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  1. Philips Or Osram

    From what I've seen of the Amazon reviews, both work WAY better than regular bulbs but last WAY shorter (which probably isn't a good thing considering how complicated changing headlight bulbs are on cars these days).... but I think the Osram was supposed to be the better bet.
  2. Happy Birthday jduck1979!

  3. Battery Drain

    Battery drains are a nightmare to trace... could be anything from a iffy switch for the light in the glovebox, to water leaking into the rear light cluster, causing it to short. There's a decent guide here: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/repair/how-to-stop-car-battery-drains Stop-Start systems on modern cars apparently cause extra strain, and manufacturer's have also (I've heard) started fitting "intelligent" alternators to their cars, that aren't actually all that intelligent as they need to be forced into charging the battery, so don't always fully charge it.
  4. What To Clean This With ?

    The grille on my Mk4 (Facelift) / Mk5 (whichever you prefer to call it) lifts out so you can take the front end apart to change the headlight bulbs......... so when I also needed to take it off to fit a DMB gel badge last year, I just stuck it in the bath and hosed it off with the shower.
  5. How Do I Clean Small Black Spots Off?

    Those will probably be the dreaded tar spots.... apparently you can use White Spirit to remove them. Alternatively Autoglym make an "Intensive Tar Spot Remover" product (which is probably just White Spirit in a fancy bottle costing £6)
  6. How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    Maybe throw-in a couple of extra power outlets (aka !Removed! lighter sockets)......... let's face it, you tend to need them these days... 1 to charge your phone 1 to maybe power a SatNav (other than the factory fitted thing) 1 to power a dashcam to catch out "crash for cash" scammers .... and maybe another if you've got a passenger that needs to charge their phone too. Can of course get gadgets to plug into the !Removed! lighter for when you need to power more than one gadget at the same time, but that's 1 more trailing wire nicely placed to get in the way of the gear lever + the reviews for them on Amazon seems to suggest they have a tendency to self-destruct.
  7. How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    Well I noticed on the car config on Ford's website that there isn't a dark metallic green colour option. Would I be right in guessing changing the headlight bulbs is still a pain in the !Removed! job compared to older cars? (e.g. having to take half the front end of the car apart just to get at it, instead of just being able to open the bonnet and doing it from the back of the unit)
  8. Cleaning Tips To Get The Showroom Finish Back

    My current routine for doing it when in a rush....... 1) Hose it down with the jetwash at the local filling station 2) Wipe dry with a microfibre + some of that Demon Shine spray stuff (also helps get shot of splashes of mud the jetwash didn't quite fully remove before the credit ran out on the jetwash) 3) Polish.... currently I've got a bottle of Triplewax polish (since I could use up some of my Nectar points to buy it).... instructions say to use a damp cloth to put it on, so I used a microfibre cloth with a couple of squirts of Demon Shine on it, and a good glob of polish... wipe on, then buff it off with a microfibre drying towel. 4) Clean off the Windows & Mirrors with Autoglym fast glass 5) For cleaning / restoring rubber seals around the doors + boot + bonnet, etc you can use WD-40 (spray it onto a paper towel and wipe it on).... looks quite good when it's still wet. For the inside...... 1) Decosol Cockpit sheen to clean the dashboard, etc (also helps de-odorise the interior with a cranberry scent so strong you can smell it before you've even sprayed the stuff once you take the cap off the can) 2) Decosol Instant Valay to clean up the cloth seats + door cards.
  9. Mk7 Door Seal

    Should be fine, just have something handy such as a few sheets of paper towel handy to wipe the excess, as Silicon sealant is usually quite messy stuff.
  10. Anyone know which set of these I'd have to order when I'm ready to get them? Would prefer these sort (to customise the engine compartment a bit with Blue leads) if possible, but of the many things searchable on the internet, these seem to be the hardest to find. Otherwise I'll just make do with the Herth & Buss (51278620) black ones listed on Eurocarparts that are 760mm / 820mm / 880mm / 930mm... seen a set also on EuroCarParts for Endura engined Ford Ka's exactly same length (and another set that's different)..... but not sure if they're exactly the same... I know you can get Lumenition/Splitfire/Magnecor lead sets for the Ford Ka, but it doesn't mention if they fit my Fiesta too. Was looking at the Lumenition ones at Demon Tweeks (just would be listed in Inches while Eurocarparts has the Herth+Buss ones in metric), and getting 1x 30" (762mm) lead & 3x 36" (914.4mm) leads, but still not 100% positive with the one of the ones in the set listed on Eurocarparts being a teensy bit longer (930mm / 36.614") wasn't sure in case one of them ended up a bit short (unless I route it a bit different?). Current plug leads look like they've never been changed in the 52,427 miles the car had done before I got my hands on it (and no mention of them or the Spark plugs being done on any of the Invoices or service stamps that came with the car either).......
  11. Fiesta St Suspension Knock

    Plastic wheelarch liner loose & flapping about somewhere?
  12. Radio Code

    Have you got the original handbooks in the glovebox? On mine (Mk4 Facelift) the Radio code was put there on a card inside the instructions for the radio when the original owner got it from Richardson Ford of Bridlington. If you've lost that, go to a dealer and ask them for it.
  13. Your Fiesta

    Here's mine after I added one of them DMB Gel overlays to the front of it this afternoon...... Only had the thing since Thursday (10th April), so still a bit more to do to it
  14. Ford St Performance Driving Training

    As a primer to performance driving, I strongly recommend the book: "Advanced Driving: How to Further Skill & Enjoyment in Motoring" by John Lyon, and also "Paul Ripley's Expert Driving" is another good 'un to look out for..... both written by advanced driving instructors with experience developping the skills used by Police rapid response drivers, and both previously also appeared in Advanced Driving articles in the now defunct "Performance Car Magazine" in the early 1990's (where the Clarkson off Top Gear used to write until about 1994).