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  1. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    I'm a driving instructor .11 yrs no claims 1.8 tdci focus. £305.
  2. Simple Added Power Mod .

    Ant one tried simply gently putting cable ties around the inlet pressure turbo hoses to reduce swelling ? I did and the difference is good. 1.8 tdci focus.
  3. Alloy Wheel.

    Good luck finding an alloy.steel wheels readily available.
  4. What Is My Threadsize On My Wishbone?

    Hi.parts supplier should ask a reg nos to ensure you get the right parts.
  5. Hi Newbie From The Midlands �

    Hi. Welcome. I had a "ford" probe". 2.5 v6.should have been rear wheel drive.
  6. 2005 Ford Fusion Pas Pump

    It was the pipe feeding the pressure out to the rack.lucky for me I could break the pipe as it was the pipes and hose I was replacing.
  7. 2005 Ford Fusion Pas Pump

    Is this type of power steering pump the same as a petrol ti vct? If so I remember one of the pipes being a pig to undo
  8. New Focus

    Happy to know ford have sorted the bonnet open catch.
  9. Need New Tyres Urgently :/

    Goodyear efficient grip on mine. I've thought about this like you are.from kwik fit. I think 205/50/16 will make speedo spot on and not 3mph fast like the 55 profile.
  10. Jump Starting A Ford Focus And With A Ford Focus

    You can get an eArth pint even from the brake calipers .
  11. This 16 Inch Steel Wheel ..

    Ok thanks, it replaced my sacesava
  12. Mot Query

    Thanks guys, I thought so. Anyway it passed 100k and no adviseries
  13. This 16 Inch Steel Wheel ..

  14. This 16 Inch Steel Wheel ..

    I've not seen one of these before . Have you ?
  15. Cambelt + Water Pump Costs

    My fuel filter was £8.my advise is fill plastic filter housing 3/4 with diesel and .... Don't drain the housing via the plastic drain screw as its prob going to leak leading to a never start