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  1. Alarm Going Off! Help!

    I have tried both keys and same thing is happening with both. One only had a new battery a couple of months ago so I don't think they are the problem! I'm sure it will be horribly expensive knowing my luck with cars!
  2. Alarm Going Off! Help!

    I eventually got the alarm to stop and was able to drive it home. But it is still sounding when I use the boot release. The central locking is pretty loud and when you press lock on the remote you can hear the car lock and then unlock again quite clearly so don't need to use key fob to open it. And pressing unlock on the remote doesn't seem to do anything! No sound or lights. Does it sound like the door handles could be the problem?
  3. My 2003 streetka is in a horrible state as both exterior door handles are broken and the drivers door card is off the car. I have come away for the weekend and every time I try to get in the car and start it the alarm goes off! I have tried checking everything is shut and still no luck. It's been doing it for two days and I have no idea how to make it stop! When I press unlock on the remote the interior light comes on but there is not noise of the car actually unlocking. When you press lock you can hear it make the noise but it seems to be locking and then unlocking again. I have tried to look at removing the alarm fuse but I can't find it and I have tried finding someway I can disconnect it but no luck!