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  1. New Lowering Springs

    Yeah I've heard it can be up to a 2 hour job, so didn't really want to get ripped off too much! Was hoping somebody knew someone cheap and reliable. Also, would I need new shocks as well? The springs are only 35mm lower, and all the shocks I've found are pretty expensive.
  2. New Lowering Springs

    Hi chaps, just got hold of some lowering springs and a nice price, but not a chance of being able to fit them myself! Anybody know of anyone in the Bristol area who would be able to help? Cheers
  3. Hi all, Noticed just after buying my fiesta that the passenger side fog light casing is missing. The wiring and bulb is still there (and working!) but there is no casing at all. I've purchased a new casing for quite cheap but am struggling to fit it. It appears that there is one main male clip on the bottom of the casing and two female ones on the top. I can get the bottom clip in, but cannot find where the top ones go meaning the casing doesn't stay in place properly. I'm slightly worried that the clips on the top of the housing in the bumper may have snapped off previously hence why I can't get the new light to stay in. Anyone got any ideas? I've attached some pictures of the casing.
  4. New To The Club!

    There you go guys, nothing special but only set me back £2000, and cheap for my insurance!!
  5. New To The Club!

    Hi guys, just a quick hello from me as I've just bought my first Ford! You'll probably see a lot of me on here asking silly questions about everything. Anyway, I'm looking forward to being part of the club, let's hope the car doesn't disappoint.
  6. Hi, new to the club, just bought my first Ford today! A 2003 Fiesta 1.4. Quick question about servicing, it has stamps up to 50,000 miles at the end of 2011, and I've bought it on 69,000. I want to take it for a full service just to make sure everything is OK with it, has anyone got any experience with Fiesta's of this age going for services? Just so I can get a rough idea of costs and if there are any common problem areas. I've seen quotes for around £150 but don't want to get a nasty shock if there's something totally wrong with it, so I'm kind of worried to actually get one done. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!