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  1. I got the RAC out in the end to open the doors - they managed to slit a metal hooked rod down to reach the handles. Going through the boot wasn't an option as it's a convertible. Then it was a trip to the local scrap yard to source two new handles from an old KA and Fiesta which my husband fitted very in about 30 mins so not a big job once the doors were opened. There is a little plastic loop on the inside of the outer handle and I was just very unluckly that it snapped on both doors at the same time. Apparently this is a common problem as they are quite brittle and the handles are one of the first things to go at scrap yards - it only cost me £10 for the new handles but I have read of some people being charged £200+ by their garage to supply and fit new ones.
  2. The passenger side door handle on my streetka stopped working a couple of days ago so that it wouldn't open from the outside, but opened fine from the inside. I was planning to get the door handle looked at over the weekend however I have just tried to get into the car and the driver's side handle has also broken - which means that I can't get into the car! The handles both feel as though there is no tension - as if something snapped inside. Can anyone help on what I can do to get into the car, I have tried locking and and unlocking the car but it's made no difference? Is there a way I can get in via the boot? Also if anyone else has had this problem with the door handles it would be great if they could let me know what's caused it. Very frustrating but at least it happened when I was at home not miles away!!