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  1. Happy Birthday Papa Lazarou!

  2. Travelpilot Fx

    Thanks Tom.
  3. Thanks Stoney, mine doesn't have Ford Bluetooth fitted so I'm guessing that it never had one. Bugger! How to get around it I wonder?????? Cheers fella.
  4. Travelpilot Fx

    Hello there, where is the USB port on your Focus? I've looked in my glovebox and centre console / armrest but can't find it. My head unit needs updates too but I can't find the connection. Thanks Papa
  5. Short Lived Intermittent Stutter / Misfire / Loss Of Power

    OK for the benefit of any other unfortunate victims reading this, the EGR was the fault all along, the 'new' one I had fitted was also faulty. Insist on a decent branded one, preferably Valeo if funds allow. On a further note, I read on here about coding and yes, a new EGR if it is electronic needs coding to the ECU. Changing your DPF also needs resetting of the 'soot' counters in the ECU. The manual way of resetting the EOLYS counter didn't work on my car either. So changing the turbo actuator / wastegate and later the DPF sensor (at not a small cost) were both a waste of hard earned money. Hope this info saves others some money.
  6. Hello all, I have an '09 plate Focus with the Blaupunkt Sat Nav head unit which runs using mapping installed on to an SD card. My '09 UK maps were fine, a while back I got hold of a 2010 Western Europe and Turkey Sd card which has also worked fine. I am about to do a trip to Italy in the car so have bought from Fleabay a new and unopened genuine Ford 2012 Western Europe (V3) to make life easier. Or so I thought!!!!!!!!!! 2010 card wouldn't 'eject' even though I went through settings, I removed anyway and tried the newer card but it isn't loading. Unit said that it needed compatible map installing and then activating through the settings menu? 'Ejected' that successfully and re-inserted the 2010 card which the head unit did recognise again so doubt the inability to 'eject' the card is relevant. Tried it all again with the same results. Used Google to see what I could find and I'm reading that my head unit may need updates? I have attached (hopefully?) a photograph taken when no card is inserted showing the SW_MAIN version (which is 0636_080814 just in case the picture doesn't show). How are these updates installed and where can you download the firmware from? I can't find a USB port in either the glovebox or centre console / armrest compartment so does that mean I have to use a CD once I have found the updates? Also attached is a picture of the two SD cards, 2010 one on the left. They have almost largely matching product codes so I'm pretty confined that the later version is in the correct format for my head unit? Any help will be gratefully received. Papa PS. I have tried going to Blaupunkts own site but had no joy, it asks for 'Part Number" of unit which I cannot find, may have to remove it from the dashboard to find that information as car manuals don't show it and the one's I've found online don't help.
  7. Egr Sensor (S)

    Hello all, any help will be much appreciated. I'm wondering what sensor (s) are fitted to my car as we seem to have changed everything else without removing the stutter / loss of power.. Mine is an '09 registration 1.6 TDCi 109HP with an electrically operated egr valve ( 3 wires in one plug ) but I can't see any vacuum pipes connected to the valve. Does anyone know what sensors (and where they are located) send signals to the ECU and or EGR valve to control the valve's opening and closing? On earlier models with a vacuum operated EGR there was a MAP sensor with two vac pipes and a three pin plug fitted on the bulk head from what I can establish. According to what I've seen on YouTube the sensors appearance matches one on my car fixed to the battery covers which is connected to the DPF body, have taken a chance and disconnected that to see what new fault codes are created if any.There are demos there too showing how to test the sensor which is reputed to have been of pretty low quality on earlier cars. There was a new code but that rules this particular sensor out to my mind. The codes relating to the EGR are that it is 'open circuit' on high from memory but I can confirm the code number and wording later. Twice in the last couple of days my Engine Management Light has come on but not entered the car in to limp mode, the code created says that the EGR is closed and not opening. This EGR has only been on for a few thousand miles, it isn't an OEM part but the fault hasn't changed in terms of of the underlying stutter so it seems unlikely the valve itself is at fault and probably never was? Anyone familiar with the sensors please?
  8. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    Thanks James, have already ordered the one that Martin mentioned and am still trying to download the app to my phone for realtime updates whilst driving. DPF has been on for about 10k, majority of which is dual carriageway mileage and there has been no changes at any point prior to or since it was changed. Fluid is something I asked the garage about but they said that the dash will light up a warning when a fill up is required. Is that right do you know?????? We have been looking at the fuel pressure sensors as a possibility but it never shows any fault codes and my mechanic is feeling guilty at how much of his house I've paid for now. Someone in another post has mentioned injectors being out of 'sync' and as fuel looks the most likely issue it's something I'm now looking at on here. We discussed checking the fuel pipes for blockages etc earlier today funnily enough. Thanks for your input
  9. Short Lived Intermittent Stutter / Misfire / Loss Of Power

