it. Cheers
  14. My Fiesta Metal Edition.. Pics

  15. After watching a few videos on youtube of cars popping and spitting flames i have decided i must have this on my car :) im just wondering how will i do this, i know i will have to decat my car, get a better exhaust and get a rev limiter but i cant seem to find any decat pipes for my car? also can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent backbox? and what rev limiter should i go for? sorry for all the questions, but iv never really modified exhausts before, cheers kieran