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  1. Fitting 'ford Power' Start Button In Fiesta Mk7

    Unrelated to the actual mod, but related to some comments in this thread: anyone got the factory keyless start on a new diesel? All the talk about leaving it a few seconds before cranking the engine, I'm wondering how this works with the keyless systems where - as has been pointed out - you just get in, press clutch and press the button. Should you press the button without depressing the clutch to turn on the electrics for a few seconds or does the system automatically delay the engine turning until the glow plugs are ready? Purely selfish reasons for asking, since I have one and I'm wondering how things'll work when it turns colder :) As for the mod itself, it does appear an odd one at first look but I think I can see a case for it if you're the kind of person who's willing to put the work in. Good guide anyway, and brave to try it :) Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. Ford Sync Updates

    Lucas, I've put these images up before in another thread, but I believe these are the relevant ones for the SYNC and radio software. As you can see there's a big difference between yours and mine. This was an April 2014 build, Titanium And AppLink works fine. It's crap, but it works. Willy, worryingly that statement you posted says "SYNC can't display info" not "your version of SYNC". If they mean SYNC generally then they're obviously a) lying or b ) incompetent Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. Auto Headlights Faulty Already?

    Thing is, re the part about "being seen by others" the LED DRLs are damn bright on these things so I can't figure out why the headlights would make that much difference to visibility. In fact I find the DRLs are easier to see in the light levels that I had in the photo in my first post. And it can't be so that all lights are on so I can be seen from the rear. Everyone travels that close these days, if they can't see me at that distance it's Specsavers they need not my tail lights :) :) Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  4. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    Which is weird since if I select an update option in my menu it looks for an update on USB and inevitably reports "no update found" Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    Not related to the thread topic but I walked into the garage I usually get a coffee from the other day and the machine was down. Seems the Costa Express machines use Windows Vista, going off the boot screen. May be they SHOULD have stayed with XP!!I'm just dumbfounded it's taking them so long to either 1) allow us to self install USB updates or 2) be up front and say they have no intention of supporting anything less than SYNC 2.0 when that launches with the Focus. At least people would know where they stand
  6. Forget Sync Applink

    You need to have an AppLink supported app actively running and in the foreground. For example Spotify or TuneIn Radio and then press the lock button on your phone. Then if you go into the Sync Settings -> Mobile Applications -> Find New Apps option it should find the app.Supported apps are (based on the Ford US site): Spotify TuneIn Radio Amazon Music Player Stitcher Aha Radio Glympse And a couple of others that I'm not sure are available in UK If I'm being 100% honest I'm a bit underwhelmed by it, which is disappointing. Cables are so old hat these days. Although the AppLink connection does give more info via Spotify than a Bluetooth connection does. Have a look here and scroll down to the section Sync AppLink and Phone Compatibility http://support.ford.com/sync-technology/applink-overview-sync Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  7. Forget Sync Applink

    Yep, that is AppLink. Got it working last night with Spotify. Genuinely surprised to find it on there. I saw that Mobile Apps menu listing when I got the car and it just kept saying "no apps found" until I connected the iPhone with the cable, had Spotify playing as the foreground app and screen locked. I'd foolishly assumed it worked over BT. Does on Android. Ruddy Jobs and his BT hatred :( I can't see any reason the menu listing would be there if the car isn't capable of it, or any reason why the 2013 cars can't be updated. Head units look the same. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  8. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    AppLink is part of the SYNC system that I was genuinely surprised to find on there since only the EcoSport was listing "Ford a SYNC with AppLink" rather than "Ford SYNC with Emergency Assist". It allows voice control of other apps, not just phone calls etc. Once set up you can use the button on the steering wheel to say things like "Spotify, choose playlist" and then you'll be presented with a list of your playlists, or "Spotify, play artist *******" and so on. Looks like a steep learning curve though. There's a few apps out there that do it, but I've only got Spotify and TuneIn Radio. Thing is, it's one of the things I asked the salesman about and he hadn't a Scooby. Ford UK really are being slow with the update process seeing as the US have been doing just that for ages now. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  9. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    Which really goes against the spirit of that same webpage. If they're saying (albeit since forever now admittedly) we'd be able to do it ourselves, then the underlying reasonable deduction is they'd do it for free if asked to do it. I think they honestly don't know what a SYNC update is and think people are talking about general car updates. When I was buying my car I asked about AppLink coming to the UK and the salesman looked at me like I'd sprouted three heads and started talking Martian to him. Hadn't a clue what I was on about. I just put in another thread on this topic that it turns out I do indeed have AppLink. Go figure. Apparently an iPhone needs a cable connection but Android can do it over Bluetooth. From what I can tell the 2014 head-units haven't changed from 2013 so I can't see why they won't, or can't, do it. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  10. Sync Bluetooth Music

    I think the "play music through device" bit is if you're using the 3.5mm jack. On mine if I switch to BT Audio on the menu the phone will start playing the last audio capable app it was playing OR the stock music app if I've either rebooted the phone or quit all the audio apps for some reason. It does it automatically without fail. So much so I keep forgetting and get in the car, start the engine and the music starts playing. I've started switching the head unit to Radio before I get out to avoid this. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  11. Forget Sync Applink

    Huh. After all my whinging it seems I do indeed have AppLink. I hadn't realised an iPhone needs connecting to the USB to get it to work. From what I can see - and it's purely circumstantial - the Sony head units are the same in the 2014 models as previous ones. The menu interface is the same so I really can't see why Ford are being so hard headed about software updates here. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. Forget Sync Applink

    And people who go into Ford dealers are even told "there's no updates available" I'm convinced they've never written any for DAB just the US systems. New firmware here seems to be only installable at build. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Ford Sync Updates

    AppLink 2.0???? We don't even have AppLink 1.0 in most UK vehicles. Sync, yes, AppLink no. That's the annoying bit. There's an option in the menu for "mobile apps" but just says "none found". My worry now is that Sync systems in the UK are effectively end of life. The tech in them is 3+ years old, the US are now on MyFord Touch and the new Sync 2.0 software is supposed to be coming with the new Focus If Ford are just abandoning perfectly upgradeable hardware because they can't be bothered, then that stinks. As for playing numerically rather than alphabetically I wish I could help, but I only stream from Spotify I don't have stuff on device or on USB :( (Edited to change an AppLink ref to Sync 2.0) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    Personally I'd have taken in printouts of the Ford US site too where it says about setting up a MySync account and downloading and installing your own software update. Then, when he started the crap about "never heard of anyone doing this before" you could have said "strange, because Ford US have been doing it for years. For FREE, so don't give me the chargeable crap either" I know we're lagging behind the US in this but really? Are we so far behind that Ford UK techs haven't a clue about what's going on? I'll be interested to know if anyone, anywhere (outside the US) has had any joy with updating the thing. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  15. Auto Headlights Faulty Already?

    That was where I could pull in. They came on in maybe a slightly darker patch (shadows from roadside trees) but stayed on with full sun hitting the front of the car. Looked stupid with headlights on in that light. I had a Mazda 323F that had this feature and there had to be a definite drop in light level before they came on. If they're going to keep coming on in such bright light I think I'll go back to manual lighting because that was just ridiculous. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC