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  1. Picking Up My New St On Friday :d

    just to be devils advocate...I would say spend some time in standard and mountune, Ive driven both at length when I was considering an ST and honestly not convinced its worth it. if you want it just to 'know' you've got that bit extra power and torque, and the badge of course, then fair enough....and I believe a lot of owners have it for that reason - but as a performance upgrade it's hardly massive. psychology being what it is, people who own it will always earnestly believe it makes more difference that it possibly does, that's just one of those human things. And don't forget despite everyone quoting £600, there is actually labour on top of that to install it (for most people, yes I know some will buy the car with it or get some super splendid deal etc..but for most they won't), which seemingly varies from £75 up to £150 depending on dealer. And an insurance increase. And the fact the badge has a decent chance of getting forcibly removed off your car with a screwdriver in short effect. If I was buying an ST I think I'd leave it in it's fantastic standard state, or wait for a more substantial upgrade. Just my opinion, before the mountune crowd descend on me like rabid dogs!!!
  2. Cursed

    having to pay £100 for the privilege and hassle of getting your car fixed up from damage caused through no fault of your own...don't you just love insurance
  3. So I'm Onto Number 2 ....

    I bet the salesman is some pleased as well, unexpected sale and shifting a new ST in the dead sell of august :)
  4. Ok Sell To Me A Fiesta St 2 Or 3

    As above though, people really won't bother nicking an ST anyway so no need to fret about that as a reason not to buy one. Honestly, people talk as if they're supercars or something lol.
  5. Fiesta St Mp215 Or Revo Map

    Just wondered why invalidating the manufacturers warranty on an almost new car is 'not an issue' for you? The warranty may never be needed but it can potentially save you a lot of money depending on what the future brings, and if I were 3rd party mapping I would 100% not want to invalidate it! :) For those reasons I would either go with the mountune if I really felt the need to add 10% power/torque hike to one of these for £700 (which I personally wouldn't but that's another story) or leave as standard.
  6. Thinking Of Buying A Fiesta St

    not all dealers will, or even can, match the very best prices out there. Re the ST suspension - if you've owned cars with sports suspensions before then you will find it anywhere between perfectly ok and on the firm side. But for someone who is used to regular setups yes it could well be too hard. Several long test drives on a variety of roads essential. I wouldn't buy any of the extra crap the salesmen always push - apparently they often make more on these than the commission on the car itself but the reason is because it's practically worthless except in the case of GAP which is essential but massive overpriced if you buy from the dealer.
  7. My St - Upgrades

    im surprised people are so willing to potentially junk the warranty with these upgrades....doesnt make sense to do that. after 3 years, sure go to town if you really must (I wouldn't) , but give up protection against potentially very costly repairs for a bit more power on an already well sorted and performing car? no thanks.
  8. Ecoboost 1.0 125Ps First Impressions

    I went out in the new cooper, to me it was a pleasant surprise as it felt much more pokey than the zetec s I drove few months back,then again that's in line with the figures I suppose. I do agree though, the cooper is ridiculously overpriced for the power it offers - could get an ST for less.
  9. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    haha yes I agree, it's one of those standard forum threads where the op is sounding like they've made their mind up anyway and are seeking affirmation and/or justification for their decision rather than actual help with the decision!nothing wrong with that though, I'm sure I've done it in the past and the ST is a fab car. Still not sure I'd choose one (or indeed any hardcore hot hatch) for driving thats comprised so exclusively of mway miles though.
  10. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    hehe well lucky you anyway!! Im not getting one myself but did enjoy my test drive in it :)
  11. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    I thought the ST, ST2 and ST3 were mechanically identical? maybe you had a duff ST2 or this is placebo effect of having a new car that you think it's better to drive? please correct me if im wrong about the mechanical side though, im not an owner ;)
  12. Just Passed My Test

    I do agree with you, you would most likely walk away from most crashes in a modern car...but I'm thinking more of the increased likelihood of totalling it in the first place compared to less powerful cars, due to the way speed accumulates so effortlessly. But I guess the OP needs to do what he needs to do, not the end of the world if he crashes it and has insurance cover - statistically most new drivers have a crash in the first year anyway whatever they're driving. And you never know, he may not crash at all and have a great time in it.
  13. Just Passed My Test

    For me, I think something from the next rung down (for a year or so maybe anyway) would be prudent.....you will think you are a better driver than you are, but without some experience you just won't be. but then again hey, who I am to talk I was driving a used R5 GT Turbo 6 months after passing my test! - showing my age here hehe. Although the moral of the story for you may well be that I wrote it off in a high speed crash six months later, in a manner that was 100% my fault and 100% down to my inexperience. I can remember it crystal clear even today. And the ST is substantially more powerful, and too easy to drive fast, especially for a new driver. I actually posted here after my test drive in one that I would be scared for new drivers in a car like that!
  14. Just Passed My Test

    Well done indeed...think one of the few benefits of getting older is cheaper car insurance! I put my details in for an ST out of interest (30 something, 10 years no claims, no accidents) and esure was cheapest at £161 for the year...that was fully comp with protected no claims!! blimey. maybe I have to get one after all! :)
  15. hmmm I do agree that a lot of the citycars don't look great...but there are a few, the base fiat 500's look ok, as does the new i10 (though wouldn't go for one of those) and of course the reworked aygo triplets come out in a couple months and the RWD twingo also later this year looks the most interesting. maybe i have to hurry up and wait on this one, getting something like that doesn't preclude me from swapping into something fast again in a year or two....although driving the ST made me realise that I would possibly kill myself in it so easy is it to go fast in :D