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  1. I love my little 1 litre Focus, it's perfect for what I need, and the insurance was good for a first car. If i were to buy a new Focus however I'd probably get the 1.5, not because I find the 1.0 too slow, because generally it's perfectly nippy, but because I might as well have the extra power. Depends on your budget really, I'd test both (plus maybe the 140) and see if you think the 1.5 is worth the extra.
  2. Yep, I would only have a Candy Red Focus. Didn't like any of the other colours on offer. I waited for months until the right one came up, plenty of Race Red ones but not many Candy! One of the main reasons I like it, you don't see too many about. I only like cars with colour, I'll never buy a white, grey, silver or black car if I can help it.
  3. 18 MK3 Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 1 year NCB & held a license just over a year £699 with a black box unfortunately but I'm used to it now. Down £500 from last year!
  4. People dying suddenly isn't on my list of things I like...especially when you were on holiday with them less than a month ago! Also feel guilty for not finding out for a while, my dad was away and I couldn't get hold of her (she's my godmother and very good friend of my dads) Weather is also dissapointing lol, don't you love the UK?
  5. Blimey, that's a lot! Mines just dropped from £1300 for the first year to £699, with Tesco, on a 1.0 Ecoboost Focus. Haven't even been passed a year yet! (But policy started on provisional license, which is a year ago) Strange how they won't let you renew...
  6. I like finishing my exams (albeit nearly 3 weeks ago...), it's taken me this long to recover! Anyone notice I was gone for a while? Nice time of year this, summer is approaching and it's my 18th next Sunday. Haven't thought of much I want apart from a private number plate for the car which has been ordered, nothing too fancy, just E18 CRR (E is my lucky letter, if you can have those! 18 is my age and date of birth, CRR are my initials.) So looking forward to having that on the car! Apart from that, nothing very exciting has happened, just waiting for my results now to see if I get into my desired Uni... Cats look cute Jamie, but will definitely be a handful! We have 3 (although not related and 10, 9 (ish) and 2!) and they can be a nightmare but I love them to bits and wouldn't be without them. I'm sure they'll give you a lot of love!
  7. Can't believe I haven't got round to buying one of these yet... But will definitely be there, ticket is a good present for relatives to get, it's my 18th in a week and can't think of anything apart from a personal plate! Will probably come on my own, but will see if a few friends want to tag along. Will be nice to meet some of you no doubt!
  8. Cheers, yeah I know what you mean, just I can't stand it being dirty haha! In less than two weeks I will have finished school (college) forever and will have 4 months to clean it as much as I like! Getting serviced in a few weeks too, so it'll be happy after that.
  9. I like finally having a clean Focus after a few weeks of looking sad due to so much dust and pollen! Difficult to find the time amongst weeks of revision, thankfully already done my exams for 3 out of 6 subjects now. Candy Red does look rather nice clean I think. Also cleaned the inside as it was pretty minging. Can't believe I've had it a year already...
  10. What about a cold start V12?
  11. Haha yeah, that would be cool! Tbh I don't know what will happen, they can't afford anything at the moment, my uncle is starting a new job with luck in a few weeks, but it's in Burton-upon-Trent so he may well need the Peugeot or go by train. So it looks like they'll need another car anyway! She only passed her test about 10 years ago and is quite a nervous driver so a smaller car would be better suited. IfIf she gets an old banger I'd love to give it a thorough cleaning and maybe practice machine polishing it.
  12. Thanks, I'll look into those, bargains! We will speak to her tomorrow, at least she has the 307 for the next week. A MK1 Focus would be a good choice, she likes my other cousins one, a nice blue/green Y-reg Ghia which has been pretty reliable for its age. Even managed to escape death when someone crashed into it and got repaired outside of insurance!
  13. Yeah it's a 2001 Y-reg V6 Auto (Elite?) in some sort of dark green with cream interior. Not actually a horrible car, just terrible reliability and worth about 10p. Totally unsuitable for my aunt who would prefer a smaller car (Focus/307) sized. Unfortunately my uncle doesn't take much notice and buys moneypits. Now she's the breadwinner for the time being hopefully she will get to choose the next car. Next week she plans on giving the garage a stern word (!) about the delay in the Peugeot being fixed. I only looked at cars within 10 miles of their postcode and beggars can't be choosers... This is the car, seems like a good bet, only one advisory on the last MOT and that was for a cracked number plate!
  14. I'd definitely be interested in coming, but can't help thinking my car isn't worthy!
  15. My aunts Vauxhall Omega blowing it's head gasket this afternoon, leaving her and my uncle car-less. They have a Peugeot 407 too but that's been in the garage for over a month as they couldn't get a part for it and had to wait for it to arrive from France, but 6 weeks is taking the mickey... In a way I think my aunt is pleased as she hated the Omega anyway so good riddance! Just got to take the new tyre off and off it goes to the scrapyard. Only problem is they now have no car, and their only source of income atm is her job which she can only get to by borrowing my cousins 307 for a week whilst she's on holiday. Don't you hate Vauxhalls? (Granted, they're not all bad). Looks like we might have to scrape some money together to get something for her, a £400 Astra is looking suitable...