    Okay fitted a new 'wastegate' or 'actuator depending who you speak to. This was on the advice of a diesel specialist in the Stoke area but it has made no difference so nobody else waste your cash on that part.
  10. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    Thanks for the 'TRICK' Martyntdci, unfortunately my motor still shows no fault codes. Hello surfing69, take a look at my extensive post and what has been changed without improvement, if my explanation fits your fault then you will at least know what not to change and save plenty of cash.
  11. Short Lived Intermittent Stutter / Misfire / Loss Of Power

    Cheers Stoney, I think that the fuel filter fitted is a sealed canister type that you swap the connectors on and off you go. I will double check though, thanks for your input. Yeah Daz I hear that these Valeo injectors aren't the best, will get him to check them out.
  12. Newbie

    Hi Dez and thanks.
  13. Short Lived Intermittent Stutter / Misfire / Loss Of Power

    In all honesty the focus (pardon the pun) has not been on fuelling issues other than a brief moment leading to the filter change, not sure why but guessing that garages follow a set route to problem solving. EGR are renowned as a source of problems so I get that one, given the nature of and my description of the fault I can also understand why vacuum has been number one suspect to some extent. Lets see if anyone else who reads my posts has had similar problems, no substitute for experience after all.
  14. Newbie

    Just posted 'War & Peace' on it here xdazx. Make yourself a brew before you read it all though, it's pretty long. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/55585-short-lived-intermittent-stutter-misfire-loss-of-power/ Thanks for your reply. Papa
  15. Hello all, seems other have similar problems but the differences make it look worth me posting the question and the work done already to try and correct my cars fault. Bought a little over 2 years ago an 85k mile 09 1.6 TDCi Zetec estate (109 HP) with full Ford service history, ex one user fleet car I'm told. Lovely drive, great MPG, £30 p.a road tax, Happy days! After a while I noticed a slight power issue best described as a misfire though quite subtle. Over a period of time now I have tried to nail down the conditions when it happens and sort it as it can be a little annoying. So, seems to only happen when the engine is up to temperature and always between 1250 and 2000 revs under light load as far as acceleration goes. During servicing before we got into this it was pointed out that the turbo intake hose was split, it was replaced with a genuine Ford one which also has the Air Meter included but that made no difference to the fault which back then wasn't too often. My car then went in to limp mode a while after, diagnostics reader said the fault was a blocked DPF, cleaner added and fault erased but a few days later it returned so the DPF/ CAT was replaced with an aftermarket part. Outstanding fault regularity and severity unchanged after DPF was fitted. Some time later (sounds like a bed time story :P ) whist driving to London it did two strange things, whilst accelerating pretty hard from cruising speed (65 -70mph) to overtake before getting boxed in the car lost all power and 'lurched' similar to engine breaking on a big motorbike but was fine after I lifted my foot off the accelerator. Continued on my way without stopping and a similar instance resulted in me attempting to accelerate quickly again only this time the engine didn't recover, after managing to get from lane 3 to the hard shoulder pretty quickly (phew it was a bit dodgy) the dash lit up and the engine was out for the count. Almost immediately I turned the key, dreading not making my appointment and the little so and so started instantly. I put it into gear and carried on for the rest of my journey there and back without trouble though I didn't accelerate hard again just in case. Spoke to my mechanic who suggested EGR valve might need replacing, an aftermarket one was fitted soon after, no fault codes showed up on the reader though. Problem of 'misfire' still present, becoming more regular and pronounced so a new fuel filter was fitted even though it was no where near due. By the way I only use BP fuel and run it from full to warning light and then fill it up again, no short filling here! Problem still there and getting worse. Car was serviced again this week to schedule, now on 116K and all vacuum hoses have been checked with no apparent splits or cracks and the solenoid on the rear of the block relating to Turbo Boost was changed. Still have the same problem. You may have guessed that we are looking mainly at vacuum problems now but I had an 'interesting' conversation with a customer yesterday about a similar problem he had experienced with a Suzuki Vitara 2.0 Diesel which (News to me!) were / are also fitted with the Peugeot / Citroen (PSA?) diesel plants, well this one was he tells me. Anyway, he told me that after 4 months of trying by replacing part after part to eliminate possibilities a FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR fitted to the injection gallery was replaced and that cured it. Just to clarify, my mechanic is pretty 'Old Skool' and a great bloke who has become a friend over the 20 years he has worked on my cars and is an independent Peugeot specialist so has loads of experience on these lumps. He has looked at multi plugs for signs of corrosion on contacts, traced routes of cables etc for pinching, scalping and for being overly taught with no indication of problem. Given that vacuum and or fuelling are the most likely issue has anyone else had similar problems that were resolved by fuel pressure switch replacement? There are two under the bonnet, one on the fuel pump itself which can be replaced without the need for a new pump itself and the one on the gallery as previously described. Would love to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on these possibilities or can offer other ideas. Thanks in advance Papa