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  1. Hi to all .urgent help needed. Well I've pretty much always had fords mainly Granny's, two Zephyr's and two zodiacs I jumped head first (like a mug ) into buying a mk3 02 Ghia Mondeo 2.5 off of Ebay, maybe some of you guys have seen it. Anyway I'm really regretting it. the The more I investigate the more the bill is creeping up and im totally disheartened over it .main problems are lambda sensors . I know naff all when it comes to these new motors . I'm crap at electrics :wacko:and I havnt the foggiest on trying to read a fault .Laugh if you wish. Got home and found the thing had no side light bulbs!! only two dipped beam, no main stop an tail nor dash lights they were all taken out. oh, and tail lights out x2 two. The handbrake not working ( I knew that bit as they said the ad!!!) oil seperater pipe shagged most of the pvc rubber pipes are split or shafted .The said handbreak cable turned out to be totally seized actuator's. By my reading the forum I noticed they suffer that prob. I can't find any where local to me to get the things west sussex from breakers .I don't want to get these bit second hand but the price of new is a joke. so second hand it must be. ebay sell universal lambda sensors but as I said im crap at electrics so im gonna pass that one . I had a chap come and reset my ecu light was on .that's one bulb they left. :lol:after doing what ever they do he said that the lambda sensor had gone and off he went .ok havnt a scubby what it was so that was that then I find out it has two.? one befor the cat an one after.budget is nearly zero how the hell do I test these things ?whats the chances of both being u/s? :(sorry to be a paine but im at my whits end .when it comes to the pvc pipes I will get them new if I can sorce them or anyone knows where to get them .I know that someone is gonna say why not check this stuff befor we drov home . :unsure:it was a case of me being a total blind mug an just takin it for granted all was well with it.in my mind this was the car I wanted so now im stuffed I got no option but to go forward with it.I would be so greatful for any help .