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    chrisroberson99 reacted to PastTabler for a status update, It seems to me that English people, before the influx of German and Japanese cars, we   
    It seems to me that English people, before the influx of German and Japanese cars, were either Ford people or Vauxhall people.  My dad was a Ford man, both my brothers had Fords and my first and fourth cars were Fords - a MkV Cortina and a. MkV Escort convertible.  I was once forced to have a Vauxhall (company car with no choice involved) and it was horrible.  After a few Audis, a Saab convertible, a Skoda Superb (great) and a Mercedes SLK, I'm back with a Ford.
    Having been without a car for a year (when I handed the SLK back to Mercedes Benz finance after the 3 year lease was up), my wife has bought me a 2009 Ford Focus CC-3.  I'm a lucky man, although I did buy her a far newer and more expensive car two years ago before falling ill.
    I'm now looking forward to enjoying the new drive.
    So far, one week into ownership, I haven't driven it with the roof up!