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  1. Not Starting

    2005 tdi . Somedays it fine . Other doesn't start its not the battery that's fine when I turn key I get nothing & it seems the immobileliser is still on . If I wait or turn key from position 1/2 lotts of times this sometimes works & it will start .when I turn car on & it won't start all elecs work apart from heated front windscreen (back work)when iItit does come on the car will start .anyone got any ideas thanks
  2. Please Help

    Battery is new . When car working fine it will start even if left a week
  3. Please Help

    When it don't start it don't turn over at all its as if the immobileliser is on . Sometimes when its going I lose all power & all the lights come on & I get steering assits failure but I pull over give it a min & its all ok again when this happens the heated front window does not work either .thank for your help
  4. Please Help

    Have got 2005 focus tdi & recently it won't start it says steering assist failure . Some times it starts & drives fine .I have put key in ignition & gone from mark 1 to 2 several times & this sometimes works & it starts some days it works all day but just lately it won't start at all .been to a few garages but they don't no what it is .would be most grateful if anyone can help many thanks