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  1. Bought A Streetka

    The only think that will stop further handles from breaking is replacing the locking mechanism. Some have had success with 3 in 1 lube squirted into it. Heated seats are on when in the popped out position. The glove box you refer to, is that the one between the seats? The lock to that isn't specific to the car. Any should fit. As for the grills they are a bumper removal job front and back. They are clipped on.
  2. Remote Central Locking - Streetka

    Stupid question, but is the boot shut? This causes the hazard lights to have a fit if it's not shut correctly.
  3. 2004 Streetka Luxury

    One thing to watch for is the car tax is it is very high for a small car. It is in a higher tax bracket than a Fiesta ST150 with its 2 litre engine.
  4. Imperial Blue Streetka

    Daughters is French Blue like my profile picture!
  5. You can pick them up off eBay quite cheaply brand new.
  6. Streetka Roof Compartment Won't Close

    Try moving the solinoid manually. Could be similar to when you can't get the bonnet to close, the catch hasn't moved back.
  7. Streetka Roof Compartment Won't Close

    I presume there will be one linked to the release button, but it's a solenoid that pulls on cables. There are 2 catches, are both of them not engaging?
  8. Looking to update the back brakes of the Ka following putting Fiesta ST brakes on the front. The car has ABS as it's a Streetka. Fancy a disc conversion using Fiesta ST parts: - Hub - Discs - Callipers and carriers - Back plate - Brake lines (was thinking HEL as they do custom ones) My questions are: - will the Fiesta ABS harness connect easily with the Ka's? - with it having ABS do I need to bother with a valve to reduce the rear pressure or does the ABS compensate? - which handbrake cable do I need to use? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Fitting Dab Aerial To 2010 Mk2 Ka

    If you have access to the Microcat, see if the KA2 arial base part number is the same as the Focus one, then if it is, it's a straight swap.
  10. Fitting Dab Aerial To 2010 Mk2 Ka

    If the arial is same as other Fords then just get the Kuga one (antenna, base and wiring). I did this with my MK6 Fiesta when I put the Oem DAB Sony unit. Parts came to about £50. Keeps everything outside looking Oem.
  11. Streetka Brake Upgrades

    I put Fiesta ST150 brakes on my daughters car yesterday. Straight swap, but HEL hoses were a bit of an issue, the standard are are grooved where they meet the metal pipe work. The HEL ones weren't, so had to do quite a bit of filing. Good thing about sticking with the Fiesta ST ones is that I can upgrade to the Focus ST170 brakes by just upgrading the discs and the carriers as the callipers are the same. I put Cosworth Streetmaster pads on also. Was a bit disappointed with the results as I was hoping for less pedal travel. I have heard you can upgrade the master cylinder from other Fords. Anyone done this, is it an straight swap?