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    ford ka 1996 1.3 efi
  1. hi iv got a set of xr2i arches and side skirts and a set of lowering springs wat £60 the lot thansk
  2. parts wanted & forsale

    can anyone help me with modification parts for my ka ????????
  3. Locking problem

    only way you will get round it is changin your lock i had the same problem my lock worked when the key was so far out and a certain way in the lock hope this helps
  4. Revving engine when clutch depressed

    hi i can help with that i had the same problem on my 96 model and i stripped the throttle body down and took the butterfly out cleand it and put it back n it worked fine hope this helps u
  5. engine mods

    if your after samco hoses then visit your neares samco plant machinary shop and you can buy it in meters dont no how much tho hope it helps
  6. Ka Performance!

    ford ka's are under estimated mate there not one for 0-60 but they get there im doin a euro styled ford ka atm cant waint till its finished there rather under estimated tbf tho i did with mine and if you want things to beef it up abit run ztec's parts or escort gti parts for a bit more power wont get u loads tho if you want proper power then its a turbo convertion or puma